January 2008 Weather

with some of December

Jan 31

See Explanation of the  table

Time 7:30am 5pm
Max Temp -6.5 -9
Min Temp -9 -11.5
Reset Temp -8 -9
Snowfall   1
Snow on ground 15 15
Jan 30

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Time 7:30am 5pm
Max Temp 7 -6.5
Min Temp -7 -12.5
Reset Temp -7 -11.5
Rainfall 10mm  
Snowfall 3cm 5cm
Snow on ground 14  

High Winds reaching 110 km/hour Roads Closed 5000 lose power in Bruce County

Jan 28
Time 7:30am 5pm
Max Temp -2.0 1.5
Min Temp -3.0 -3.5
Reset Temp -3.0 0.5
Snow on ground 39 27

Light Clouds

See Explanation of the above table

Time 7:30am 7pm
Max Temp -+5.5 6.5
Min Temp 0.0 4.0
Reset Temp +5.0 4.0
Rainfall 6.2mm  
Snow on ground 22cm 14

Jan 29 -- See Explanation of the above table

Jan 27
Time 8am 5pm
Max Temp -5 -1.5
Min Temp -8 -5.5
Reset Temp -5.5 -2
Snowfall trace  
Snow on ground 40 39

Webster's Definition of Avid?

Jan 26
Time 7:30am 5pm
Max Temp -3.5 -4.5
Min Temp -7.5 -7.5
Reset Temp -7.5 -5.5
Rainfall nil nil
Snowfall nil 0.2
Snow on ground 42 40
Snow Starting to Fall at 6 pm
Jan 25
Time 7:30am 5pm
Max Temp -5.5 -3.5
Min Temp -6.5 -6.5
Reset Temp -6.5 -3.5
Rainfall   nil
Snowfall nil nil
Snow on ground 44 42


See Explanation of the above table

'Safe and Sound'

'Willy's Tug and Barge in Port Elgin Harbour January 22, 2008 .... Big Storm


Jan 24
Time 7am 5pm
Max Temp -8.5 -6.5
Min Temp -13 -13
Reset Temp -13 -7.5
Snowfall 2.2 2.6
Snow on ground 46 44

Very cold... but some sun

Hard work in cold weather... Greathead House renovation/addition by the Weichel Boys.

Jan 23 Windy...intermittent squalls
Time 7am 5pm
Max Temp -5.5 -4
Min Temp -7 -7
Reset Temp -6.5 -8.5
Snowfall 1 2
Snow on ground 45 45

See Explanation of the above table

Jan 22 Lots of snow last night and it continues to snow....pictures later, please check back.  Don't travel, unless you have to do so.

 Here is some local Weather Data from Brian D. Cole.

Time 8am 5pm
Max Temp -6.5 -3.5
Min Temp -8 -6.5
Reset Temp -6.5 -4.5
Snowfall 15 8
Snow on ground 40 45

Snow Piles on High!! 

Jan 21 Heavy Flurries all morning... be careful.

John Weichel asks the readers about the term 'Saugeener'. See his question

Jan 20 Really bad today.... whiteouts are moment to moment.  Don't stray far. Snow coming down at the rate of about 4 inches an hour.


Grass and Snow Juxtaposed on Grey Street North

Brian Cole Southampton

Jan 19 Very poor visibility this morning just after 8 am going to Port Elgin.  White-outs and then sun.  Don't risk a drive down 21.  At Independent the median was not visible.  Somebody is going to get hurt there.  I wonder if that was a Toronto design?

Picture by a reader Jane

Jan18 Well, the wind is back.  We've heard about the Richter Scale for earthquakes.  It's logarithmic so going from 7 to 8, is a giant jump.  We have developed what we call the DeLong scale for wind, named after long time Southampton Druggist Ross DeLong, who when asked what he remembered best about his 90 some years, replied "Wind".  There is a barbecue on the back porch which faces west.   The barbecue is up against a brick wall.  Today it has moved a meter south and is in danger of falling off the porch altogether.  We should record the roar of the lake on a day worth applying the DeLong scale.  On a DeLong scale, I'll call today a 5 easy.
Jan 16 The usual here today.... Lake is pretty calm this morning Jan 17 Not so dark today and the wind is light, so it's fun  Here is a picture of Jone's Falls on the way from Southampton to Owen Sound.  Lots of water coming over the edge.  We need colder weather.

Jan 15 Snowed last night.  Day is grey with an underpinning of ice.  Picture shows the dusting with some ice underneath, but not dangerous as yet.

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Jan 14 Getting a bit colder at 8 pm with snow flurries

Storm Clouds at the Flag today

Jan 12 Snowing hard 7:27 AM

Paisley January 12, 2008 High Water at the dam

Jan 13 Grey and cold, wind moderate at 12:33 pm

Paisley High Water

Jan 11 Blah Day.  Maybe something interesting later.

Ok... look to the right.  You can see the high winds and rain can't you snowbirds?  Tell us if you like these views?

Jan 10 Lake is calm and we already miss Her roar.  
Jan 9, 2008

Gale Force Winds off the lake.  Turbulence at the Saugeen River Mouth.  Lots of debris coming down the river.

Jan 8, 2008 We had a lot of rain over the last few days and the Saugeen is moving mud out into the lake.  There is a deep brown strip of the river water moving continuously toward Chantry Island from the river mouth.  From the foot of High Street it is dramatic.  As you can see from the grainy picture it was misting and rain pelted down over the past few days.  What gives?
Jan 5&6 2008 Snowbirds, it's wet and not pretty here today.  Dark and dreary so if you are south, stay there.

January 7th, High Street in the morning

It's pouring rain now with the fog lifted a little.

Jan 4, 2008 Grey Day, looks like snow over the lake, but none as of 3:37 pm.  Modest waves.  
Jan 2, 2008 Very cold and some light snow today.  It's crisp when you walk  
Jan 1, 2008


Light Dusting of Snow.  Cloudy and cold.  'Bracing Against the Wind'

 John Weichel captures a typical winter scene on the shore road near his house.  Liz Ritchie directs her Clydedales.

Dec 29, 2007

Wish you were here Snowbirds?

Dec. 28, 2007 Snowing like mad at 8:05 PM  Snowbirds take note.
Dec. 25, 2007 Same
Dec. 24, 2007 Cold, but wind dissipates.
Dec. 23, 2007 Very high winds in the evening