KDSS Green Team helping protect the environment


Members of the KDSS Green Space Team are Dayna Simpson (L), captain Eric Cunliffe, Leanne MacDonald and Lauren Scott

The Kincardine District Secondary School Green Space Team served more than 500 people at Commencement Saturday night and left no garbage behind.

"All the napkins and cups were biodegradable and the used items were simply fed into the Green Cone Digester to be made into compost," said team captain, Eric Cunliffe. "The food came from local suppliers, with sliced cheese from the Pine River Cheese store, and fruit loaves and muffins made by team members. Again, nothing was thrown away. It was taken home or fed through the Green Cone."

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13/01/2009 04:23 PM


Cunliffe added that, "The team has about a dozen members, all doing their best to increase awareness of biodegradable products and the Green Cone Digester - both of which help reduce garbage substantially."

The Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving (OSAID) assisted at commencement by serving refreshments.




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