KDSS students defeat teachers, 11-5, in hockey match-up
by Rebecca Dadson

The students put up a fight against the teachers in the hockey game Dec. 10

It was the KDSS teachers versus the students Dec. 10 at the Davidson Centre and the students came out victorious, 11-5. More than 450 tickets were sold for the game at $2 each.

In the first period, the students took first blood, followed by a goal courtesy of the staff. The last goal of the period was by the students, putting them ahead, 2-1.

In period two, Mr. Ogilvie scored, followed by Garrett Muers who notched two in a row for the students. The students got another goal, before Drew Pegrum fired in goal number six for the students. Marissa Jolley scored a goal and Garrett Muers scored another, to end the period at 8-2 for the students.

In the final frame, the students came out fighting and Shawn Stewart scored two, and Garrett Muers one (giving him five goals in one game!). The teachers retaliated with two goals from Mr. Wolfe and "Fergie" (a.k.a. Mr. Ferguson).
The students fought back with another goal by Caitlyn Smith. The teachers got the last goal of the afternoon by Mr. Ferguson, but it was a brief comeback as the students won handily, 11-5.

Maybe the teachers should have left Mr. O'Neil on the team this year ... at least last year the teachers won ... just saying.

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13/01/2009 04:18 PM




A player for the students' team heads for the net

Cody Bowes takes control of the puck for the students' team

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