Kingsway Arms holds home decor night

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Kingsway Arms Marketing Director, Nancy McGrath, welcomes everyone to home decor seminar

(L) Pat Fulton, Betty Watt and June Lee, all of Port Elgin, discuss the return of the trend toward wallpaper

Approximately 50 women turned out Tuesday, July 21 at Kingsway Arms of Elgin Lodge in Port Elgin to get the scoop on the latest home decorating ideas.

The evening was part of Kingsway Arms' community outreach program series that covers a wide range of topics.

Carol Brown, co-owner of the new August Skies home decor in Port Elgin, presented a variety of ideas to easily change any room in a home using something as simple as accessories. From paintings to pillows, candles to unique pieces of, upgrading a room needn't be expensive or labour intensive.

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22/07/2009 12:34 AM

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Many groups enjoyed the evening

 August Skies' co-owner Carol Brown explained many decorating techniques

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