Centre to Hold Lake Conference
May 2008 - - Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation, the Centre will be hosting its fifth biennial conference on Lake Huron's coastal environment."Is the Coast Clear?" is a one-day conference that will take place on Friday, May 23, 2008 at the CAW Family Education Centre in Port Elgin.
Indications that Lake Huron is under stress have been evident in recent years. These have included indicators like beach postings, excessive algae on beaches, loss of natural habitat, invasive species and the degradation of important coastal ecosystems.  "These are things that people are seeing, and they are concerned about where our lake might be headed," commented Brian Luinstra, Chairman of the Coastal Centre. "Pollution and ecosystem degradation can be costly things to try and remedy.  We need to step back, look at the whole system and try and prevent environmental problems from happening in the first place. This conference is an opportunity for the coastal community to do that reflection."
The keynote speaker will be Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario. Commissioner Miller provides reliable information on Ontario environment issues, and monitors government compliance with the Environmental Bill of Rights, through Annual Reports and Supplements, Special Reports, and various other publications. The Commissioner will provide insights into how the Ontario government is responding to the environmental challenges facing the Lake Huron region.
Experts from throughout the region will be making presentations on some of the key environmental issues that are most relevant to the Lake Huron coast.

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Nutrients and bacteria entering the lake, water policy and water stewardship are some of the water quality-related presentations that will be made. Lake Huron's declining biological diversity will be highlighted by presentations on invasive species. The implications of climate change and what we can do locally to adapt to climate change will be discussed, as will the changing nature of water levels on Lake Huron.  As well as highlighting some of the environmental challenges we face along the coast, presentations will also focus on making a difference, and improving the quality of our coast.
This conference is an opportunity for people from around the lake to come together to learn, share and meet others with common concerns. The Coastal Centre organizes this conference every two years at different locations along the lakeshore.
This conference is open to the public. Sessions begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. Pre-registration is $40, or $50 at the door ($25 for students). Lunch is included.  To register, contact the Coastal Centre at 523-4478, or go online at
www.lakehuron.on.ca and go to the conference page. A limited number of student scholarships providing free admission are available on a first come, first served basis.

For more information, or to request a conference program, contact:

Geoff Peach, Hons. B.A., CCEP
Coastal Resources Manager
The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation

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