Lego Robotics Challenge

Ripley-Huron Community School and Kincardine Township Tiverton Public School missed out on the regional Lego League competition in November, so Ripley hosted KTTPS to a robotics challenge Dec. 9. Two teams from each school took part. Ripley's Senior Robotic Ravens won the banner for best performing robot; and the junior team won for best-designed robot. KTTPS won for best teamwork and best project.

Adam Ballagh (L) and Adam Stewart of the KTTPS robotics team work with their robot at the challenge in Ripley Dec. 9

Blake Taylor (L) and Kyle Barr of the KTTPS Thunderman Electronica team upgrade the programming of their robot

Kelsey Hunter (L), Andrea Hoeper and Jordan Jarvis cheer for their team, the Ripley Ravens at the Lego League competition Dec. 9

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13/01/2009 04:18 PM


Benjamin Lange (L) and Morgan Shaw of the Ripley Senior Robotic Ravens, compete with their robot at the challenge in Ripley Dec. 9

Checking the results, are timer Ashton Wilken (L) of Ripley, Jonathan Karsten of Ripley, Lisa Roberton-Taylor of KTTPS, Barb Grubb of Ripley and helper Amberly Keelan of Ripley

Hailey Woods (L), Lauren Andrews, Taarna Taylor, Rylee Evans, Danica Wall and Hatty Skinner cheer for the KTTPS team at the robotics challenge in Ripley Dec. 9

Ripley Junior Robotics Ravens Drew Thompson (L) and Jean-Ann Keelan compete

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