Planeteers Event a Success



Hi Sandy,
Thank you for coming out and enduring the cold tonight for Earth Hour with the Planeteers and the Bruce County Astronomical Society. As one of the co-hosts of the event, we were quite pleased with the number of participants and their interest in the event.

Unfortunately the sky did not cooperate, as we would have loved to show everyone some of our favourite night sky objects instead of just our telescopes, but the enthusiasm over Earth Hour made the effort all worthwhile.
I have attached a few photos from the official opening of the BCAS  astrophotography exhibit "Cosmic Images" at the Southampton Art Gallery on March 21. All the photos were taken by local amateur astronomers and mostly from local sites.

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29/03/2009 05:30 PM

On April 5 "Cosmic Images" will open at Grey Roots Museum. The exhibit is booked solid through the entire year - just one of the many ways our club is sharing our love of the night sky with the residents of Bruce-Grey.

I hope you will be able to join with us at many more of our events while we celebrate the International Year of Astronomy, as declared  by UNESCO, in honour of "looking up" through a telescope, as Galileo first did 400 years ago. We are offering a wide variety of activities, occurring at numerous sites around the two counties, everything from Kids' Cosmos, indoor and outdoor presentations, lots of sky tours, and even a night with the symphony. We are so delighted to be joining forces with so many community groups - it is  turning into a real party of a year!
  Joan Skelton
  Outreach Chair

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