Letters June 18, 2008 to Sept 2, 2008

September 2, 2008

We were recently in Port Elgin as part of the Labour Day Parade.  In the parade, there was a small horse and, after the parade, we asked if we could take a photo of it with the owner. 

As we were doing so on the corner of Market and Waterloo Streets, a man who lived in the house on the corner, ordered everyone off the property in an extremely rude manner.  Firstly, we thought we were on town property but, even if we had overstepped the bounds slightly for a photo, I don't feel his reaction was warranted as there were small children who simply wanted a photo taken with the 'pony'.

I hope that most people in the area don't treat tourists like this ... it was very disappointing and left a sour taste on what was a wonderful afternoon.

Mom and sons

We are summer residents to your area who stay in touch through your on-line newspaper.

We were in the Vaughan Mills mall recently and much to our surprise we saw this lighthouse that refers to Big Tub and Chantry Island

What a delight to see a little piece of our 'summer heaven' right here in Toronto.  Now we know where we can go to conjure up memories of summer before we can again make our yearly trek up to the Bruce.

The MacDonald Family


I'm writing with a story suggestion regarding an opportunity for your female readers to join the Southport Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW)club this September. Don't let the CFUW nomenclature fool you, we welcome any woman who wishes to join an active group of members participating in public affairs and promotion of education.

Did you know, for instance, that we self fund two post secondary scholarships for female Saugeen District Secondary School graduates and one for a female First Nations graduate? We also open special meetings to the public which feature guest speakers at the Bruce County Museum and Archives. And every Dec. 6, we invite the community to our candlelight vigil in Coulter Parkette commemorating the Montréal Massacre anniversary.
Our president, Margo King, will be delighted to share with your readers more details about our community initiatives in the Town of Saugeen Shores. Our Club also includes book discussions, film screenings and hiking excursions -- just to name a few of our offerings! You can also check out our website www.cfuwsouthport.com for more information.
We will be hosting our first meeting for new members on Sept. 10, 7 p.m. at the Bruce County Museum and Archives. Margo is available for an interview anytime before then. Please let me know when you would like to schedule her.
Judi Chambers
Southampton, Ontario

Editor:  Judi... we put a notice in the Event Planner and will interview Margo


August 27, 2008


Hi Sandy!

I wanted to thank you for the great coverage of the Nature's Millworks Art Show in Paisley and a plug for Alex's books again.  He has already sold out of his first printing of his second book, so we have to get busy and do a second printing.
Also, I just wanted to let you know that for future reference, if I am lucky enough to be mentioned in your paper again, I go by Bonnie Becker-Messerschmidt.  The reason that this matters is because I began as Bonnie Becker as far as signing my art work is concerned without the Messerschmidt part, and I still only go by Bonnie Becker on my art.  I just don't want any confusion if someone purchases my art.  No worries, I just wanted to let you know for future reference.  I realize that it is probably impossible to make a correction on the original article at this point.  Alex of course, just goes by Alexander Messerschmidt.
Thanks also for purchasing my cardinal.  It is very encouraging to know that my art is appreciated.  It was so hard after our house burned to get back into my art again, so your support and encouragement is appreciated more than you will ever know.
Take care, and keep up the good work!
Thanks!  Bonnie

Editor:  Bonnie... since we are not the print media or the radio, we can correct things easily.  We've done that ... see Nature's Millworks and thanks for reading and supporting the Saugeen Times

August 25, 2008

Thanks to the Bailey family for hosting the 26th STFC Awards Barbecue last night...and for allowing all of us into their cottage when the heavens opened up! What a great time we all had.

Read all about us in the Saugeen Times/ sports.
www.saugeentimes.com   Many, many thanks to Sandy at the Saugeen Times for her continued and enthusiastic support of the Saugeen Track and Field Club.
See everyone at the Bluffs in a couple of weeks.

August 24


Thanks so much for your article on the very dangerous crossing where The Rail Trail interesects Highway 21. (See near tragedy)  I would like to add my voice to yours in requesting that the province or Saugeen Shores do something about this very dangerous situation.  It is exteremely difficult for cyclists and pedestrians to get accross this interesection.  Between the speeding traffic on this section of the highway, and the cars entering the highway from Hi-Berry farms, it is very difficult to get accross. 
It seems to me that a good solution to this problem might be a traffic light on a sensor at Hi-Berry Farms.   This would allow the traffic turning left from the parking lot there to turn onto the highway safely, and if they added a pedestrian activated walk light there, the cyclists and pedestrians could be directed south to the light to make their crossing. I understand that Hi-Berry Farms is not in business in the winter months, but I'm sure The Rail Trail is used year round, and this would enable its users to cross in safety throughut the year, without unduly restricting the flow of traffic on this stretch of Highway 21.
I would certainly appreciate it, as someone who vacations every year in the area, if you could bring this suggestion to the attention of the appropriate public officials, whoever they might be.
Thank you.
Catherine Ashdown

Thanks so much for your input.  I remember well the day we met when you attempted to cross the highway and I avoided a head-on collision with a van that swerved to miss part of your group that was crossing the highway.

We are continually working on this contentious issue.

August 21, 2008

While visiting in your area, we became avid readers of the Saugeen Times.  We went to your car show in Southampton while on vacation and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thought you might like to see some unusual photos of a similar show near us outside of Toronto.

Keep up the good work ... a great insight into the region.

R. Cliff,

Editor:  Thank you.... please see 'Out 'n' About' for other photos

August 19, 2008

Thank you so much for all your hard work on keeping up with current events in Saugeen Shores and especially the photos of the 150th for Southampton.


I am away a lot but I always feel I can keep/be in touch with a quick visit to this website and feel like I was there. You are the best,


Thanks so much and especially for being 'green'. 
It is really important to think of the environment and you have DONE it!
Joan Harrison


August 17, 2008

It was almost 50 years to the day I took OFF this very same uniform - after 2 years working the BAOR/NATO border with East Germany.

Every day since I give thanks for my children NOT having to be drafted into military uniform.

Brings back memories though...

Michael Crossling

August 14, 2008

Based on your recent coverage of the Council Meeting and Victoria Serda's request to have a committee of council that recommends and advises about environmental issues, it appears the Council is way, way behind the times.

Why they would  bury this request is beyond understanding.  They must not have looked at what's happening around them.

What is the Council afraid of in particular?  Every level of government is putting together advisory committees and more to help them deal with local, regional and national issues of this type.  Even Bay Street and  Wall Street have gotten the message, but not our Council.

What gives?  Port Elgin

Editor: ??

August 11, 2008

Thank  you for the coverage of the design workshop in Saugeen Shores last week.

There is just one factual error.

I am not a consultant to the Bruce County Planning Department. In fact, all of the staff assisting in the workshop are staff of the County or the Town of Saugeen Shores. My position is: Deputy Director, Planning and Economic Development Department

My office is in the County Building in Walkerton.

The only reason that I am advising you of this is to assure participants that I am here for the long run.

Thanks for your interest in the project and the Department.

William S. Hollo, MCIP, RPP

Deputy Director,

Planning and Economic Development Department,

County of Bruce

Editor:  Thank you for the correction.  We made changes in the two articles written about the process.  The Saugeen Times can make corrections in the body of the articles which remain online for reference.  We also put the corrections in the Letters section so people don't miss them.  So corrections are not hidden away.

August 10, 2008

There has been quite a bit of news lately about the Rail Trail crossing Highway 21.  The use of the highway overweighs the use of the Rail Trail. Crossing a highway when walking or on a bicycle is dangerous and should be avoided.  The latest article mentions some solutions to the problem, most of which force the highway traffic to change it's ways in the name of safety.   There's enough congestion in the Port Elgin area already without adding more.   Just count the number of traffic lights in Port Elgin.  It's getting ridiculous!  

One solution to the problem with the Rail Trail traffic crossing the highway is to close the Rail Trail.   I'm sure that wouldn't go over very well at all.   But, how about this one?....   Move the section of the Rail Trail that crosses Highway 21.   Instead of it crossing the highway where there's a lack of visibility in one direction and vehicles traveling normal highway speeds in both, why not divert the Rail Trail so it crosses the highway closer to the middle of Southampton where the traffic speed limit is already reduced??   Of course that would mean moving the trail to the outside of the Sparks Corner curve.  That would cost a pile of money too but it may be better than having someone killed when trying to cross the highway at the present location.

Editor:  Thank you for your comments.  Many areas now have Rail Trails.  One reader pointed out to me today that Edmonton has trails running all over.  Some trails use tunnels to avoid dangerous areas.  Do you think a tunnel might be a cheaper alternative to a reroute.  We should cost it by calling some towns that have had the problem.

August 10, 2008 

Dear Editor,
     As new residents of Southampton, my husband and I were dismayed to read the complaints of the visitors from Stouffville, Ontario. They were disappointed to be unable to shop for a wedding gift and pet food on the Sunday of the long weekend. Also, they had to resort to a visit to Tim Horton's for their morning coffee treat because the bakery was closed. They did note that the weather was beautiful.
    Well, visitors, we respectfully disagree. We think that the employees of the businesses in question also deserved to enjoy the beautiful weather and free time of a holiday weekend. Wedding gifts and pet food are not last minute emergency requirements. A bakery treat can also be purchased in advance. Plan your shopping for Saturday and enjoy the beautiful outdoors on Sunday and holiday Monday.
   If our towns operated just like the cities, they would not be the delightful, charming places that they are. We prefer to embrace the character of small town Ontario rather than disparage it.
   Maureen and Marcel Sawyer

Editor:  Yes, it's a good idea not to be too commercial in our thinking.  The tourist season is very short and the summer for people who live here is even more brief. 

We think the reader was just commenting on the fact that some stores are not open, when the demand is highest.  Maybe the Chamber could ask the business people to rotate some of the stores on the big holidays without changing the overall character of the community, which is quiet.

August 9, 2008


Last Sunday night, I went to the Fairy Lake Concert for the first time in a few years, and took a friend from Port Elgin with me. The music was fantastic so was the crowd.  But we took a walk around by the lake in the intermission and what a mess this is. Cans and bottles have been thrown in  the lake. Along with the green stuff floating on top. It sure looks pretty when the fountain is on, but has anyone taken a good look at this place lately. What a shame. Hope its cleaned up before the 150th.  Is there no way we can have a surveillance camera down there, so that the canopy where he bands play can be repaired and we can get anyone that likes to mutliate this canopy on tape and charge them. Its such a shame, you should check this out for yourselves. I wish I had taken my camera down there.  The swans look lovely there too.

Jean St. Dennis

Dear Jean,
Thanks so much writing about this contentious issue. We have, in fact, contacted the town, as has the Museum which overlooks Fairy Lake.

The 'Little Lake' as it was once known, and which was once clear, is fast becoming a cesspool. The lack of aeration is acerbating the problem as is the inundation of carp about which nothing is being done. We have suggested that one person be assigned to take a daily morning walk around the lake with a long-handled net, at the very least, to remove the litter strewing the shoreline.

We, too, have heard numerous remarks by visitors decrying the condition of the lake, the park and the 'bandshell'. Perhaps, a permanent bandshell structure such as that on Port Elgin Beach could be considered.

Thanks for being a caring citizen.


August 7, 2008

Dear Editor of Saugeen Times

As a summer resident most of my life I have been very interested in your new paper on line and want to congratulate you for a job well done. It will be an excellent resource for us short time residents to keep in touch with the local business and happenings. I especially love the weather section and beautiful pictures that people take.

I found the article on recycling interesting as any city folk would have picked out what can be recycled. I called the waste management to see what can be recycled. We can recycle much more in the city. I told them that I would be saving what I cannot recycle here and take it home. They thanked me very much for doing that and keeping it out of the landfill here. So I am hoping that more recycling is done in the future so I do not have to take back my recycling and that composting and rain barrels are brought in so that we can reduce the garbage and save on the water.

I am also concerned about the heavy pesticide use in this community. It is banded in lots of the cities and people are surprised that it is allowed in a community where there are several watersheds. People who live in the cities where it is banned are still spraying here. I also see people taking down the pesticide signs after spraying. There is a reason for the signs so people do not take their pets there or walk on it. I cannot believe that there has not been more education on this subject in this area when there is so much information out there on the harmful effects of the spraying. People who spray should look at any illness in the family for example, breathing, liver, kidney, thyroid, Alzheimer's, autism and of course cancer. It is working in London and people are on the band wagon. I hope to see more on this in your paper. You are doing a great job.

Viewing from London, Steve

Editor:  Excellent Letter Steve... thank you and please stay tuned.

August 5, 2008


Just a brief note to formally record our appreciation and thanks for promoting our event free of charge via The Saugeen Times, and for turning up on the night and taking photos for inclusion on the website.

Without your friendly cooperation and assistance, events like ours would be much more difficult to promote.

Despite intense competition from other events on the day, with your help we raised over 3000 dollars to support the club during the coming season

We look forward to our continued cooperation in the future.

 Your web 'newspaper' is a superb communication vehicle which we are lucky to have in such a small community. Once again many thanks and keep up the good work.

 Tony Sheard

On behalf of Southampton Curling Club

Dear Editor,

We are regular summer visitors to the area from Stouffville. Both my wife and I like to visit the small boutique style shops that are in the area looking for unusual items.

We also like to have a coffee and freshly baked croissant early in the morning. Much to our disappointment, on a Sunday morning on the August long weekend, the bakery in Southampton was closed so we went to Tim's, which is ok but we can go there any morning in the city.

My wife then decided she would like to pick up a wedding gift for friends. We first drove in to Port Elgin and, again to our dismay the gift shops were closed. Also, we had our two little dogs with us and went to the pet store for supplies but it too was closed.

We can only say how disappointed we were that, on a long weekend in the summer with perfect weather, everything we want to access was closed.

Regular reader and visitor
Stouffville, Ontario

Dear Visitor ,
We were concerned when we read  your comments and, in fact, looked into the situation on a first-hand basis.  You are quite right.  From our observance, several stores were closed in Port Elgin along with the bakery in Southampton. Thank you for drawing this to our attention and we will draw the matter to the attention of our local Chamber of Commerce.


August 2, 2008


First of all, thank you for your generous and interesting coverage of the Shoreline Artists Studio Tour in June.    The pictures of art and personal notes made the news really attractive and intriguing to read.  Thank you for the picture and news of my husband, Ernest Jenner.  He was pleased too. 

Mary Craig-Jenner

for Shoreline Artists/publicity & advertising

August 2, 2008


FYI, the Chantry Carvers are now 'demo' carving and displaying carvings at the museum every Monday from 11:00  AM to 1:00 PM until the end of August at the request of Nancy White.
Ian Evans

July 29, 2008

At the Southampton Residents Association meeting on Saturday, the residents complained about the Blue Box.  Their gripes were about what will be picked up and what won't.  The majority of the comments were about inconsistency and cardboard.  "Sometimes they pick up things and sometimes not."  At Monday's Council meeting, the Town Council was given a test and they did not pick out what would not be picked up.

Confused in Southampton.

July 26, 2008

Jenny Amy in period costume on the steps of her century home, Chantry Breezes

Dear Sandy:

The costume I wore for the 150th Southampton Anniversary Incorporation parade on Friday evening was designed by Angela Morgan of Toronto, a graduate of the Sheridan College Technical Theatre Program. Angela specialized in costume design and worked for the Gairbraid Company at The Little Theatre in Goderich in 2007. This past winter, she accepted the commission to design and make a gown reflecting the period around 1900.   All the pleating and lace were hand-sewn.  She truly is a remarkable young woman who has definitely found her niche in the world.“

Jenny Amy
Chantry Breezes

July 27, 2008

re: photo of Bud Halpin with painting, 6/18/2008
This photo accompanied the interesting story in the Saugeen Times about Bud Halpin and his students receiving recognition at the Bluewater Board for their significant contribution to the Schoolhouse Project through their on-site construction, as part of their school curriculum.
I am submitting a summary of the presentation to the Retired Teachers of Grey summer newsletter, The Grey Slate, and would like permission to use that photo of Bud.  Would that be possible?
Thank you,
Myrt Heinrich

Editor:  Please use it, but give the Saugeen Times credit.  Thanks for reading


July 25, 2008

Greetings to the Staff


    I write to send a great deal of THANKS for your very accurate and extensive coverage of the Tall Ship Playfair to Southampton. A wonderful day it was, and the pictures told the story completely.

The look on peoples faces( especially the children) was very gratifying after months of arranging. You continue to lead the way with the local media news. Congratulations.


I also wish to acknowledge and THANK all the Town Officials who helped to arrange this event. Without their dedication this event would not have been possible.


For The Marine Heritage Society/ Propeller Club

Gordon Webb ---Tall Ships Committee


July 23, 2008

Dear Sandy
Thank you for a great article on the use of pesticides.
I am stunned by the number of people in our community who continue to apply these toxic chemicals to their properties. We do have nontoxic alternatives available from the same company who encourages the use of pesticides.
What is it about "poison" that people do not understand?
I wonder if the company using these sprays advises the young employees who apply the chemicals of the dangers to themselves. I have yet to see any of them wearing masks.
Thank goodness the provincial government is banning the use of these toxic substances for cosmetic purposes. One would wonder why Saugeen Shores couldn't lead the way.
Thank you for your timely and informative publication.
Pat Dobec

Editor:  Thank you for the letter Pat. 

July 23, 2008

Letter to the Minister of Education by a 10th Grade Student regarding Rotary Education

Editor:  Good letter

July 21, 2008

I went on line this morning and read your newspaper end to end and was very impressed, both with layout and content.
Keep up the good work.
Hilda Ord
Port Elgin 


July 20, 2008

As the Schular accident only happened at about 6pm last night, and here I am at 8am next morning reading about it. I say "looks good on you"
Good work.
Hilda Ord.

Editor:  One of the most difficult things we've had to overcome is people thinking we have editions.  We don't.  We put things on as fast as we can.  Sometimes we accumulate them and post them overnight, but when hard news is available, we try to post it.  We're not CNN, but we try to get out and about as much as possible.  Thanks for noticing.  We want to be moment to moment.

July 18, 2008

It is my week to put up and take down the giant flag in Southampton.  We listen to the Marine forecast and try to bring it down when a storm is coming.  Last night one blew in quickly and I rushed to bring the flag down.

The wind and lightning were severe and in high winds it is not a one man job.  Two people pitched in to help.  One was well known realtor, Larry Leonard who lives nearby on Huron.  The other was Rod Cameron of Saugeen First Nations who was out on his bike.  Before Larry came Rod was tossed in the air by the wind acting to propel the huge flag like a sail.  We were all soaked to the skin in total darkness.  We had no way of recognizing each other.  We had to introduce ourselves, because nobody was visible for long.  Light came in the form of blue bolts. 

We were all having a wonderful time.  I tried to pack Rod and his bike in my small jeep and that was a chore in the storm.  He was twisted around his bike in the back seat like a pretzel.  His aboriginal name means 'Good Man' and that he is.  We were all happy to be alive.  It's amazing how generous and helpful people are in a rough situation.  It's so much fun to be alive and meet good people

Thank you Larry and Rod.

Mike Sterling Southampton.

July 17, 2008

Digging Both Ends

Digging near shore

Hello Sandy. I thought you might be interested in a couple of pictures I took today of the next stage in the Southampton water intake project. They are now starting to dig out the trench for the intake pipe (being crafted at the harbour in Southampton). One picture shows a truck being loaded by a digger near the beach end of the pipe; while the other picture also shows, at the far end, a scow with the crane and scoop, digging the trench from that end.
Marvin Doran

Editor:  Thank you Marvin

July 16, 2008

As I am highly allergic to pesticides, I am locked in after yet another major neighbourhood pesticide spraying and cannot leave my home.   This is spray number 3 or 4, so not quite 7 sprays yet and I received no phone calls to warn me.
I believe the town maintenance uses the services of ' Weed Man' to spray along the roads and parks, although I am not sure but, in some places, there are no signs posted. 
Take care and be aware the next spraying.
Allergic and Waiting

Editor:  We've heard this often

July 16, 2008

Watching the Council meeting on Monday on Channel 6, I was struck by the quiet acceptance of the present estimates of the cost of the new medical clinic in Port Elgin of $2,400,000 over 20 years not including ongoing upkeep and other things that will happen in the future.  We see the cost of the almost new Plex with the current mould problem.

It appears that the government is slowly downloading medical costs to the town.  The price of retaining and obtaining doctors certainly is a variable that should have its own ongoing budget set aside.  These costs really are quietly accepted.

As an avid viewer of the Council Meetings on TV, this was the first time that the real and raw cost of the new clinic surfaced.  The Council was for the most part silent with only an offhand comment from one Council person about it being an asset after 20 years.  The other Council members had the good sense to remain silent.

Avid Council Watcher

Editor: See 'New Medical Clinic will cost in debt service $120,000 annually for 20 years'


July 16, 2008

Here are a couple of pictures of kites flown at the picnic, my son and family come up from Guelph with others from their Kite Club and fly these each year for the picnic. They will also be doing this and doing a kite workshop for the kids at the Southampton 150th. I thought you might like to see these, some of these kites are huge. The Life guards from the boat, who were doing the fireworks, had a great time launching the big blue kite, they wanted to try their hand at this too.



Thank you Jean


July 14, 2008

Hi, regarding  your picture on July 13, the birds are Turkey Vultures.
John Darke.

Editor:  Thank you John

July 12, 2008

Hi Sandy!
I am so excited!  My painting of a "Ferndale Flats Farm" won 2nd Prize,,, $950,,, at the Bruce County Art Show,, today, July 11th.,, at the opening at Bruce Power Visitor Center.
The prize is a purchase award, so now the painting is part of the art collection of Bruce County.   The prizes will be awarded at the International Plough Match on Sept 17th. in Teeswater.

see attached photo!
Christa Eggers

Editor:  What a wonderful thing for you.

July 11, 2008

Hello Sandy,
I note the recent letter about safety concerns at the Rail Trail crossing on Highway 21 between Port Elgin and Southampton, and agree it presents a danger.
I wonder why no signs warn motorists of the trail crossing, both at this location and at the crossing south of Port Elgin. Several Bruce County Roads post a 'trail crossing ahead' warning to drivers. Could our Council and the Parks and Trails committee take an initiative and/or work with the MTO to post such signs in advance of both trail crossings?

Let's hope these signs can prevent injury or worse.
Anne a cyclist

Editor:  Anne, we hear this worry all the time.  If you are a cyclist, runner or walker and use the trail at all, you know that somebody is going to die on that crossing.  Many tell us that the cars are upon the crossing so fast that you have to be very alert to avoid them.  It seems to be well known by  the trail users, but not known to the authorities.

July 10, 2008

What a great idea to have a web based newspaper

-The Grey Bruce Health Unit holds an immunization clinic at the plex the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9:30 until 2:30 pm

Mary Lynn Barron R.N. B.Sc.N.

Public Health Nurse

Vaccine Preventable Diseases Program

Editor:  We'll put your notices in the Event Planner

July 9, 2008

Our Family has had a long history in Southampton dating back to the Captain Spence days. Our weekends and holidays are spent at the cottage (we wish it could be more) and I look forward to your web site every morning before work.

A great site, full of useful information of all kinds. Great idea to have the Police Reports too  -  a different perspective.  

Keep up the great work. Ever thought of advertising the site more.  Not sure how many people know about it.

Ken Wismer 

Hi Ken,

Thank you for writing.  We have exceeded our expectations for readership and are now read in 47 countries with a high concentration in the Saugeen basin. 

Thanks again,
Sandy Lindsay

July 9, 2008

On July 16, 2008 St. Andrew's Church Choir will present a musical visit to "Familiar Places" at 7:30 pm. The concert will honour Southampton's Scottish roots as the town celebrates its 150th Anniversary.

The Choir will be augmented by members of the A Cappella Chamber Choir. The program will also feature a number of guest musicians from the community. According to Choir Leader Marian Pedwell, "We wanted to get the feeling of an old Scottish ceilidh". Rev. Creola Simspon added, "The audience will also have a chance to join in the singing because we believe music is good for the soul".

Everyone is invited to attend the concert at St. Andrew's Church on Albert Street in Southampton. Refreshments will be served following the concert in the church hall. Admission is by donation.


Mary Sylver

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

519 797 2258


July 7, 2008

It is such a relief to know that I am not the only person concerned with what is happening in our community and that I am not the only person who feels we are not being represented by council.

I feel that we do not have a voice when it comes to the future of our town. I have no idea why this is, and do find it very frustrating.

Concerned in Southampton

Editor:  See more here

July 5, 2008

There are lots of people who like to ride their bikes and jog on the Rail Trail.  There is grave danger crossing H'way 21 near Grieg's Service.  The cars are just too fast for the adults and children trying to cross.  An overpass should be considered before somebody gets killed.

Editor:  Yes, we've heard this comment recently.

July 3, 2008


Here is an ad for our upcoming Car Show on Monday the July 7th . I will be running spots on the radio and the only other advertising is yours. Obviously this event is strictly governed by the weather, but we can think positive. Thank you for the write up on our Men's Night I have had a lot of response from people who read the article and want to be included next year. Kudos to you.


July 3, 2008

To Whom this may concern.
I was told that your newspaper did a write up on my Great Aunt (Matty Earls) who turned 105 years young. I checked  your web site and found the write up. I would like to say "Thank you " for the very nice write up. I am a great niece to this wonderful lady. She has lived an awesome life. She is a strong, healthy,  amazing woman. I love her dearly. She may have not mentioned,  that her sister  reached her 101 birthday. I hope that I have their genes.
Job well done!
Jackie Kellar
Simcoe, On

Thank you Jackie.

She really is a wonderful lady and is very active, walking the halls of the nursing home with no effort.  I did not know that her sister is (was?) 101.

If you ever want to tell any interesting stories about what seems to be a remarkable family with remarkable genes, please do not hesitate to send them to me ... they would be much appreciated.

Sandy Lindsay,

July 3, 2008

I recently read in your out 'n' about section, about the Fairy Lake band shell being vandalized and thought I would comment.

I was also walking around the Lake on Friday afternoon taking photos of things when I came upon a group of teens at the band shell.  One was trying to destroy the interpretive sign and they had kicked a soccer ball into the lake.

When I approached them with my camera they turned their backs, jumped on their bikes and left.

I'm not saying these boys vandalized the band shell, which by the way is in absolute tatters, but why would they try to ruin an interpretive sign?  Why try to destroy something that isn't theirs? What kind of mentality is that?  I have, in fact, seen one of these young men before and he was, at that time, again trying to destroy public property.   I approached him and told him to stop it and I can't repeat what he said to me. What has happened to respect for others and respect for property?  More importantly, where does this mentality go from here?  We should all be concerned.

As a community I think we have to be very aware of this kind of thing and report it to the local authorities or the Neighbourhood Watch program at every opportunity.

A Concerned Citizen

July 2, 2008

Yesterday drove down the main street of Port Elgin and it suddenly has begun to look deserted.  There are now several vacant storefronts and I thought, is this a harbinger of things to come?

When Wal-Mart appears, what then?  Are we going to be left with only coffee shops along Goderich Street?  I hope not, but the signs are all there.


June 30, 2008

We know exactly what you mean.  Not only has the traffic increased but businesses have left or are in the process of leaving leaving.  Our materials and sewing store has gone and now D.C. Taylor Jewellers is leaving ... who's next?

Worried in PE

Editor: Worried must be responding to the letter below

June 29, 2008

At mid-day Saturday, I managed to park across the street from the Source Sound and Electronics store. When I came out it took me 5 minutes to get out of the parking spot and onto 21.  I turned left to avoid the tremendous traffic snarl in Port Elgin and threaded my way down Bricker and then around the Plex to avoid anything to do with downtown Port Elgin.  I don't see how the town can withstand this over time.  Nobody will want to try to park and shop and the traffic to Wal-Mart will be heavy.  I feel sorry for the residential people on the parallel streets.

Bogged Down in Port Elgin

June 28, 2008

I have just had the opportunity to view your webpage with respect to the Tipler-Inwood Golf Tournament article and as one of the participants I was most impressed with not only the article but the fact that your paper and the businesses (Saugeen Golf Course and the Super 8 Motel for example) we have dealt with in the community took such an interest in the event.  I wish to take the time to thank you for your coverage and the support we have had from the community of Saugeen Shores.
Rick Porritt
Richard J. Porritt, PEng
RJ Porritt Consulting Inc.


June 27, 2008

Fairy Lake is an interesting place.  It deserves to be cleaned up once in a while. 

About 3 pm this afternoon there was a young man at the north end of the lake sitting on a bench playing a trumpet.  It sounded like a one man Jazz Concert.  The music cascaded over the lake and  the swans seemed to enjoy it too as they circled gently.

I was cautious about interrupting him, but finally asked him where he was from.  He was from San Francisco and found the Little Lake a good place to play.  You could hear him clearly at the other end of the Lake near the Band Shell.

The Listener

June 23, 2008

I read an article this week in the local newspaper about a lady who celebrated her 105th birthday at the Nursing Home in Southampton.  As I read it, I thought it all sounded really familiar so I went to the Saugeen Times and put the person's name on your search site.

The article immediately came up and I read it again.  It is almost word for word the same as the paper.  Since the Times had it first I'm assuming your staff wrote it first?  Do news outlets do this sort of thing often or is this unusual?


Dear Curious,

We too are surprised, especially given the amount of research that went in to the article and contact with family members to clarify certain points.  Oh well, at least we were in colour and our photo is a treasure, we think.  Thanks for being so observant.
See Elegant and Erudite at 105 years

Sandy Lindsay,


June 23, 2008

Friends are important, especially ones who listen.  When Sandra of Southampton had a recent operation she was looking for a special necklace that would conceal the scar.  A friend, Alva, listened and found the perfect answer - a crystal necklace.  It fit perfectly and was lite-weight, the ideal solution.  It just goes to prove that a friend is someone who listens.

June 21, 2008

Please click here for a reader's letter on the Health Care Strike.  It's a well written and intense look at the situation.

June 19, 2008

Read Bob Hastings views on Rotary Education as submitted via letter

June 19, 2008

The 150th Anniversary Celebrations committee is looking for early/historic photos of families, homes and businesses to display in various business windows along High Street. Please call Aileen Letheran at (519)79702495 or email aletheran@gmail.com

June 18, 2008

What a great job of getting the information on the “Tall Ships are coming to Southampton” on the www.saugeentimes.com  so fast! It sure is a big factor in letting as many people as possible know what is happening around town.

Your “Event Planner” is a terrific tool for communication and in this case you link directly to The Marine Heritage Society 2008 Brochure and also to a previous article on the tall ships Pathfinder & Playfair.

Larry LePage Chairman Marine Heritage Society

Editor:  Thanks Larry... See the Event Planner for the Tall Ships on July 19


June 18, 2008

Trying to be positive! Where's Summer????, it will be here at 7.59 pm on Friday. (Really)

The Full Moon tonight is THE FULL STRAWBERRY MOON.

Interesting lecture last night, his book on the Great Lakes is looking fantastic reading for the Fall/Winter this year. Maybe it would be interesting to hear Wayne tell about his North Pole expedition, and the effect of the cold waters on the other oceans, but need diagrams (pictures etc).
Your write up is great Saugeen Times.
Best wishes, Brian

Editor:  Thank you Brian. Brian is speaking about the Lecture by Wayne Grady at the Museum on June 17 Thanks for all your weather work.  Brian gives the Saugeen Times the weather twice a day... See Weather

June 18, 2008

... we met at the barbecue function last night... I thought I would take an opportunity to read the paper and I am impressed! Good job!

As an aside (and a personal beef and area of local embarrassment for me),   have you heard of or investigated the derelict cemetery in Southampton?

The fact that those poor souls are just lying there forgotten, abandoned  and ignored is just wrong. I realize it would cost a tremendous amount of money and effort to right the wrong but those are someone's grandparents.

Anyway... good job and a link to the harbour cam would be fantastic!

Jeff Smith

Editor:  Thank you Jeff John Weichel did a beautiful book about "Forgotten Lives"  It is available at the Bruce County Museum and Archives and the Book Store at the Market in Southampton.  John is a Saugeen Times reader.  He may want to comment on your letter.

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