Letters September 8, 2008 to February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

We do need a new pool - but would like to see it as a Phase One of a "community centre” for all ages - with a fitness centre with indoor track (for those that can’t afford high cost of fitness clubs. Many on low incomes can’t afford the high fees); include all the citizens in the community – not just swimmers.
A seniors centre - youth centre and larger meeting rooms.

And a place for large events - inside and out to be held...fundraisers are hard to put on in this community with lack of facilities that are accessible and workable for event planners. To bring in larger acts – you need a bigger audience to generate a profit. No community theatre because there is not a proper stage or faculty to perform or rehearse.

Port Elgin Reader.

February 12, 2010


Letters ABC gathering at the airport video

February 11, 2010

This on-line news [source], the Saugeen Times is beating the actual paper and on line.  They need to study what the Saugeen Times is doing.

The editor, Sandy Lindsay, is a whiz bang reporter with tons of energy and talent.
More and more Grey-Brucers are turning to this news outlet for coverage of their issues and events. It is amazing how quickly the stories are posted on line.

Stu Paterson

February 10, 2010

We made our second week draw at Rotary tonight for $25.00 each.
The two winners are:
Betty Teat of Tiverton
Ross Prange of Southampton
Andrea La Blance


February 10, 2010

Nuclear award...Scary picture . Two men with silly hats and another photo of an award.

Anyone in these photos ever hear of Rutherford ? [We make steam and
don't know the difference between fission and fusion.]

How's the hole in the town going ? That's where all the the nuclear waste from Ontario will be deposited. Or was that what the award was for ? 

We know nothing and pay the same for hydro as cities at the far end. Not
so with my gas prices. I'll bring up the subject of reverse gravity later.


Editor:  See


Feature Local nuclear operator receives international award


Letters Firefighter has a chuckle

February 8, 2010

I read this morning's article regarding the Council's attempts to revitalize downtown Port Elgin. Should any of us be surprised? Probably, only through the sheer determination and stubbornness of other downtown proprietors there haven't been more closures. People will argue it is a downturn in the economy. I and many others see the problem at the South end of town....Wal-Mart.

What makes me mad is the fact they are now considering tax concessions. Haven't we already given concessions to Wal-Mart to get us into this position?

Jim McKnight
Saugeen Shores

Editor: Above letter in response to

February 8, 2010

Did they not think this would happen when they allowed Walmart to move in?


Editor: Above letter in response to

February 7, 2010

As usual, good post Mini. We need transportation for the reasons you

Now how do we do it ? We have a very long "Town"

Here's a suggestion. Every body charges a $ or two for picking people up
and dropping them off on Hwy 21. From the Res to the far end of Port. A standard charge.

Diversions like up here, turn left, this'll do, Thx. Cost a few bucks
more. What the operator sez.


February 6, 2010

Agree completely with the letter from Mini Jacques. Public transportation should be available, I am capable now of driving, but to have the option of public transportation in bad weather would be a positive feature. For the persons who need it now, it would be a financial help for them, rather than paying high taxi trips, and a boon to accessing the variety of stores and services in Saugeen  Shores..................

Moyra Beitz

Editor:  MoyrBeitz is referring to: Letters Transportation Survey ... comment by Mini Jacques

February 6, 2010

As per the title” Public transportation”, if there is a need (and I agree there is) after the various governments have dismantled ours, then a private enterprise can and should supply this service. The costs must be borne by the user(s).
If you read between the lines the Town of Saugeen Shores should in no way provide any financial assistance to this project. Public transit is just that, “public”.

Dan Nichol
Resident of Saugeen Shores

February 6, 2010

I once asked Professor Hawking via e-mail was the ever such a thing as nothing. I got an answer. " No "

Maybe an aide sent the reply. I will never know. Brilliant dude. Thx for the info on the broadcasts.


Editor:  See

Science Professor Hawking to come to Waterloo summer 2010 

February 5, 2010

Letters Transportation Survey ... comment by Mini Jacques

February 4, 2010

Liz, thanks for the great write up, HOWEVER

As for accessibility, the boardwalk will be made of eight-inch paving
blocks, and have handrails. It will be a foot off the ground. It will be wooden boards the same as the south side and we will be selling boards and have names engraved in them.

Dennis Flavell

Editor See: Kincardine Council Lions Club to build boardwalk on north side of the pier

February 4, 2010

Thanks for your inquiry. The board is definitely becoming more transparent and open in many areas but personnel issues remain confidential and that is the case with the situation at G.C. Huston. It is no surprise that the rumour mill is working overtime and we can certainly understand that the community has concerns around the consistency of administration. We are working to support that and we have great faith in Susan Sankey and her abilities as an administrator.

Richard Thomas

 Communications Coordinator
 Bluewater District School Board

Editor:  See

Education Another principal change at GC Houston?

February 3, 2010

The School Board certainly knows why this Principal was dismissed and in the public interest it should be revealed.

Teachers , regardless of position, are seldom dismissed and their Union is very strong. So why this dismissal when he was here for so short a period and by all accounts was " good " for the school? Small town rumours are already rampant and it's time for a proper exclamation for better or worse.

Robert Greason

Editor:  There has not been any news release relative to dismissal.  See

Education Another principal change at GC Houston?

February 3, 2010

Yes I agree with Bruce Powers statement but what they left out some of the highest paid employees are from the United States.


January 26, 2010

Congratulations Trevor and Owen. Your are playing well and giving your best in every game. You make me very proud.
Your team website keeps me informed and makes it possible to see your progress. Keep up the good work.

Carol Donaldson
(Nanny) Port Perry

See Sports Huron-Perth Atom News

January 26, 2010

I was very disturbed by the recent service at the Baptist church where everyone laughed and had a good time destroying a mock up of a Haitian village. At the present time the symbalism was really distasteful. There's nothing funny about seeing someone's home destroyed and having it fall in on them. I'm sure the starving Haitians would have appreciated the food that was waisted.This shows little apathy for the people of Haiti. (see  Kincardine Baptist Church youth raise $1,500 for Haiti )

 Don Bannerman

January 26, 2010

Dear Liz (Dadson),

Another one of your well written articles! You are a gifted reporter. I'm always impressed how you present a story with clarity and insight and make it an enjoyable read.

Thanks so much.

Trijntje Eisen,
Ripley and District Horticultural Society.

January 25, 2010

Letter from

Charlie Bagnato, Mayor, Municipality of Brockton, Walkerton, Ontario Federal Liberal Candidate, Huron-Bruce Riding 

January 25, 2010

Good Morning

Nice seeing and talking with you again at Superspiel XXVIII.

On behalf of our entire Committee and our Club Membership, many thanks again for your continuing promotion of our event. We had an extremely successful weekend !!

All the best !! Bill Hall

January 24, 2010

Chretien prorogued parliament 4 times. The last time for Adscam and a Quebec Liberal has just been sentenced to 15 months in jail for that event which happened a few years ago.

Jim White

January 24, 2010

A drug dealer is dangerous on the streets so thank you for removing him temporarily, but as you know they will be out on bail shortly dealing again. Should you not publish their names on line so we as citizens know who is pedaling drugs in our community and to our childern. It's time to stop protecting the criminals and protect the citizens.

Editor:  While we understand your concern, when it comes to criminal charges and litigation, we can only publish reports as released by the police.

January 24, 2010

Letters Prorogation gets readers attention

January 22, 2010

Letters Reader lauds Bruce Telecom

January 21, 2010

Letters A tongue in cheek conversation  

January 20, 2010

I agree with this article completely. Much more character in older structures. They should be respected. It was hard work that built them. They should not be torn down in minutes for new "innovation".
Teri Morris

Editor refer to  Heritage Imperative  

January 19, 2010

What is the result of the Question regarding Sewers North of the river? Also time for new question !!!

Robert Greason

Editor:  Thank you for your comment.  Responses are coming in daily and have not slackened.  The activity is strong.  We prefer to show the final results, once a decision has been reached by the Town and MOE.

Other surveys might run for a fixed time.

We have been gratified by the activity of the survey on the Saugeen Times and the hospital question on the Kincardine Times.

January 19, 2010

Letters Heritage Imperative  

January 18, 2010

Hi there,

just wanted to say thank you for your article about the Kincardine Library Story Time. It is a wonderful learning program for children that doesn't receive enough recognition. It is also a nice relief to read about "good" things in the news!! We need more of that.

Thanks again,
Samantha Lane

January 18, 2010

Hi Liz, We would like to let all of Josh’s friends at KDSS know how much he appreciated the birthday card that they made for him. The Facebook group in support of his recovery is much appreciated as well. Without the continuing support of family and friends, recovery would not be possible. We want everyone to know that he is making slow but steady progress toward regaining his life and that we are so grateful to live in such a caring community.

Nancy and Jamie Easton

See Sport Swimmer elated that meet dedicated to him Click Here for story

January 15, 2010

It saddens one to read DAVE's (ED: see below) letter and NO DONATION to Haiti, what has the disaster in Haiti got to do with HST???

THERE ARE A LOT OF IN'S AND OUT'S re HST....work through it, and see how other places have coped, and helped the income needed.

Where is the HUMANITARIAN side of people??

Or even pre-Christmas a person would not support the CTV (Toronto) TOY MOUNTAIN.....because some would go to the Muslims and other non-Christian families. "Would they provide me with a Christmas dinner??" actual quote

These are times of helping one and another, and if we all spread kindness and goodwill to all we can surely make a WORLD of a difference.


Chris Gable, Southampton

January 14, 2010

I am saddened about the recent events in Haiti. I am also saddened about our own disaster we have in Ontario.
That being the HST rip off that is happening and we are helpless to prevent it. This Ontario disaster is why I am not donating to the Haiti disaster.


Editor See: Feature Personal Account from Haiti

Feature Local ties to Haiti Earthquake   

January 13, 2010

Perhaps Mr. Lobb will stop filling mailboxes with his direct mail
 blather that overfills the waste baskets at the post office.

Just think of the thousands of dollars he would save taxpayers.

G F Heizer

January 11, 2010

We continue to get feedback from our Videos on YouTube like Hippie Chick's below.  Here is what she is commenting on today.

A&E/Video The Light Concert April 1, 2009 featuring David Archibald singing 'The Rocks of Tobermory'   *****

hippiechick10113 has made a comment on The Rocks of Tobermory by David Archibald  David Archibald is awesome! I met him last summer :)


January 11, 2010

Re: Shelley Grieg article:

“I love to see a local business do well….

Especially when the owner starts out small and builds his or her business like Shelley has,
The fact that she has moved to her own building and has state of the art equipment tells me is in it for her clients first.
That kind of focused dedication can only mean many business referrals from satisfied clients, and both business success and personal gratification for Shelley.

I say job well done and I encourage everyone to “shop local” – even when it comes to your fitness!

Thank you to the Saugeen Times for delivering another ‘good news’ story instead the ‘doom and gloom” and copious amounts of negative stories that so often
make the news these days!”

Mini Jacques

January 9, 2010

Letters Reader advises -- Buy Canadian!

January 9, 2010

Letters Reader objects to MP Lobb's Comment

January 9, 2010

Letters Terrorism and Canadians

January 7, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Has Harper been around for 4 yrs? Seems like an eternity. Smiling, sweaters, and singing doesn't change the spots: Broken promises, vindictiveness, poor performance abroad (being late or missing photographs and hiding in Copenhagen) and now dodging Parliament for the second time (what was the GG thinking?)

These continue to reveal who he is. And we call Canada a democracy? Where is the opposition? Still on Holidays?
This is not the "leadership" we deserve. But then "we" did vote him in.

Maybe it is true that we elect the government that we deserve. Shameful.

Art Grady, Southampton, Ontario

January 7, 2010

I agree with your article. Let`s make the area a place where people and Dr.s want to come and live and get along. I am sure they hear too much about the constant controversies here!! N.T.

January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Sandy (ED:  Going into the third year)
Keep up the great reporting.
Betty Bender

January 6, 2010

I think that Ida should given a commendation for her effort. Very interesting.
Ontario Court of Justice
Family Court Trial Co-ordinator

Editor -- see article below

 Feature Ida's Christmas Wonderland does not end on Christmas

January 4, 2009

Just when I thought I had heard it all, I read Mayor Smith's message where he states "From infrastructure such as drainage, sewers and the new affordable housing project, it has created a positive environment in our area."

To state that sewers have created a positive environment shows us just how out of touch with the affected residents Mayor Smith is with this issue. Between Deputy Mayor Freiburger's threats to the residents opposing the sewer project and the Mayor's head in the sand position about what is happening in his own community while he chases his county wide political dreams, it is time to start thinking good and hard about what type of leadership Saugeen Shores should have when it comes time to vote in the fall of 2010.

A North Southampton Resident

Editor:  Town Council Message from Mike Smith, Mayor and Warden  

January 3, 2010


Thank you for the photos of my son carrying the Olympic Torch, although you spelled his name wrong “Blane”, that’s alright. I don’t think it actually hit him that he was actually carrying Olympic Torch until he rec’d his Official Olympic Suit that evening. I am very proud of my son.

There was no coverage from the Shoreline or the Sun Times.

Thank you for covering this historic and memorable event.

Blane carried the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch with great pride.

Made Saugeen Proud.
Thank you.

Blane’s mother Leona Roote.


January 3, 2010

My Personal Thanks to Sandy and The Saugeen Times...for your help in making the Torch Relay work so well.

Your reporting, support, willingness and speed in posting everything we sent you, went a long way in making this once-in-a-lifetime-event a success in our community.

It was all very much appreciated.

Ed Nanni
Saugeen Shores Olympic Torch Relay Committee.

For a full list of the articles see below:

January 3, 2010

Video by Peter Mc Niece. Torch run. Very nice. Thx.  Nice music / video splice.


(See Sports A good video of the Port Elgin Torch Run by Peter McNeice )


January 2, 2010

Plastic is just so ugly.....How about more trees on the beach? Or wouldn't if be wonderful to have a seawall built to help with the sand....removing all the wooden fencing so that a seawall much like the one that is built at the Wadsworth's cottage below Cottrill's Condos? Perhaps just a cement wall higher in some places with little design...such as port holes for the nautical theme, and a slight slope, could this help in keeping the sand from blowing into the river? It could be a work of art with the help of the Masonry students from the school in Bervie. Adding more trees to the beach area of the boardwalk may help not only the environment but keep sand from blowing across the flowerbeds.

M.R. Graham

January 1, 2010

I was quite moved to read this. I went to high school with Wyatt's Mom.

What a beautiful family they are.
Thank you for featuring this. Makes us all appreciate what we have a little more.


December 30, 2009

I can think of many deserving people who live in Port Elgin to carry the torch. We certainly didn't need to look outside the community for a torch bearer. Rather sad!!!!!
D Whalen

December 29, 2009

A Significant Day.

Flame from Kitchener via Erin, ALTON and Orangeville, that we know very well having lived in ALTON for 12 years.

Pity cameras did not get pics out from parts of Alton & Orangeville - guess the HIGH HILLS are too much for the transmitting antennae!

JUST GREAT IN Southampton, good crowds but the wind and snow - wonder what wind-chill factor was?

Excellent response from crowds!!!

Last time I saw Flame was in Brampton when Games were at Calgary (88)...had first Grand-daughter on the Baby carrier on my Back!

Brian Cole

December 29, 2009

Treading water...... Ace, awesome !
keep writing Mini Jaques
Step aside please. marge attwood.


December 23, 2009

Greetings friends of Big Brothers Big Sisters.
During this special time of year, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your support of the work we do. It never ceases to amaze me how generous people are, giving so freely of their time, resources and talents. 2009 has been a very successful year for BBBS of Kincardine and each of you have played an important part in sharing a "little" magic.
Wishing each and every one of you a joyous and happy holiday season.
Cynthia Finlay
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kincardine & District
T: 519-396-3565
F: 519-396-5465
910 Queen Street, Unit E
Kincardine, ON  N2Z 2Y2
Share a little magic and make a BIG difference!

December 23, 2009

An obvious question which would have been covered by SaugeenTimes...how much does Dr Lynn make in salary ?Also in my experience there are things important to people other than mere $. In quality of life and recreational interests for example. I have fished with Docs all over the world. Many like tennis and golf also. Southampton has the best trout river in Ontario. Yeah. Including St Marys rapids. Southampton has a number of fine golf courses, and tennis courts. We don't promote what we have, a few properly placed adds in med College journals and we'd be fighting them off. You sell the sizzle, the steak will sell itself. Learned 50 years ago.So, let's hear it Doc. how much do you make. ?


Editor: Click here

December 22, 2009

Help me out here. This looks like Saugeen Shores wants to add 2% to the municipal tax levy to establish a Tax Stabilization Reserve Fund.

This seems to me that they want to increase taxes just in case they have a deficit that they have not had before.

This is like increasing taxes instead of managing to a budget.

Or, what don’t I understand here? Are they not telling us something?


December 21, 2009

Letters Annie says thanks

December 20, 2009

A very Merry Xmas To Vi.

Keep swinging little lady. You obviously have punched above your weight your whole life.


Pat, Barry. and Tuffy Ruli. Gord Almont, Barb Deboer, Rhonda Johnson, Joan Kazimer, Rev.Gord Williams, Jo Reid, Tami Ashton, Marge Crossling.,

And everyone I missed, sorry
kids. Next year maybe.?

I had to drive to Kincardine to get a shot of cortisone in my arm [and  pay for it too]

Don't give up me diabetic son. It ain't over till you say it is. Merry Xmas

And now to other business,
Who is gonna' pay for the new sewer pipe. C'mon guys. Your opposition is on the NET now,  It's over.......


December 20, 2009

Thanks for covering the Reindeer Romp and Jingle Jaunt today, and for all your support as we've prepared for this!!!

AND..thanks also for posting the story about
Vi on the Saugeen Times. We were able to collect $200.00 for her today. I've contacted John Peevers to make arrangements for delivery of the donation.

What a great community we live in!

Thanks again,

"Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you."

December 19, 2009

Better late than never! Thanks for giving such a nice coverage of the Lunch the other day. A bunch of mature (!) women had a good time meeting, chatting and eating. I hope you liked your lunch too.
Have a lovely Christmas, hope it isn’t too hectic.

Margaret Crossling

December 18, 2009

Dear Friend,

I am sending this letter to appeal to you, to support Saugeen Shores #1 Sports Fan – Vi Cottrill.

Vi recently had knee surgery and in an effort to ensure a safe and speedy recovery, a group of concerned friends are raising funds to allow Vi to convalesce in Elgin Lodge.

The cost related to this stay, which will ensure Vi eats properly, has opportunity to socialize in a healthy environment, and receives basic medical oversight is estimated to cost approximately $4,500.00.

A number of individuals have already donated to the cause and it is our hope that you, along with community groups and organizations, will also show their spirit and assist in our efforts to raise the desired funds. (Note: Should we raise more than our initial goal, the intent will be to hold the funds in trust for future potential needs that Vi may require.). Tax receipts for donations of $20.00 or
more will be available upon request.

Thank you for your consideration and for your interest in helping one of our community’s most well known and loved citizens. With your help we are confident we will be successful in “offering a helping hand to someone who is always on the sidelines encouraging our children (and adults alike) to do their best and enjoy the benefits of sporting activities available in our community’.


Gord Lamont,
Chairperson – Friends of Vi Committee

P.S. You may mail your donation to one of the addresses below, or drop off your donation to Gord’s Skate Shop (Plex)

Gord Lamont 832-2187, 389-2838 – RR 2, Port Elgin N0H 2C6
Barb Deboer 389-4198 - 769 Bradford Drive, Port Elgin N0H 2C4
Bill Walker 832-6605 - 477 Buckby Lane, Port Elgin N0H 2C1
Rhonda Johnston 832-2278 – 23 Snyder Street, Port Elgin N0H 2C0
Joan Kazimer, 832-9875 - 787 Bradford Drive, Port Elgin N0H 2C4
Rev. Gordon Williams – Port Elgin United Church 832-6490

December 17, 2009

Thanks for the "memories" (storm Paisley area.) I feel your pain!

Have a great xmas and New Year

Pat , Barry and Tuffy Ruhl

(See Out 'n' About for Dec 16, 2009 snowbirds)


December 16, 2009

What am I looking at ?
 These people are our town council, ?
Left we have the Hi berry farms owner. Then Mr Frie Burger, Thead
Seaman, Diana Huber, Mr Shildroth., Toun Frosst with Doug Gowonlocks arm
around his neck

Victoria Serda and our Mayor Mike Smith.
What is happening here ?  This is our local government why do they act like clowns ?

I want serious people who answer questions seriously not idiots on kids trykes posing for the camera. Get real.
 Will the town of Saugeen Shores pay the $ 5.7 mill for the sewer pipe on the north side of the the Saugeen River or not ? Enough of the nonsense. Yes or No. Are you dudes gonna' charge 488 people [max] the  $ 5.7 million. Yes or No. Get off your little tricycles and address the question


ED note:  Pete is referring to the promotion of the event for charity Town Council 'Kiddie tryke' race not exactly an Olympic event


December 15, 2009

Great photos of the Elgin Market concert. I will tell the parents of this group.

Jo Reid

ED:  See Education Elgin Market holds dress rehearsal for Christmas Concert 

December 15, 2009

Thanks again for posting the Breakers achievements... we really appreciate it!

Tamri Ashton

See Sports ASHTON and EARNSHAW attend Fundamentals Camp

December 15, 2009

I have been without a doctor for about 14 years. I regularly put new applications in (about 6 a year).

 I got a health practitioner about 2 years ago who is great but i still do not have a doctor.

 I know a family from Hepworth that got a doctor this summer after losing their doctor for only a month. My golf buddy got a new doctor after losing his after waiting two weeks.

I'm a legitimate diabetic. How are patients selected???? Does having a health practitioner eliminate me from having a doctor????

Ed. Note:  The reader noted the article

Town Council Doctor recruitment remains successful in Saugeen Shores



December 14, 2009

Thank you Irene Weiss for organizing the Chantry Seniors craft show. I wonder if anyone could begin to imagine the heart and soul this lovely lady gives to all her workings for the Seniors. It came as no surprise to me that she organized a very successful craft show. One only has to go to Chantry Seniors and you will see Irene working endlessly at their auctions, craft shows, garage sales, bake sales etc etc...

To all who supported the craft show a great big THANK YOU and Merry Christmas. To the Mayor of Southampton/Saugeen Shores I would like to say that Irene has and continues to be a great asset to the community and should be commended for her contributions.

Joan Wilson


December 12, 2009

Wow, I love it! All the Morphet Sisters need a dome studio. (Click here for the article on The Artsy Gardener's Dome)

Heather L. Morphet

December 12, 2009


I talk to both ends of this editorial. [a goodn' I might add]

Yes we are being regulated into the ground, and No we will not quit

It is nonsense.  Charity, is by nature, "I have some to spare and I'll give it to those
who don't." a human condition and decent.

This is "sick" thinking and should be addressed and reversed and whoever suggested it. admonished [a polite word for fired]

The mafia is running around in South looking for ways to melt snow and make $ millions ?

I don't think so. Nonsense !
Good article.


See Editorial Winter 'snow melt' now illegal

December 11, 2009

Letters Carol Mitchell working on energy retailers

December 10, 2009

I've been reading with interest about these digesters both being promoted in Kincardine and now in Huron-Kinloss. I purchased one in early summer from the lady promoting them in town. I installed it in a location she & I thought good as they need sun to heat up the mix but am not really sure that they work as good as they are being touted.

Also, there is accelerator you can add but where do you get more locally when you need it or think you need it. Was talking to another gentleman who has one set up in full sun and he said he's not sure they work all that great. I think they are great thing if we can get them working properly as we have started putting all our wet leftover foodstuffs, peelings etc in it and it sure makes a difference in the amount that we put out in the weekly garbage. We, just being two, are able to attain the one bag every two weeks they are aiming for. Would like to see a little more research done on this before pushing it so strongly and also a local supplier for the accelerator. Maybe some people who have them working good could give some tips.

Trying to do it but not sure it's working!

Don Rintoul


December 10, 2009

Thank-you to all those who came out to watch, and a big thank-you to all who participated in the 2009 Santa Claus Parade!

Great weather, Great People Great Fun Thank-you Sponsors: Ontario Power Generation, Meridian Credit Union, Enbridge, Municipality of Kincardine, Home Hardware, and Linda Bowers

Jackie Pawlikowski
Office Manager
The Kincardine & District Chamber of Commerce

December 9, 2009

Thanks so much for posting Dad's obituary in your Kincardine Times. I am so glad you included all the pictures.

Some of the relatives and friends who do not live around here will be able to see the obituary now.

I am going to send some of them an email.

Thanks again,
Anne Eadie

December 8, 2009


1st CO-CHAIR: Ken Goldspink Tel. 519-396-3787 kengold@bmts.com

 2nd CO-Chair/Media Relations:

Tel. 519-395-3121 Maryellen Pollard jmtt.pollard@tnt21.com  

TREASURERS ARE: Ian Mitchell and Loran Peter           

December 7, 2009

Letters Cham-bettes say thanks for the House Tour

Letters Cham-bettes raise over $1200 on recent garage sale

December 6, 2009

Letters HST draws another letter 

Editor:  Excellent Letter


December 5, 2009

Keep it up Wild Bill.
You're not wild, just honest.
Someone is gonna hike my home heating bill with HST.
Just win Mr Murdoch. A lone voice in Ontario with 70% against HST

December 2, 2009

Hello all,

It is time to vote for the Children Safety Village, again. The voting will be from Dec. 2 to the 16th.  You may vote once a day, every day of the two week period.

There are many Children Safety Villages. If we are successful, one will be built near Hanover for our public school aged children in this area.

Please look at the site and see how beneficial one would be here in our area.

Please feel free to send this message to anyone who would vote as well as you.
Your email address is not used in any way, except for voting.

To go to the web site click here

Just register with your email address and login in and vote.  If you have more than one email address you can vote again.

Thank you.
Michael and Andrea La Blance

December 2, 2009

Liz, thanks for the great pic of Atticus in KT

I check into KT every morning - I love it. I also encourage others to do so on Facebook...

 Wondering if you have any more pics of the Port Elgin Santa Claus parade..

.Looking for a friend of mine in parade with two Newfoundlands ---thanks Jacqueline (Atticus's mom).

Jacqueline Faubert PhD
Adjunct Professor
School of Criminology
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia


December 2, 2009

It is a sad commentary on the political powers that be in Ontario when an elected representative speaks the truth on behalf of his constituents and is banned from the floor of a parliament. It smacks more of dictatorship than democratic processes. The Liberal ruling party in this fine Province should be ashamed.

Stand up and represent the people in your riding and forget the ridiculous tax grabbing party line instigated by your leader who cannot remember election promises - and fails his Province miserably.

Frank, Southampton, ON

December 1, 2009

Way ta go 'Wild Bill' Murdoch'.  I'm not a Tory but I like your attitude on this one. Are you sure the Tory lads surrounding you weren't protecting the Sergeant- at -Arms.?  Anyway, nonsense aside, I support your stand on this one.
Keep swingin' Bill.  The HST is actually real BS.  See if you can do something with the Feds now.....ooops !


December 1, 2009

It was delightful to see my Mom & Dad in your online news source! You and I have spoken at the open houses on Eastgate in Southampton. Little did I know you would soon be interviewing my mom!!
It's greatr! Keep it up!

Barbara Misener

November 28

As Xmas approaches I'd like to wish all the staff of the Saugeen Times a Merry Xmas and a Happy New year, and say thanks, for a number of reasons.

[No I did not say happy holidays ]
Fed and Prov governments have an 'opposition' and must listen each day.
The 3rd level, Municipal Councils, do not.
For the first time, other than letters to the editor, which may, or may
not appear in next weeks edition of the local newspaper. And another week
to get a word of rebuttal in. We, the tax payers, through the Saugeen Times have a direct opposition point of view on line. And immediate. I love it.
It is a new era and you guys are ahead of the pack. So stay with it.  Yeah ! I've been through an era or 2.

Bluenose beat the Gertrude L Thibaud in the last of the grand banks schooner races, 2 months after I was born.

Anyway have a goodn' those who aren't on duty and those who are.
Thx. Pete

Editor's Note:

Thank you Pete.   The following quote might interest you from the Old Salt Blog


The Grand Banks schooner Gertrude L. Thebaud doesn’t seem to get the respect that she deserves.  Our collective memories may recall that she lost the International Fisherman’s Trophy races in 1931 to the Nova Scotian schooner Bluenose

Yet, we forget that the Thebaud won the Thomas Lipton Cup in 1930, trouncing the Bluenose two to nothing.  The 1938 Fisherman’s Trophy races were also remarkably close, with the Bluenose winning three races to the Thebaud’s two.  

Here is a good YouTube video of the Bluenose vs the Thebaud in colour

November 27, 2009

The set of statistics from Carol Mitchell is one of the best sets of statistics I've seen all week

The Ad-hoc committee on 'public transportation' in Saugeen Shores was ok too. Good stats for sure. I just loved the mayors input.

Let the taxi / bus dudes run their own show. ya wanna run a van every hour on the hour.?  Charge a $ or whatever, do it, see how it works. It's done in other countries

 Carol...stop trumpeting the party line. this tax is nonsense.  All those new jobs will be Gov employees crunching numbers

But first lets have a meeting.



November 27, 2009

Hi Folks,
Just read MPP Carol Mitchell's letter concerning the implementation of HST.

Utopia has arrived for every citizen of Ontario as everything including essentials will be taxed an additional 8%, but miraculously this converts into money into my pocket instead of the obvious exiting my pocket !

And lo and behold, every merchant in the Province is going to pass along tons of savings from his business to me in a flood of graciousness. (I don't believe I ever saw anything good in my wallet from the GST, but if you change the first letter to an H, it becomes a miracle)

I don't know, but the obvious loss of personal purchasing power is right in front of my eyes. As the old farmer used to say, "Don't eat that stuff Elmer, it's horse-bleep"

Frank, Southampton, ON.

November 26, 2009

Letters Last ditch effort at Remembrance Day service at KDSS




November 26, 2009

Letters Creating jobs and lowering taxes

November 26, 2009

Dear Editor:

The article about Mrs. Carolyn Mack .. was about my sister ..

Could you please add this response to the article, from the Helwig Family. (Ed: We've added it here and linked to the Letter section) For the origianl Living Legacy article click here}

Thanks in advance


Carolyn Frances Mack Nursing Education Fund.

The family of the late Carolyn Mack, nee HELWIG (once a Helwig always a Helwig), also remembered as Carolyn Watt (Martha) & Cardie my big little sister, would be remiss in not thanking all the people who so generously made donations at the time of Carolyn's passing in March of 2008. Without your generosity this Educational Fund would have never been possible. We would also like to thank Paul & Catherine Motz for providing their foundation to funnel the monies through & for managing the fund. Carolyn would have been proud that a final decision has been made, one of her few requests being honoured, that the moneys donated will stay in her home town of Southampton at the spot she called her "second home", The Saugeen Memorial Hospital, benefiting her nursing sisters & brothers, whom she dearly loved & respected, and the spot where she was finally allowed to be, the place where I held her hand and kissed her forehead as she peacefully passed away, just the two of us. Carolyn put up with a lot of B.S. in her life, yet she always remained professional, positive, kind, caring, honest & truthful, which is something we should all aspire to. Again, a big thank you to all of you, together we can make a difference.

Guy & the Helwig family.

November 25, 2009

Automobile needed to carry Olympic Torch replica for this Saturday's Port Elgin Parade

Looking for help and suggestions….

Just heard that we will possibly have our replica of the Olympic Torch delivered to Saugeen Shores by Friday..

Looking for an automobile to carry a replica of the Winter Olympic torch and a local athlete for this Saturday's Port Elgin Santa Claus Parade and next Friday's Southampton Santa Claus Parade - HELP - If you can think of a truck or a vintage or classic automobile. We want the athlete and torch to be seen by the crowd.

Suggestions wanted contact needed…

Please call me Mini Jacques at 519 832-5512 or Jayne Jagelewski at 519 832-8002

November 24, 2009

I totally agree with Randy's opinion (Letters The Weather Forecast of HST by Randy Boyd ) and comments about the government, I have already sent a signed protest form into Ottawa about what i think of the HST.

 I wonder myself what we really have to do to get their attention and how 90% of the people feel about the thief of our hard earned money.



Nov 24, 2009

Letters/Health Another Letter concerning Nurses responding over the phone

Noveber 24, 2009

Letters Big Blue, Deep Blue


November 24, 2009

80% wheel chair accessible. Interesting. Does that mean that 80 out every 100 people in wheelchairs can climb
ladders in wheel chairs ?

Of course I'm messing about, but the reality is wood chips would cost a lot less that a rubber surface and provide jobs locally.

The rubber surface will be imported from off shore probably and covered
in snow and ice for months at a time [unless that $ 250,000 will include
a Sky Dome ? ] where as wood chips are safe and easy. The hoop-la is

So, why this much money and 4 or 5 paid employees to oversee $ 2000
worth of welding and paint. ?

Editor:  This note is from 'Pete'.  It is unedited.  He is referring to the Council Article of November 23. Town Council Jubilee Park Playground is closer to reality

November 23, 2009

Letters/Health & Fitness Disagreement between the chairman of the South Bruce Grey Health Centre and CEO Paul Davies

November 22, 2009

Letters Thanks to all for the Home Tour

 by Pam Wright

November 21, 2009

To the Editor of the Saugeen/Kincardine Times & The Municipality of Kincardine;

I humbly propose that the Huron Terrace Lookout be called:

DANNY BOY BRIDGE - named after early Kincardine settler and piper Donald Sinclair

DON MAC LOOK-OUT - named after Kincardine Pipe Major Donald MacDonald

"THE FLY" - named after the ship which brought the first Kincardine settlers

ANN MARIA - named after the wreck of Station Beach

I trust the CHAT committee will consider these names for their storytelling value and their salute to Kincardine history.

Sarah MacLennan
Niece of the late Ross MacLennan, Kincardine Pipe Band Drummer


November 21, 2009


Town Council Kincardine Green Team disappointed

Nov 20, 2009

Jane's story is very sad and it's unfortunate that the cats had to be turned away by all the organizations. It comes back to irresponsible pet owners and lack of low cost spay/neuter programs NOT the shelters that are only trying to do there jobs but are continuously overcrowded.

For anyone that has been to the Owen Sound and Grey Bruce Facilities (and likely others in the area) they are full of cats pretty much at all times. And it is extremely commendable that Owen Sound is fighting the overpopulation problem by spaying every animal that comes into their facility and not making room by euthanizing animals but waiting for their adoptions.

These shelters need to be supported by the public so that they can continue to do their jobs, expand and make room for more animals that come through their doors by irresponsible people. It is generally their job to cleanup other peoples' messes and it can't be an easy one.

Thank you,


Ed Note:  All the shelters and Vets in the area are faced with an overwhelming problem.  Adoption of Pets is encouraging.

Nov 19, 2009

Hi - re: finding zebra mussels on the shore.
I've read you can lessen slug damage under hostas by spreading crushed zebra mussels around the base of the plant.  Apparently, slugs don't like sliding over the sharp edges that are created when you crush the zebra mussels.  I've not tried this myself but perhaps someone has and can offer a positive or negative as to the potential success. Rather than dump these little critters on the shore boaters might want to share them with someone who gardens. (see Out 'n About entry for November 16, 2009)


Diane Huber


Nov 18, 2009

Letters The Weather Forecast of HST by Randy Boyd


Nov 17, 2009

 Letter from the Museum Director/Curator

Nov 17, 2009

The Lucknow Kinsmen are to be commended for the excellent show put on at "Music in the Fields".. I have never been to a better run outdoor country music show! From the bussing to the bar, the seating to the vendors... everything was hassle free. Glad to hear they will be doing it again.. I look forward to next Labour day weekend.


Nov 16, 2009

Letter to the editor Productive meeting about health care in Kincardine

Nov 14, 2009

Hi Folks,

I was just curious whether you are receiving many letters or comments about the Provincial Liberals attempting to push through the Harmonized Sales Tax which is reported to add 8 % tax to items that are presently exempt..........ie: heat, fuel etc.

As a retiree on fixed income trying to maintain our own home, another tax on essentials will be crippling. I'm sure we have all noticed the ever increasing extra lines added to utility bills -sewer,water,hydro - which turn $20.00 usage into $90.00 bills. For the most part I understand these as a way of providing new lines, service, and upgraded infrastructure to the end user. But I fail to see where this new tax will help a struggling economy as people like myself cut back and stop spending on things such as essentials.

I really thought by now there would be a ground swell of opposition in the editorials, but I don't believe I'm seeing a whole lot.

Thanks, Frank, Southampton

Editor:  See Murdoch's comments

Nov 13, 2009

The link for Rev. Jim Weir's Remembrance Day in Kincardine service was e mailed to me today to Victoria, B.C. (See Heritage Warm, sunny Remembrance Day in Kincardine )

It was wonderful to receive. His article was most touching. We all miss Jim and Margaret here in our Church at St. Andrew's and think of them often.

I am very glad to see the weather co operated for so many to attend.

Marilyn Bullock,

Nov 11, 2009

Isn't that funny, I had the same experience, calling the hospital in the morning and getting a very unfreindly person telling me I could not talk to a nurse in emergency. (See letters below by Barry Ruhl and Kevin Larson)

I called back in the afternoon, and a very co-operative receptionist actually put me through to the emergency department where I was able to talk to a nurse. So I guess it depends on who answers the phone, and what kind of mood they are in?? They need a policy on this. Treat everyone the same. If you want to save that department, having unhappy people is not the way.

By the way, I saved not only myself, but a very busy doctor and nurses from an unnecessary visit. No one diagnosed me or told me to come in or not to come in, I had to make my own desicion but it was great to be able to know that they were there if we need them.

Charlene Mittendorf

Nov 11, 2009

Letters Letter of Clarification by Gregg McClelland

Nov 11, 2009

Kevin Larson's letter (see below) requires a response from the hospital administration. However, the response should be directed to our community (as well as the Larsons.) It seems to me that either the local nurse or the med line are engaging in a parallel service. (Both helpful to those in need.) If this isn't the case, its the adminstration's responsibility to enlighten us!

Barry Ruhl

Nov 10, 2009

Letters Letter regarding phone medical help...

Nov 8, 2009

We enjoy Joleen's articles about Tea.  We wonder if she teaches classes on her receipies?

Tea Lover

Nov 7, 2009

It is so nice to see such a beautiful video and to hear the lovely
traditional Newfoundland music. It is very refreshing to get this kind of
news at a time when we mostly hear about tragedy and difficulty.
Please pass on our thanks to a great little man by the name of Ernie Oliver!
Sincerely, Bob & Susan Cook

Oct 31, 2009

Letter to the editor concerning the sewers

Oct 30, 2009

We are still waiting the final total from the Pretty in Pink event but, so far, we have raised over $9000, which is just amazing!
Our goal was $5000, so if we can make it up to $10,000 that would be great.

And, Yes we are going to do Pretty in Pink next year (& get the Pretty Boys there too), so put Sunday Oct. 24th 2010 in your diary.

Many thanks once again. I can't believe what a wonderful community we live in.

Sylvia Sheard

Oct 30, 2009

I wish I was going to high school (for so many reasons...)

I was a student of the amazing Mr. Fines at the Summer Music Festival, so went to purchase a ticket for the Pavilion performance at Jeromes (two or three days ago) and as yet, they didn't know of the performance, and could not locate their tickets...hopefully they know now!

T. Morris

Editor: See Education  Rick Fines blues guitarist coming to Bluewater School District

Oct 29, 2009

Hi Liz,

Just want to say THANK YOU for the great coverage on our Awards Dinner. (See Feature Safe Communities Bruce wins national award )

You did an excellent job! It was a very special evening and we are so happy that you were able to join us. Obviously a "working night" for you - but hope you enjoyed yourself and writer's cramp didn't set in!

Thanks again for the amazing coverage. I think Barb sent the link out to every contact she has ever met! We were so impressed! Great work!

Darlene Noble
Program Co-ordinator
Bruce Safe Communities

Oct 28, 2009

Letter from Trevor Wardrop

Oct 23, 2009

Hopefully we shall see a slope access to the side-walk from parking spaces in front of the Library, and also the Town Hall! (Southampton High Street re-vamp)

It most difficult for disabled folk to step up, and also to use their Rollators, or Wheel chairs  after getting out of a vehicle.

Brian D. Cole Southampton

Oct 22, 2009

An open letter to Michael Crossling.

Congratulations to Jadzia von Heymann. Beautiful work.

Those are four wonderful photographs. Each time I manage to get a good picture, which is rarely, I hear “you must have a good camera”. When one sees photographs like those four I wonder where I could get large portions of patience, perseverance and Talent.

Larry LePage

Editor see: A&E Camera Club results for October

Oct 17, 2009

Letter to the Editor,
The Saugeen Times
Was there some reason for the Saugeen Times to withhold the name of the former mayor who was commenting on the North Shore sewer question?
Not identifying this person leaves the reader wondering which one of a number of former mayors wrote this piece. Was it Don Mercer, was it Art Knecthel, or Art Eby, or Doug Kreutzwizer, to name a few? Since the letter is unsigned, perhaps it was not written by a former mayor at all. 
As a resident of the North Shore,  I take exception to the statement of this  ex-mayor about  the stench of raw sewage coming from homes along this shoreline. The only time we notice a smell is when the river water is being driven north on the lake by strong winds. 
I would like to hear the writer out on this subject, but  I don't intend to write a letter to someone who wants to remain nameless.
John Weichel
North Shore, Southampton

Editor:  Please see Feature Former Mayor comments again ...

October 16, 2009

Dear Friends of the Southampton Hospital:

Please tune in between 9a.m. & 5p.m. tomorrow to 101.7 The One or CKNX am 920 and make a pledge!

Thank you so much for helping to keep our healthcare close to home!

Kindest regards,

Christine L. Kelly, CA
Development Officer & Treasurer,
Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation
Phone: 519-797-3230 + x3230

October 11, 2009

Letters Letter from Art Grady regarding education on TVO

Oct 9, 2009

Letters An additional letter concerning the sewer issue from John Goemans

Oct 5, 2009

Hi Sandy

I just wanted to let you know that at the annual Pumpkinfest the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation’s 50/50 draws brought in: $3064 on Saturday - the winner took home half of that ($1532) $2414 on Sunday – the winner took home $1207

Not bad considering the weather!

Trevor Wardrop

Letters Another sewer letter asks questions...

Oct 2, 2009

Letters Resident congratulates Ken Robertson of the SRA for his group's work on the Southampton ER

Oct 2, 2009

Letters De-amalgamation of the Kincardine Hospital suggested by citizen group

Oct 1, 2009

Hi Sandra,

Great article on our Haiti hygiene packing tues night. Thanks for coming over,

Donna (Beechey)

Oct 1, 2009

Letter concerning the issue of ER cutbacks at Saugeen Memorial Hospital written by the SRA


Oct 1, 2009

Letters Another Letter on the Sewer Issue by Kathy Barclay

September 29, 2009

Thank you Judy (Stoner) re Tagged Monarch.Interesting, hope you & I hear where it travels!

Please keep Saugeen Times informed of any results you receive. Also how many did you tag, and dates would be interesting to me, and no doubt many others?.

Many thanks
The Man in the Tilley Hat

Editor:  Please see Science Monarch migration and tagging by The Man in the Tilley Hat .... and the letter below from Judy Stoner

September 29, 2009

 We note that you are still posting the article titled: Bruce Township Farmstead Stories Wanted on your Heritage section.

We thank you for putting up this heritage item in late 2008, but we have now published our book and are no longer looking for stories.

John Kaminski
Director, Township of Bruce Historical Society
John Kaminski, info@brucetownship.ca

Editor:  John, no stories ever leave our online site, but remain available.   We now have thousands of articles online.  If any of your members have articles they'd like to publish, please let us know.

Sandy Lindsay Editor

September 28, 2009


If the Man in the Tilley hat wants to know - that butterfly was tagged and released by the 5/6 class at G.C. Huston on Sept. 23.

Judy Stoner

Editor:  Thank you Judy.... readers please refer to Science Monarch migration and tagging by The Man in the Tilley Hat

September 27, 2009

Letters In response to Pete by Councillor Taun Frosst

September 27, 2009

Hi Sandy:

Just saw your feature on our Ann Arbor (Michigan) group - thanks for doing this.
We had a great weekend and this will be a special memento for the kids.

Maybe we'll see around town this fall or winter,

Cheryl Grace

September 25, 2009

Letters Lobb opposes Bill C-428

September 25, 2009

Thank you Liz (Dadson of the Kincardine Times) for the great coverage on the Internet of our meeting with the LHIN. Better than our local newspapers!!

See Article here

All the Best
Ian Mitchell
Kincardine, ON

September 24, 2009

To Kathy Barclay and everyone against the sewer project,

It may be too late then to repair the damage or to get the money back from our current council’s spending spree. But, we have one important option in the future when the next town council election rolls around. That is to not vote for any of the council members who vote in favour of the sewer project. There was some controversy in Southampton a number of years ago, before the amalgamation. Every council member who voted against the wishes of the average taxpayer got what they deserved.

Randy Boyd

September 24, 2009

Letters Another letter writer checks in on the sewer issue

September 23, 2009

Letters Councillor responds to resident's letter

September 23, 2009

We had a successful World Peace Day event. We closed the event with grade 8 student, Brooke Whetsone's video. It was a wonderful and moving addition to the event.

For Article Click here It was from www.KincardineTimes.com Brooke is mentioned at the end of the article. Liz, the author of the article, did a wonderful job.

Kevin Larson

September 23, 2009

Letters Resident objects to sewers north of the river

September 20, 2009

A&E/Letters Toronto All Star Band 

September 16, 2009

I am new to Port Elgin (end of June) and have purchased a home on Oakwood Crescent. Has your "paper" ever ran a story on the Sewer smell in this town? I have contacted to Shoreline Beacon and they will not return my call or email? I am curious if the media has covered this problem?
Cristy Wilson

Editor Responds:

Hi Cristy,

First of all, welcome to the area. We have never heard anything about the sewer smell but investigated today after receiving your message.

 I contacted the town and this is the explanation I got.

Your area is fairly close to the sewage treatment plant and recently, they have had a vacuum truck in to remove the sewage, which has a large agricultural component, that cannot be treated. In addition, the town has recently approved a new inlet works building to be constructed where they will be able to treat the septage inside the building to help eliminate odours.

If you wish to tour the plant, Dave Burnside, head of engineering said he would be glad to arrange it or contact Bill Jones, head of maintenance ... both are at 519-832-2008.

September 16, 2009

It would appear that the City of Calgary is about to vote on a By-law on whether or not to put a complete pesticide ban in place.

The Canadian Cancer Society is advocating for the ban and passed this poster on to one of the Saugeen Times' faithful readers who, in turn, forwarded it to us.

September 16, 2009

Hi Sandy
Thanks so much for the great coverage of the Terry Fox Run again this year! Those colour photos are just awesome. Thanks too to all the participants who took time to honour Terry's memory and raise funds for cancer research! Your attendance is greatly appreciated!

Holly Vanderzwet
run coordinator for Saugeen Shores

September 15, 2009


A friend saw a picture of myself and my horse Riley from the paisley fair.. wondering if there was any way to get a copy.. it's quite a good photo and I liked the caption.

many thanks

Editor: I have had several comments on the beauty of you and your horse together ... in my opinion the two of you should have won, as I really believe I saw a connection between the two of you that I did not see with any of the others

See Paisley Fall Fair 2009


It was wonderful meeting up with you last Friday. That was a great event for Ron and very well deserved. (See
Town Council Ron Brown Retires )

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Ron for almost 25 years. Although he can be tough when he needed to be, he is one of the most caring and honest human beings I have ever known. His trademark self deprecating sense of humor was and is a wonderful example.

I have just taken a look at the photo’s and report – nice job!

Thank you.

Richard Beachey, B.A.
Deputy City Clerk,
City of St. Thomas
Ph: 519-631-1680 ext. 4124
fax: 519-633-9019

September 13, 2009

To the Editor,

Congratulations to The World Peace Day committee for organizing such an excellent presentation. The few who attended were privileged to hear speakers from five faiths within our community. These faiths were North American Native, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian.

The message I took from the afternoon is that we each need to embrace each other's faith and then we need to recognize and deal with extremism within our own faith before we can achieve peace in the world.

Bev Harris

September 10, 2009

I read your article on the issue of plagiarism at the Bluewater School Board.  It was interesting that this issue played out over such a long period of time and came out as a whisper.

I wonder how students will be treated in their classrooms when they use Internet sources without acknowledgment?  Will they be treated as the Trustees were?

Former Teacher

Editor: See Education Trustees acknowledge error in judgment in plagiarism issue

September 6, 2009

Letters Sisters' Warehouse sale raises $1886.10 for the Hospital Auxiliary

September 4, 2009

Letters/Health & Fitness Kincardine prepares for an open session with LHIN

ED Note:  The Saugeen Times covered a recent LHIN meeting in Owen Sound.  The letter writer comments on the importance of public attendance at these meetings.

See also the Owen  Sound Meeting of Feb 24

See also the issue of the Southampton Hospital ER and the following:

Health & Fitness Southampton Emergency Room has been given a reprieve


Health & Fitness/Town Council Southampton ER concerns continue. Hard work behind the scenes


September 1, 2009

Letter to the Editor E-Coli ...

Letter to the Editor Schendel and Sullivan sold

August 28, 2009

Letters/Health & Fitness A major problem still with us

August 27, 2009

Letters/Health & Fitness Rural Hospitals struggling with LHIN

August 24, 2009

 There is a growing number of older people who have lost some if not all of their creative space by moving into retirement homes, much smaller accommodations, sharing space with offspring or friends, etc.

Many may have had to relinquish the space that allowed them to paint, quilt, carve, woodturn, play piano and do a myriad of other activities. These activities have often kept them physically, emotionally and socially active and alert. Too often, the physical space that is essential to play, socialize, experiment, create and share their creations is the negating factor for them to continue these healthy pursuits.

It would be great to have accessible space to continue their activities, and at the same time, share their time, skills, and laughter with others in a bright, warm, comfortable place.

Please consider this when making decisions and recommendations for the future use of our public spaces, buildings and Centres for the Arts in our communities.

Sharon Pike
RR#1 Kincardine ONAugust 21, 2009

August 23, 2009

I recently observed a property owner in Paisley giving the gears to a young group of gentlemen with KG Reid that were on "her" property without her permission and or her presence.

Little do many property owners realize, or maybe they choose to forget, that these people are not on your property as you see it, but on road allowance owned either by the municipality or the County, from which all of these independant contractors have express permission to be on.

Furthermore, they clean up any mess they may make, and in some cases, improve the property's previous state.

Just because it's there, doesn't make it yours.

For this apparent "lady" to carry on in the manner she did was much less becoming to her and her appearance than that of the yard she felt they were destroying.

Disgusted neighbours in Paisley.

August 20, 2009

Letter to the Editor concerning the article "Blindsided ... " by James Morgan. 

Aug 18, 2009

Hi Liz (Dadson),

My daughter, Christine Benney, has been helping me organize the Terry Fox Run since she was a little girl. She is now 12 years old and entering grade 7 at Huron Heights in September. Each year Christine has helped fill out posters, make signs and distribute information with me. She helps out on the day and participates in the school run. This is one charity that she feels very strongly about and looks forward to contributing to every year.

Last year Christine began collecting pledges and raised about $300 by herself. She then joined forces with a friend (Maddie Duncan) and together raised $720.75.

This year Christine has challenged herself and begun collecting pledges already. Christine would like to reach her goal of $1000.00. A lot of people might recognize Christine when they see her around town...like Terry said in 1980 "If you've given a dollar, you are a part of the Marathon of Hope".

Christine will continue to support the Terry Fox Run in loving memory of my Mother (Anne Benney) who succumbed to a Brain Tumour on September 1, 1997. Christine was only the tender age of 6 months but made my mother's life brighter and always brought a smile to her face. I treasure those last months that my mother had with her.

I'd like to thank you for the time and support you give this worthy charity.

Jane Benney

August 13, 2009

You are absolutely right Liz about the signage program - what a joke to have three old signs waste the taxpayers money and the efforts of the committee. But then this is the same council that paid $120,000 to remove old oil tanks from a park. One wonders why an environmental assessment wasn't done prior to the purchase????

Jen Webb

August 8, 2009

To Liz Dadson (Kincardine Tiimes)
Editorial is "right on" regarding the former Bruce Township's attempt to keep the old signs in place. They will and maybe are deteriorating and will cost money for upkeep as well. Maybe there should be a new sign along the bottom that says "Municipality of Kincardine" , or "How long, O Lord must this foolishness go on'

Jim Weir

August 6, 2009

Hello Sandy . . . Checked "Saugeen Times" viewed the pictures & write-up.

 Well done!
You are a very talented lady!

I sent off a message to our girls to view your site . . . Hope they, too, can view and enjoy.

Hanover Red Hat Mamma

August 4, 2009

Toronto & Windsor workers return to work submitted by Dave Trumble 

July 31, 2009

The highway’s in this area during the winter months are often closed due to the weather conditions. A health problem that turns into being an emergency doesn’t wait for the weather to clear up. The expected normal time to be treated when in an emergency situation may be extended to a very dangerous level if the paramedics are delayed due to stormy weather.

The powers to be are bent on closing the night shift of the ER. Would it be possible to keep it open 24 hrs when the weather and or highway conditions make it risky or dangerous to travel to another hospital?

Maybe someone could convince the section of the government determined to spend millions on a sewer system for the north side of the river to use the money to “buy” more doctors instead.

Randy Boyd

July 29, 2009

I was present at the LHIN meeting in Owen Sound last night, have read your publication this morning and still am very confused as to exactly WHAT the LHIN group of 27 individuals are really doing to justify a budget of 4.9 million dollars.

They certainly gave no helpful or proactive answers to the few people that could get in a question here and there. The four stations all were trying to justify LHIN and they did a very poor job of that. Whatever happened to candor and truth. When I hear vague responses,inability to answer even the most basic concerns voiced by very concerned citizens, I find myself doubting the integrity of yet another task force trying to create a comprehensive health system. Often , these Task Forces muddy the already murky waters of government

So, in my quest to make sense of this most confusing realm of medical care in today's society, I am again unsatisfied. Whatever happened to accountability, compassion, integrity, and most of all truthfullness? Is there a real committment to the well-being of every citizen in our area, or is it again about money and political agendas?

A concerned Citizen

July 28, 2009

Hi Liz,
I just wanted to thank you for the coverage of the swim meet on Saturday. Josh was so pleased that his teammates dedicated the meet to him - the tattoo looked awesome. Swimming is the one thing he misses the most. He also misses just hanging out with his friends but the support and kindness that he has received from them all has really touched him.
I always read the Kincardine Times first – your coverage of local events is far superior and much more timely.

Talk to you later
Nancy Easton

July 27, 2009

Once again the jack-asses installing fibre optics have ruptured a gas line on Waterloo Street. This time between Green & Mill. Doesn't sound like a loud hiss compared to last weeks episode, but someone needs to be held accountable.

Roger Nerney

July 27, 2009

To clarify Sandy I did not say that Gateway Signs were "going ahead" in the way that your story implies. (see article on the SRA meeting)

My statement that the Town was applying for grant money to implement the Signage Strategy followed Ken Robertson's comment that the signage issue was on hold for a year. I also suggested that people could look on-line at the reports presented at the last Council meeting to read more about the latest development with the signage issue. My comments were intended to make people aware that "something" was happening now AND I hoped that some people would look further because if they chose to check things out on-line they would see the estimated costs for the preparation and installation of the signs and that Corbin Design is now suggesting that the Town erect 3 Gateway signs for Port Elgin and 2 for Southampton. The report to Council also set out an implementation plan - Port Elgin Gateways first, then downtown and other directional signage followed by the Southampton Gateways in the third or later years. It was suggested at the Council meeting that should the project proceed it would be more desirous to have the directional signage installed first followed by Gateway signs for BOTH communities at the same time. It was also clearly stated that should the project get to the tender stage that we wanted the signs made locally if at all possible.

Ken commented further that he felt it was the wrong time to be spending money on signs. I actually agree with me to a certain extent. I do think, however, we have some opportunities to improve signage within our community via this Strategy (i.e. better Beach Access route signage, street addresses on Park signs (related to 911 emergencies) and standardized, less cluttered, service and attraction signage). We, as a Council, have not yet received a copy of Corbin's report which sets out the proposed list of signs and their locations. My comment during the Council meeting, which I'm sure you heard, was that Corbin's original list (which was not presented publicly) included far too many signs and signage for places/activities that were not necessary (i.e. signage to private businesses). I hope the next version is more efficient. At the last Council meeting we simply heard information about a possible grant program (note: Bruce County is also applying for a grant toward signage) and it was agreed that Mr. Myatt could apply for consideration. We have not yet discussed Corbin's final report.

Diane Huber

ED Note:  Thank you Diane.  A link has been inserted in the article pointing to your letter of clarification)

July 25, 2009

At the Southampton Residents Association Annual Meeting Saturday morning I was interested to hear Mike Sterling’s offer to volunteer his expertise to develop a traffic model for Highway 21 from the Saugeen First Nations to the CAW road south of Port Elgin. Not only would this give a comprehensive picture of traffic flow instead of the piecemeal studies (at best) of various sections, it would also be a powerful tool to convince the MOT of major problem areas where the Town of Saugeen Shores has no jurisdiction.

Anyone who travels regularly between Southampton and Port Elgin knows that the highway between South Street and Concession 10 is trouble waiting to happen. In this short distance, where you have Sparke’s Corners, the turnoff to Concession 3, the Rail Trail Crossing, Hi-Berry Farms, The Roadrunner Drive-In, Shoreline Stone and Garden Centre, and Greig’s, the speed limit is increased to 80 Kilometres per hour. We shouldn’t need to have a death(s) to force action.

As I understand it, all he would need from the town is ~ $8,000 for software and some summer students. Sounds like a worthwhile expenditure to me.

One of many concerned residents,
Larry LePage

July 25, 2009

 It is summertime. Happy Holidays to you all!

According to an Expedia/ Ipsos Reid Vacation Deprivation survey, around 38% of Canadians will plan at least one two-week vacation and 32% will plan a one-week vacation. So approximately 70% of Canadians like to take holidays in the summertime. Why is it, then, that I have never heard one of my fellow Canadians wish me Happy Holidays in June July or August and,yet, in December, I am too often directed to have a Happy Holiday. I guess people are just thinking ahead to the next Summer Holiday which of course should be Happy.

Wayne McGrath
Port Elgin, Ont.

July 23, 2009

Letters Friends of Kincardine Hospital out of patience

July 21, 2009

 Good morning Liz (Dadson),
The photo you took of my son, Chris Deterling at this year's Kincardine Scottish Festival and Highland Games has been much admired around the world.

We come from New Zealand and I was very proud to send the link and show my family that he does clean up rather well!

We have a request from both his Highland dance teacher here at Waterdown and from ourselves for copies of the photo.

 Many thanks,
Susan Deterling

 July 20, 2009

Dear Liz, (Ed note Dadson)

I just wanted to send a small note to express my appreciation for this site you have created.

 I have searched 1000’s of site’s, & I have to say yours is fabulous! It is easy to manoeuvre, provides up-to-date material, allows me to easily view today’s top stories locally & the from largest news agencies around the world. You have always done great reporting, but this has really given you the freedom to show your talents and capabilities (worldwide).

Keep up the great work, what you have done is great for all of us!

Kindest Regards,
Shelley Gamble

July 19, 2009

Letters  A reader 'logs in' about the sewer issue and does an analysis

July 15, 2009

Apologies for taking so long to send a THANK you note for the wonderful article you wrote about my friendship quilt.

It was fabulous and has been viewed by many!

Dee Lyn works for State Farm Insurance (corporate HQ) and said she sent the article to her boss who then forwarded it to many others. I sent the link to lots of others as well and had very positive comments.

Thanks for coming to Mom's house and doing the interview. It was a nice surprise and added another memorable event to the quilts history.

Good luck.

Janet Clarke

July 12, 2009

Dear Editor Just replying to the item re the "decimated" cat. There is a local bylaw that prohibits cats from being out at all!! Neighbours gave their cats away before moving to Southampton--knowing that this bylaw existed--only to find that not many people here follow it. I love cats but hate seeing the neighbour cats in my yard carrying dead chipmunks or birds! The bylaw officer is very helpful and should be called re troublesome cat-- hunters!

Best Regards. Carolyn

July 9, 2009

While walking the local beaches, my husband and I have discovered two amazing things. Owner of dogs in Southampton are capable of reading beach signs, but unfortunately, owners in Port Elgin cannot. We have never walked Port Elgin's shores without encountering off leash dogs. Can't blame the dogs can you? Come on dog owners on our beautiful beach - learn to read - obey the signs! Is some small child going to be the one to pay the price of this abuse?


July 8, 2009


I have just read your article on Courtlandt Swartz. What a great article, thank you very much,

July 5, 2009

A long letter from Ian Mitchell about the Kincardine Hospital Click here

July 1, 2009

I read with interest the report of the facilitator in the public meetings regarding the Bluewater School District in the Kincardine Times.  No, it was not 'the report', it was a summary of some report.

It made no sense at all and was a artful amalgamation of 'education terms'.  The summary of the summary certainly did not capture the tone or passion of the public meetings.

I can't tell what the summary means, but it would do honour to a report back to England from India in the days of the RAJ.  That is, nothing happened and the system worked well in quelling a potential firestorm.

Grandparent in Kincardine

July 1, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS on the most spectacular FIREWORKS DISPLAY that we have seen in the eight years of living in Southampton!

Marie & Brian

June 30, 2009

C'mon Liz! Enough already. I'm personally sick and tired of all this negativity towards Tiverton people. You and your colleagues with the press are doing nothing at all to help the situation. Instead you are causing upset and hurt. Many of us do promote cooperation with Kincardine and, not all of us drink beer!

On an positive note, your pictures and write up on the KTTPS Grade 8 graduation was wonderful. As a proud parent, I thank you for your coverage. Well done!

Betty Fitzsimmons\

Ed Note:  For references to the issue covering the Tiverton reunion please see Kincardine Town Council and Tiverton News

June 29, 2009

Letters Larry Miller MP comments on rural mail 

June 29, 2009


It was nice meeting you at the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre Opening on Thursday, June 25th.

I went on-line and read your article regarding the new lighthouse exhibit and opening (28/06/2009). It was a pleasant surprise to see my name mentioned as part of a museum building culture but more importantly I enjoyed your coverage of Taizo Miake and Chris Irvine.

Chris is hitting his stride as an exhibit design creator and is sure to bring many great things to our region. Tiazo is a one-of-a-kind iconoclast in the field of museum exhibit creation. I love seeing how his ideas and concepts for working and learning together as people are still as fresh and relevant as they were 40 years ago.

Taizo has a profound vision of what is basic to life and how we as humans can connect the basics to the larger picture of our own accord. The challenge for museum builders is to present science and history so that others can make their own connections, on their own time and in their own way. I would say that creating the ‘Aha! Moment” is Taizo Miake’s greatest joy and also his greatest gift.

I am proud of what Taizo and Chris have achieved over time and in the many ways they have shared their educational views and perspectives with others. Full props to Barbara Ribey for recognizing the talent of her builders and her many contributors. You have my thanks for writing this column. I have sent the web page link on for others to read. Best wishes to you for success in all of your business endeavors.


Steve McCallum (Stone Design Solutions)

June 25, 2009

Letters/Education Mary Anne Alton answers four questions 

June 24, 2009

A reader asks "What is the World Coming to?

June 23, 2009

Don't be fooled ...the town's driving force to rush to install sanitary sewers north of the Saugeen River is not about septic systems and the impact on the natural environment.... it is about DENSER DEVELOPMENT. Trying to slip it through using environmental scare tactics and disguise it under the name of an "environmental assessment" didn't work. A lot of questions were asked at the EA meetings last week and very few answers were given for a project that is supposedly "shovel ready". Property owners were left scratching their heads as to when, and if, they will ever get the answers. The town staff and council needs to start listening to the people who are being impacted and stop being blinded by all those dollar signs being dangled in front of their eyes!

Another North Shore Resident

June 22, 2009

South Side and Interested.
Attended both meetings?

Are septic tanks a hobby of yours or are you are a lover of the 'Poop Pipe' for other reasons?

The real story here is that 488 people are being told to pay $ 5.7 million , and the cost of the hook up to the sewer.

It is a rediculas, outrageous, and totally unfair assertion that the benefits go to these 488 people. The Town of Saugeen Shores should accept

They have been stampeded into this situation by the time frame and should admit it and call it off now; before it's a ministerial and gets plastered all over the National news.

Your expertise is a little bit of 'I did this and I know that' very folksy, but hardly stands up to the article written by Prof. Jack Trevors, Guelph Uni, published in the May 7th 2009 edition of the Cdn  Journal of Micro Biology. google it and get the facts.

It doesn't matter if people are given 100 years to pay. It is wrong.  This ill advised plan is a regression of peoples fundamental rights.

This current council should recognise this now, rethink the whole idea and abandon it.  Any councilor with connections, to, or involvement with the housing /property development business should declare their conflict of interest now and sit this one out before it gets messy and it will if it goes ahead.

yours truly.
Man with a sense of fair play for all.

June 21, 2009

Letters  Another South Side Reader weighs in on north side sewers

June 19, 2009

Thanks for  your article on the possible closing of the Southampton ER at night.  I read this morning about the interview on the Beach.  I was tuned in too.

John Divinski did not ask probing questions at all.  Maureen Solecki the CEO said over and over again that there was a chance of the hospital closing down ER at night and yet Divinski instead of going deeper, seemed to want to make things better.  

It's clear from what she said that there is some sort of deadlock that will need attention.  Maybe it will be worked out behind closed doors.  What will happen in winter months, if a solution is not found? I thought the area was about to quiet down with the new doctors and new clinic.

 Thanks for your coverage.

Paisley Reader.

June 15, 2009

We met with Carol Mitchell on the 10th after a few unsuccessful attempts to get to sit down with her.

We wanted to apprise her of the status of the Friends of the Kincardine Hospital and the steps that we have taken, following proper protocol and with the support of both the Kincardine and Huron-Kinloss Councils to obtain the financial details for the Kincardine Hospital that we have been told do not exist and also that we can't have them both from SBGH Group and we know they do.

After doing her best to tell us that we will not win de-amalgamation she finally agreed to support the freedom of information pursuit that we were following to get this information. That's what we are working on now with the support of the Councils. Nothing too earth shattering but another step along the way for the determined FOTKH.

 Gregg McClelland

June 15, 2009

Maakasukage has made a comment on First Nations Youth Pow Wow: Cool, Can't wait to get to Saugeen this summer. I enjoy being in Saugeen. School's almost out! (See our Video Page)

June 13, 2009

Dear Editor:

I happened to see that article about Ruth White's bike. Though SHE doesn't think the bike is valuable to anybody, it is here, I can say without reservation that to a collector that bike would be a treasure. People pay good money for vintage bikes and hers appears to be in really good shape.

Alaska Reader

June 13, 2009

Sandy, you do a great job with current events in Saugeen Shores; I read your 'paper' regularly.

Many thanks,

Helene Buchanan

June 11, 2009

I read with interest the story about the controversy in Tiverton/Kincardine over what type of beer is to be purchased.  Also, why is $40,000 required for security?  Is this a family event or dangerous?

Sauble Beach Summer Resident

June 5, 2009

The most amusing 'big' story in the Kincardine Times of late has been about the 'Beer Wars' in Tiverton.  I for one having participated in maybe 20 volunteer events never have seen anything so silly.  The Tiverton reunion people have gotten the Town Council and the OPP involved in the battle.  It's not a Hell's Angel's convention, is it? It's a reunion for a community that people go through and slow down to turn going either north or south.

Isn't Steelback is a local company?  Don't they employ local people? Did they not win an award lately?  Are they not the low cost supplier?   If it were not so funny, it would be a testimony to a waste of time. 

Can you  imagine the  Town Council in any other community wasting their time on this? It might be good because it makes for kind of sentimental feel for small village Canada.  They need to get people to the reunion and amuse them once there.  Maybe they are just starting early?

 Let's push it up to the County Council.  I'm sure they will be glad to weigh in on it.  I guess Kincardine felt obligated because they have to help finance the amusement.  Maybe they should dive into the potato salad selection committee too.  Bring on the Beer Wars just like on Super Bowl and Grey Cup Sunday.

Walkerton Volunteer

ED Note:  Please see Half of Tiverton Reunion Committee resigns over beer dispute

June 1, 2009

 I just wanted to thank Liz Dadson for her excellent coverage of the KDSS Spring Arts Show!

I was thrilled to see so many great pictures and the enthusiastic write-up. For some reason, the 2 local newspapers gave us very sparse coverage and this is a BIG event at the high school that involves a lot of dedicated students and staff - so a huge thank-you and I will continue to frequent your site,

Cati VanVeen, producer Spring Arts Show

May 26, 2009

To the business owner in South. Don't be too surprised about the new Bylaw officer picking on small business. Once Wall Mart wipes out any small shops that may be left in the downtown area who will be left to bother.

Mark Janekovic
Data Reconciliation Officer
Lands Operations and Registrations Directorate Quebec

Ed Note See the Letter directly below

May 24

Reader discusses how to discourage tourism and downtown shopping

May 24

We heard this morning about a dedicated environmentalist who felt she should clean up after the "heritage" river raft day on the Saugeen.  She could not believe the garbage left behind by the participants, including 90 bags of beer and liquor bottles that were picked up on an island in the stream. Apparently, the rafters party on this island on the way downstream.

Reader in Southampton

Ed:  Maybe next year we can call attention to this prior to the rafting and have a 'crew' come along to make sure that the rafters dispose of their garbage at sites that will have volunteers that will cart it to the dump. 

Isn't it ironic that sometimes fishermen in the mouth of the river are stopped and inspected for use of alcohol, life vests.... etc?  Some safety monitoring without curtailing the fun might be in order.

May 22, 2009

MP Lobb offers to help with passports

May 21, 2009

Letter to Editor

Several weeks ago there were letters sent to the editor in area papers about Women’s House Serving Bruce & Grey. For those of you who are still uncertain as to how we help women who have experienced abuse I would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at our Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors.

This meeting is an opportunity for the community to hear about our work over the past year as well as for us to show our appreciation to the many donors who contribute $1,000 or more towards our fund-raising goals.

This year our guest speaker is Kim Harvey, a woman who experienced abuse from her ex-husband resulting in him stabbing her 12 times when she attempted to leave.  Kim speaks about the warning signs and also about the challenges a woman experiencing abuse lives with continuously. I encourage Mr. Coleman, and anyone interested in hearing about why Women’s House is so crucial to our community, to join us as this courageous woman shares her journey.

The annual meeting is open to the community and will be held on June 17, 2009 at The Bruce Power Information Center at 7:00 PM. Doors open at 6:15. Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to Beverly Spence by June 10 at 519-396-9814 # 25.

Casey Weichert, Executive Director


May 16

Our Bike Team and my BTA30 class had a good look at your E-newspaper today....so VERY cool.

I was also in Hanover today and showed it to my 81 year old Mom and my brother. Tonight, I will post the link on our Intranet for the BWDSB.

Anyway Liz it's all about speed and you guys (Times) are quick

Mark Winkler

May 15

Letters/Education Bluewater Citizens for Education explains need for concern


May 13, 2009

Letters Multicultural Day thanks

May 12, 2009

Thank you Sandy for the great article. I certainly appreciate the support you have given to this event

I wish all media were as efficient and cooperative to work with

I have sent a note out to interested parties about your article

Heather Mulchey


Further information on Lake Range Road issue

Huron-Kinloss Council/Letter Resident expresses disappointment to Huron-Kinloss Council

Letter A resident of the north shore asks "Just who really is benefitting?" from the sewer proposal

We all read with interest the Saugeen Times story about the possible $12,000 assessment for homes north of the river for sewers.(New sewer expansion project could cost homeowners north of the river $12,000... ) That's really a big number no matter how you slice it. 

Some, if not the majority of the people on the other side have been there a long, long time paying taxes all along, but not having the services that 'our side'  have become used to year after year. 

The Town should expect a big roar from the other side of the Saugeen.  It's true that septic fields are not good over time and should be replaced by sewer treatment especially those close to the lake. 

Can't the Town find some way of helping our neighbors?  It's a big bite for many on a fixed income.  Also, some folks over their have put in new septic systems recently with Town approval.  Many of the new homes have paid a premium for them too.

Reader from this Side


Letters Local 275 newsletter submitted by Dave Trumble


Long Letter by Ian Mitchell regarding Hospital Development plan in Kincardine


Letter by Larry Leonard concerning search and rescue

Ed:  You have asked questions that deserve a response and we will be trying to get one from Search and Rescue ... although any answers now are too late.


Letter Letter to the Editor from the Friends of the Kincardine Hospital  


Letters/Education Retired teacher lays out a strong case for restoring Rotary Education in grades 7 & 8. 


WOW! What a great Rotary & local business spread on www.saugeentimes.com this a.m.  Your pages are so good I feel I was right there – instead of being “laid up” at home.
Thanks for the great support you give Rotary.
Michael P.J. Crossling Port Elgin

Dear Sandy

What a coincidence. I was looking at your site yesterday and saw the little workhorse. My husband, Kevin, just bought one yesterday!!!!! We were visiting ur daughter, Sarah, in Comox on Vancouver Island a couple of weeks ago. He saw one ond fell in love!!! Our son-in-law tracked one down and we bought it last night!!!!

It is currently in Comox. We will use it there for a while when we visit and for their use, and we will look into shipping it here. What a great little truck!


Letter/Education Kevin Larson asks a question

Dear Sandy:

I was pleased to read your editorial today and how timely it is. It has been in conversation with many people on how the lawn companies have made a total turn about their lawn care work. They would not hear of it until the ban.

One advertisement showed a frog along with the advertisement. Last year, what they applied, would kill that frog. I asked at the home show last year about organics and they boasted the chemical route. We are so pleased that the ban is coming and that it will be a healthier place to live. Now, if only the golf courses and growers could change. We hear daily about the chemicals in something and what damage they cause. It seems it all comes down to making money.

Great work.
Marjorie, Port Elgin

April 13, 2009

Letter Concerned taxpayer writes

April 9, 2009

Hi Sandy

Re: Nodwell- There used to be a very large sign that extensively illustrated the complete layout of the original villlage. It was at the southwest corner of the park at Market St. on several posts.

The sign was damaged and the Town removed it for repair - about 10 years ago. It has never been replaced. I wonder what happened to it?

Jim Rackley

Ed (Thank you Jim.... readers ... see our story Heritage  Nodwell remembered at the Bruce County Museum )

April 3, 2009

Letters Wildlife thrives on Eckford Ave 

April 3, 2009

Letters/Education Form Letter Template from parents' group

April 3, 2009

Letters/Education Parent decries lack of democratic process in the Bluewater School District 

April 1, 2009

Letters/Education Next Steps Bluewater School Board by Kevin Larson

March 30, 2009

Something just doesn’t smell right when it comes to plastic grocery bags being phased out. If plastic bags actually cost the grocery stores 5 cents per bag, wouldn’t it make sense for the stores to give the reusable bags away for free? What’s next? Is there going to be a rental fee on shopping carts? I’m not saying the plastic bags are a good thing, but it seems like the new bags are another way to get money out of the consumer. The man who really got the reusable shopping bag program going is from Peterborough, Ontario. The CBC tracked him down for an interview last year. At the time, he was in Seattle. He was on a North American wide tour sales pitch selling his bags to large cities. According to the interview, he was on tour to meet with city councils to convince them to ban the use of plastic bags. Of course the man was also pitching the idea of them buying the reusable shopping bags from him. He said during the interview that he had orders for millions of bags. I doubt he was giving the bags away. Many cities in the US do not have a curbside recycling plan like we think of as common practice in this area. It was probably very easy for the man from Peterborough to sell them on a plan to use reusable shopping bags rather than to set up a recycling plan that would cost them a huge amount of money to start.

Just how long do the reusable bags last? What happens to them when they start to wear out? Are they going to end up along the side of the road or in the landfill sites anyway? Is there a plan in place for those bags to be recycled? If so, why not use such a plan to recycle the plastic bags? I wonder if there could be a recycling plan for the plastic shopping bags set up with the already existing household recycling plan that’s already in place here. There has been a drop off area in at least one of the local grocery stores for a long time but I doubt many people even knew about it. The man in the Tilley hat mentioned it in one of his letters.

Randy Boyd

Editor:  Thanks for reading Randy.  You're a very careful reader.

March 29, 2009

Letters/Science Letter about Planeteers Earth Hour at Legault's

March 28, 2009

Letters/Heritage We did not stand for those who stood for us 

March 27, 2009

Education/Letters More Parent Concern over Bluewater District Administration 

March 25, 2009

Letters/Education A parent responds to the Bluewater School District.

March 23, 2009

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for putting your call to Cross Canada Checkup online. I’ve read all those letters and wondered what all the fuss was about. Heavens to Murgatroid! Even our kids and their kids love mature women.

Great phone call, well put & good job.

March 22, 2009

Ed. Note.  If you'd like to listen to the program that sparked the emails, click here This will open in a new window.  It's a two hour show.  If you want to hear Sandy, she comes on a 1:42:43 so you can adjust your slider to about that time and play her interview.

These emails are representative of the response from Cross Country Checkup.  We can't print them all, but thanks.

Dear Ms. Lindsey
Heard you on CBC-much impressed with your spirit and commitment (and your website). But MOSTLY with your very last comment re: mature women. Way to go, and it's high time we explored that resource.
Judy Harper
Salt Spring Island
& Oshawa, Ontario

Hello Sandy,

Caught you on CBC Cross Country Checkup on Sunday and was intrigued with your e newspaper.

Went on line this morning to the Saugeen Times and became even more excited.

I'm a longtime journalist already working  (out west), but would love to break away and do something like you're doing — with my wife, who is a journalist and a "mature woman".

Any chance we could discuss possibilities of expanding the CCNews to British Columbia?


hello Sandy ~

I heard you on the Rex Murphy show on Sunday, March 22, 2009 and I would love to learn more about your enterprise as it sounds so exciting. By the way, kudos on your website~

Kindest regards,

Bonnie DuHamel

March 22, 2009

Hi Sandy,

We listen to Rex Murphy's Cross Country Report almost every Sunday evening and tonight was no exception. Nice to hear a friendly voice from Southampton and I'm sure you will have more hits to the site as a result! The site is great!

Take care,
Cathy McGirr

March 18, 2009

Letters to the Editor and our response concerning water quality and septic tanks

March 15, 2009

Hi Liz:
That was a great article you wrote about Jenna and the bowlers who went to the provincial finals. I've sent the link to all our relatives so there will be a whole bunch of people in B.C. reading your newspaper now!
Nancy Easton

Editor:  We have a lot of readers in BC ... people who have moved there from the Bruce area.

March 12, 2009

Hello, All!

I was fortunate to be able to attend the education evening at Saugeen First Nation (SFN) last night. There is so much to learn. I met a couple more SFN parents. I hope we can connect our various communities.

I thought the evening was wonderful. But there are still tough, tough questions out there.

Thanks to Sandy Lindsay from the Saugeen Times for once again covering these education stories.

Kevin Larson

March 10, 2009

Dear Liz,
What fun we had performing at the International Women's Day. And your article is 'aglow'. I and the other Pomelos are happy to hear everyone had a good time. We certainly did.

Your e-zine has a great presentation, very clear and user-friendly. The simplicity and straightforwardness of it make it easy and enjoyable to navigate.

Congrats! and good luck with it. I look forward to crossing paths again.

Marianne Girard
The Pomelos

Editor:  See article

March 7, 2009

Letters Woes of a GM Retiree

March 6, 2009

To the Editor of Saugeen Times From 'The Man in the Tilley Hat'

I hope I am not stepping or encroaching on Brian Cole's weather reports....I realized when you printed the February 08 & 09 comparison's that I may be treading on his toes. I have been recording Brian's daily reports to compile my comparisons for which, I do apologize.

But, I too have been interested in weather all my working life as it has usually been a "fight" with nature to get projects executed in time.

Not only here in Canada we moan about the weather, continually, but I do understand the Brits are also very weather conscious, and often follow up receiving some of North American weather several days later but they do get their real severe weather from the North East (Siberian Russia)

With best wishes to your continuing success with the Saugeen Times.

The Man in the Tilley Hat

March 4, 2009

Just a small note to the SDSS Planateers. Great letter about the light polution in Saugeen Shores. Any thought given to how to make our community a "Dark Sky Community"? Lions Head has done it as have other areas in Ontario. What a great project for all of us to consider.

Carolyn Grady

Editor: Read the Planeteers note to the Saugeen Times

March 4, 2009

Health & Fitness/Letter  Hospital's under pressure submitted by Ian Mitchell Kincardine  

March 3, 2009

 Science Letter  SDSS Planeteers decry Night Sky Pollution

March 3, 2009

The Man in the Tilley Hat wonders if you've noticed that some grocery stores have a spot near the entrance for used plastic bags?

March 3, 2009

Some of your readers may have recently recieved an e-mail stating that McDonald's restaurants in Canada are using South American beef in their burgers. It goes on about possible pesticides,hormones etc that are not licenced for use in Canada.

I also recieved this and have done some investigating. Seems it's all a hoax with no known origin. I'm including statements from the Ontario Cattlemen's Association and McDonald's restauants.
Please print either the information or the link so people can make an informed choice.

Eric Stewart
ps. Keep eating those Angus burgers!!

MacDonald's Response

The email is a hoax. 

Jeff Kroll, McDonald’s Canada’s Senior Vice-President of Supply Chain Management recently made a statement, which is on the next page. The hoax email first appeared in 2002, as originating from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association, alleging similar practices in the US market. The hoax recently surfaced again in reference to McDonald’s Canadian division 

If you have any questions or concerns, give me a call or, better yet, share your thoughts directly with McDonald’s Canada. 

March 2, 2009

Feature/Letter The Great Pool Debate by Wayne MacDonald

March 2, 2009


I enjoyed reading your feature on the recent mission to Haiti by the group from Sauble Beach. I applaud their (dental assistants) volunteer efforts and hope that you can relay the message of the importance of the oral health care information they were sharing with these children.

Most Sincerely,
Sandra Rackley,
Registered Dental Hygienist

March 2, 2009

Hi Sandy

Just love your piece on Outlook Express and as an avid gmail user, I am sending to my friends.

Just stopping by to check your links.
Doreen Fawcett.

Editor:  See Internet & Technology Weaning yourself from Outlook Express

March 1, 2009

 Journalists applaud Obama directive.....

March 1, 2009

I just wanted to thank the Chambettes for a lovely evening of entertainment on Friday. We are so fortunate to have them to provide live entertainment and for the other worthy events they provide to help others.

Alison Folkes

Editor: See A&E Ceilidh raises fun and money

Feb 27, 2009

To the editor,

Here's an idea. Instead of spending a large sum of taxpayer money on the perpetual council obsession with superfluous studies, why not take that money and put it towards something useful? Filling the numerous potholes that are threatening to swallow vehicles whole on Durham Street springs to mind.

I'm sure there are other worthwhile places to spend the money as well, especially in these economic times that will eventually adversely affect this municipality's bank account, regardless of whether or not we are "in an economic bubble" here. Perhaps council could just look into the workings of the municipality itself or, better yet, remember the priceless old adage of "If it's not broken, don't fix it."

Kelly Young

Feb 26, 2009

Letter from Keith Stelling concerning Bill 150

Feb 25, 2009

Hi Liz (Dadson)
Thank you for your rave revue of the concert in support of the Kincardine Day Away Program (by Wally and Friends Saturday night).

We raised $2,015 through the sale of tickets and CDs. It was a great turn-out, and most importantly, we were able to raise the community's awareness of the Day Away Program over the month-and-a-half of promotions and interviews, with the Kincardine Times playing a significant role. We are all grateful and proud of what was achieved.

Again, thank you so very much for all your contributions, your paper has had a major impact on this community.
Wally Jirgens

Feb 21, 2009

There is an interesting article in the Detroit News that I got from a reader of the Saugeen Times in Barbados about the famed LaSalle Ship Griffon.  I don't know if this link is valid forever, but it may be of interest to other readers.  The essence of the story, is that somebody claims to have found the Griffon in northern Lake Michigan and the rights to the wreck involve Michigan and France.  Lots of claims have taken place in the past about this mystic ship... all proved not true.  Maybe this one has merit?

Avid reader who helped on the HMS General Hunter Dig in Southampton.

Feb 20, 2009

Letter to the editor by Trevor Wardrop

Feb 19, 2009

Letters Michael Ignatief writes a letter to the editor  

Feb 18, 2009

Letter from Dave Trumble about reshaping Ontario by the Government

Feb 18, 2009

Hey Liz,
It was nice to read the letter from Matt in the Kincardine Times! I passed the address on to all my family and friends to see.
Matt is counting the days now. I'm off to Barrie today to visit his wife, Michelle.
Thanks again,
Margie Austman
Private Matt Hancock's mom

Feb 17, 2009

Letter Matt Hancock writes from Afghanistan

Feb 16, 2009

I found a silver ring in the parking lot of the beer store in Southampton. It is a man's ring, small size. The owner can retrieve it by identifying the stone and initial. Thank you.

Lorne Lockrey 797-3834

Feb 16, 2009

Letter to the editor concerning pollution by

Brian MacEachern
Cottage owner, Bruce Beach

Feb 16, 2009

Dear Editor,
Question? All council is talking about the 3 percent or maybe 4.5, but no one is talking about the 38 percent increase in the assessment  in Saugeen Shores.
I wonder Why?

Lorne Shantz.

Feb 16, 2009

Letter from Ian Mitchell regarding the Kincardine Hospital

Feb 15, 2009

I live in Saugeen Shores, but love to read the testy Kincardine Council Meetings.  They seem to have a lot of interesting discussions.  Our Council is bland by comparison!

Reader at large.

Editor: Yup.... they go at it down south.  Click on Kincardine Times and look at their Council Meetings.

Feb 12, 2009

Long Letter from Norm Gurr concerning the new pool: This Pool will not only soak your sking, but your wallet as well


Feb 11, 2009

I really enjoy the Keith Reynold's series.  Look forward to them.  They have a timeless quality.  Thanks for getting so many interesting writers to contribute.

Kincardine Reader

Feb 8, 2009

Over the past week we have experienced a glorious thaw. Unfortunately that thaw has revealed copious amounts of dog feces scattered throughout our community. As a responsible dog owner and new to the area I was disappointed to witness what lie beneath the snow. There are definitely some bad apples in our dog owning community. I urge other responsible dog owners to bring a spare bag with them on their next walk and contribute to keeping our community clean. More importantly, to those who feel that the winter snow or even the spring green is license to leave it…rethink your responsibility.

Jacqueline Faubert
Kincardine Dog Owner’s Group (KinDog)

Feb 8, 2009

No doubt many of your readers remember and may still do watch DAVE DEVALL on CFTO. CTV news for his weather forecast.

Maybe some will not know that he is RETIRING in April, and they can look up his site, and send a written message or even record a message.

We still watch him, after moving up from Alton to Saugeen Shores, I have "bugged " him from time to time, and he has mentioned what I wrote, but he NEVER put SAUGEEN SHORES ON HIS MAP....well I did try!

Man in the Tilley Hat

Feb 6, 2009

The ice pack is getting dangerous. If you go to the beach, make sure you keep off the ice.  Many people over the years have been lost.  Every day, I see people clambering out too far.

Winter Beachcomber ... Southampton

Feb 5, 2009

We love the Saugeen Times.  I tune in daily and like the CCNews and Kincardine Times too.  The Kincardine Council  meetings are fun to read about.  Certainly not boring.

Retired in Port Elgin

Feb 5, 2009

Your story about the SVCA budget includes a comment "Kincardine appealed their assessment". That's wrong - Bruce Power appealed their assessment to MPAC - it was the Bruce Power assessed value that was changed which thus lowered the Municipality of Kincardine's value of assessment - it is the total municipal assessment which is used to calculate that municipality's 'contribution' to the SVCA. When Kincardine's total assessment value was reduced by the Bruce Power appeal it reduced the amount they were required to give to the SVCA.

Here in Saugeen Shores we do not receive any tax payments from Bruce Power since they are located in Kincardine.

Just thought I'd send you a note as someone asked me why we (meaning Saugeen Shores) didn't appeal our assessment with MPAC - question didn't make sense to me - but they mentioned they had read here about Kincardine doing it. Wasn't Kincardine - it was Bruce Power appealing their "Kincardine" assessment.

Diane Huber

Thank you Diane.... we corrected the story.  That's what's good about the Internet eh?

Jan 28, 2009

Letters from Dave Trumble about 2009 kickoff 

Jan 27, 2009

Thank you so much for writing the wonderful article on my dad, Maury Bernstein. We have been so deeply touched by the people of  Southampton that knew him who have expressed their condolences. I have never heard the word "gentleman" so much. He had only kind things to say about all the people he met. He was always interested in meeting people and hearing your stories. He will be sadly missed.
Lorraine Cormier (Maury's daughter)

Jan 26, 2009

Thanks to the Kincardine Times for a great article about the Kincardine Day Away program and my change in jobs. I sent the website link to my son in Red Deer, Alberta; to my daughter in London; and to my mother in Dundas; as well as to friends in Chatham and in California. They enjoyed reading the story and sent it on to their friends.

I told them all to put the Kincardine Times on their favourites list and to check it frequently for news about Kincardine.

Keep up the good work,
Marg Johnson


Jan 24, 2009

Was intersted in the January 23rd letter about the bag tags not sticking to the bags in colder temperatures.  I am having the same problem of the tags not sticking.  Now I am sticking the bag tag around where I tie the bag so that both sticky areas are stuck together.
At one time I was using parcel tape to make the tag stay on the bag which worked. 
Keep up the good work!!
Jackie Melcher

Ed:  They just don't work the way they are supposed to at all in cold weather.  Must have been designed in Windsor.

Jan 23, 2009

I know others are making the same complaint, but the bag tags just don't work below a certain temperature.  They just fall off.  Something has to be done with their quality or the quality of the glue.  I suppose I could staple them to the bags.  Does anybody test these things?

Not stuck in Southampton

Jan 19, 2009

After a lengthy meeting yesterday the Friends of the Kincardine Hospital decided to update the community with regard to the current status of our committee work.

We are hoping to get this news out as soon as possible. It includes our Mission Statement and lets the community know that we are indeed working on the cause and have been doing so as best we could over the holidays. Now it is full steam ahead.

We trust this info can get used as a letter to the editor of the Kincardine Times as we know you have a lot of readers.

Thanks for your help.


Gregg McClelland, Chair of the FOTKH

Editor:  Please see FOTKH Letter



Jan 17, 2009

Hello Sandy,
I was just coming to your web site to let you know we are now the proud and happy owners of Titan, but you already know! Everyone is thrilled in our house. The twins think he is smart enough to learn to open up the doors to let himself outside when he has to “go”. There are lots of big smiley faces --the biggest one is probably Jeff’s. We have missed having a dog in our house.
Kind Regards,
Rhonda MacDonald Berry

Ed:  See the Titan story

Jan 15, 2009

Thanks for all the pix that you put up so that we can see what the winter is like in our summer place. We will be happy to come back on the first of May to our trailer and also to be able to read all the news.

Thanks to all,
Len and Marg Verkerke

Jan 13, 2009

Hi Sandy,

You are doing a great Job. (Yes, that’s with a capital J).

I like the new Pet Page. Your article on Dr. Jeff Berry & his staff was right on. They were a huge help when Charly ruptured a disc in his back.

Larry LePage

ED: See the Pet Page for Charly

Jan 12, 2009

I really liked the story I just read on Cozy Cat Kennels. I wish there were more good people like Helga! She doesn't get enough credit for the lives she saves. I got a pretty calico from her thirteen years ago and just had to have her put down this fall. (Sweet Sweet, not Helga) It was tough.
Teri M.

Editor:  Also see the Pet Page

January 11, 2009

I think your site is very interesting. I call it up at least once a day and browse. Keep up the good work. Good job by all
Ken King

January 10, 2009

Re Dr. Jeff Berry. A few months ago, we adopted a Siamese cat through Hanover SPCA. The Southampton Pet Hospital was kind enough to house this cat for no charge until it found a loving owner. Dr Berry and his crew have helped us through this time and for that I thank them. Please consider a rescue animal if possible...they need loving homes .... and kudos to Dr Berry and his accomplishments!

The Mittendorfs

Editor:  See The Pet Page

January 8, 2009

My Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Berry for his re-certification. How lucky we are to have such a dedicated veterinarian in our town. He has looked after my two dogs and 3 cats (adopted from Southampton Pet Hospital) for many years. My older dog, Jesse, had both cruciate ligaments repaired which gave her many more years of a great quality of life. When she got a cancerous tumour at age 13, Dr. Berry prolonged her life free of pain for three months until it was time to put her to sleep at age 14. He is a very caring physician and also performs a much needed service by adopting out strays that are brought into the hospital. I urge everyone who cares about animals to donate to their Angel Fund which is used to help these unfortunate animals.
Alison Folkes

Editor:   See One of a few 

January 5, 2009

I enjoyed the golf story about Maury Bernstein. I'm not a golfer myself, but I knew Maury from his days at the Market, I bought a bathtub cleaning gadget from him, I heard him sing at Duffy's, he had a great voice, and whenever I saw him on the street we passed the time of day. He was a nice gentleman and will be missed.

I hope he didn't suffer long at the end.

Ian Evans

Jan 4, 2009

We would like to congratulate you on your first year of wonder news and sources and of course the beautiful pictures of the Saugeen area. It connects family and friends near and far. It is a paper like yours that ties the past and present residents of Southampton and Port Elgin together, to say nothing of those residents who have fled the winter to the sunny south but still want to keep in daily touch with the storms of Southampton.

The interesting articles on the people of the area such as Walter in the clock tower behind the scenes. Enthusiastic people like  Bob Hastings who do so much work for the community and give yourself a hand for the tireless work you do daily Sandy.

Congratulations on a job well done connecting our community to the world. Happy First Anniversary and many more. Great work!

Paul and Mary Jane Salter and the family from the west.

Jan 2, 2009

Yesterday I read your article on the town debt and failed to see anything regarding the library, Plex or medical centre.

Were these omitted or simply missed as this chart seems to be just for infrastructure projects? Should these be added to the existing total shown?

Am enjoying the news thoroughly while we are away and enjoy being away even more when we see the pictures of the weather up there!!

Southampton Snowbird
Naples, Florida

Editor:  Yes, you are correct.  We will get the other figures.

Dec 31, 2008

It is good to see a peace officer actually working in this area, instead of sitting at their homes or a coffee shop while on duty.

Perhaps, they could pay a little more attention to the ridiculous driving habits of individuals..ie..speeding down a street that has a limit of 40 km per hour....But I guess it depends on who does the speeding, you never know...they may be related to one of the peace officers in the area...

Next summer, I intend to learn the use of my radar gun and videotape and forward to the media....Just in case an accident happens, I would like to ensure the proper driver receives justice.

Penny A. Shanley

Dec 27, 2008

Patrick Corrigan


Hi Sandy, even though the attached cartoon was in the Boxing Day's issue of the Toronto Star, it applies to many of us in Saugeen Shores.

Happy recycling, and all the best in 2009.
Marvin Doran

Editor:  Check out The Star on CNNews daily.  They have great cartoons


Dec 27, 2008

Letters/Education Section 23 for G. C. Huston by Kevin Larsen

Dec 26, 2008

You have done so much this year.....and have so much to be proud of.  I now get  a lot of people are reading your online paper. So many people comment that they read it daily.....one example close to home.

Paul's daughter, Kate....came home for Christmas from out west...and came to Southampton for a couple of days. We took her to the Elk and Finch for Dinner and just as we got there she was excited to run into 2 young friends...also visiting their parents here, they were from out west as well.  Kate told them her Dad owned the shoe store here and then the girl said she loved her (Kate's) Dad's pictures from Europe! Kate said, you have seen them BEFORE I did....how is that possible?

The girl said of course to stay linked to her home her and parents in South....she has the Saugeen Times as her opening page and reads it each morning before her busy day as a Doctor. So she told Kate to stay in touch the same way.......such a small world shared by a great connection. Just think of how many lives you connect.

Delores of Sisters on Huron

Dec 25, 2008

Letter ... Another letter to the the editor with some guidelines for strategic visioning

Dec 24, 2008

Letter from a Snowbird regarding strategic visioning and the recent council decision...

December 23, 2008

My name is Deanna Crowe and I am the new Executive Director at Trillium Court Senior's Community. I have been looking at the site this evening and wanted to let you know that I think this is a wonderful forum for residents of Kincardine. I met Liz Dadson at Trillium Court while she was doing coverage of some of the activities there and she is so good with the residents and how much she cares is obvious! The residents and staff enjoy having her visit their home and we hope she comes to visit often.

Thank you Liz and keep up the good work!

Deanna Crowe

Health & Fitness/Letter Ontario Pesticide Ban Makes Good Economic Sense

Dec 20, 2008

Hi Sandy

It so nice that I can keep in touch with the local news. Merry Christmas from Nashville Tennessee.  There is no snow here yet ,but there may be some for Christmas. Right now we are having thunder storms.

A great Christmas to all and keep up the excellent work.

Betty Bender

Dec 20, 2008

I am so pleased that I can still feel a part of the community by being in touch via the Saugeen Times.
Thanks so much for doing this!

Joan of Southampton

Editor:  The snowbirds check in for a peek.

December 18, 2008

Just thought you might like another perspective. Thanks for great reporting!

Letter... One Parents Perspective about G. C. Huston

December 18, 2008

One of our moment to moment readers forwards some information from Forbes Magazine .... see below ...

Letter... What's wrong with Detroit?  

Dec 17, 2008

The Closing Circle ... the high cost of offshore labour  For the full letter

Dec 14, 2008

Thank you community

The purpose of this letter is for the Friends of the Hospital to thank the terrific support we received at the Davidson Centre on Tuesday December 9th. We appreciated the opportunity Council gave us to present our Hospital situation to the public and ask for their approval to pursue the ways and means to manage the fate of the Kincardine Hospital.

The turnout was very gratifying and the support therein has encouraged The Friends of the Hospital to continue our work with much inspiration. There is much to do to put a business plan together, information to assimilate, interviews to conduct and names on petitions to collect in order to demonstrate to the Ministry of Health the seriousness of the situation and the extensive support of our community.

To all the "friends" of the Hospital have a Merry Christmas and we will keep you updated as to our progress through the papers and radio and we sincerely thank them for their support as well.

Gregg McClelland, Co-Chairman

Editor:  See the Kincardine Times Council Meetings for details of hospital situation. (See Nov 3 meeting)

Dec 14, 2008

A letter from those that gave you the weekend

Dec 13, 2008

I read your coverage of the recent meeting at G.C. Huston about the Section 23 that is, I guess, coming to our primary school.

I would just like to add, as a parent who was at the meeting, that I felt the overall attitude by the board representatives was very condescending. One parent, who immediately brought up the issue of lack of communication by the board with parents, was immediately shut down and, yet, that is what the entire issue was about.

Ms. Dyer, Vice Principal of Student Services, set out the mission of Section 23 however, perhaps, she should go back and take English 101. The missive statement of Section 23, according to Ms. Dyer, is "Education Programs for Pupils in Care, Treatment, Custody or Correctional Facilities.  According to her, "... the comma in the statement automatically is a substitution for the word 'or'" and discretion would be used in deciding students criteria for admittance.

Unfortunately, the comma can also stand for the word 'and', which entirely changes the meaning of the statement.

I really feel the Bluewater School Board lacks a total public relations aspect regarding new programs and parent involvement. I recently heard from a School Board member on a radio talk show that, "We don't have to include parents in decisions and that is our prerogative." Excuse me ... but isn't it our tax dollars that are paying these bureaucratic salaries?

This was one of the worst P.R. exercises I've ever seen and Ms. Dyer really should take some lessons in human ethics and contact.

As a G. C. Huston parent, I do not want my name published because I fear retaliation against my child.

Dec. 13, 2008

Here's what I think of a bailout for the auto sector. I believe the government of our country should not be using taxpayer's dollars to rescue these big companies. First of all, the head of these companies that are making millions should be fired for doing bad business deals. As for the government, they're up you know where without a paddle, either they can pay the bailout package now, or they can pay it all out in UI benefits later for all the people that are losing their jobs.

Why wouldn't these car companies try to figure out some other strategy, like go after the government to either cancel all taxes on a new vehicle, or be able to claim it all at income tax time for a period of 1 year, or even have lotteries for new cars, people spend enough money on lotteries like super 7and 649 , why not a car lottery? God knows they have enough inventory sitting on their property. The government can give all the taxpayer's money they want, but without the consumer, it's not going to help one bit to improve the economy. It's just a thought!!
Bob Gallant

Dec 9, 2008

We've been reading with interest the School Board's decisions ranging from the Rotary Education decisions and the new and unknown program to be started at G. C. Huston. (Editor.  See our Education Section)  One thing is clear.  The Bluewater School Board does not have a P.R. Department.  They should seriously consider hiring a consultant.

Hoping for the best, Southampton

Dec 9, 2008

Thanks for the informing the community about GC Huston's current crisis. (Ed Note: See Education) I thought it may be a good idea to post our Bluewater trustee's email address, so that your readers may be able to send their concerns to him. As he is in an elected position, he should expect the community to contact him .ross_king@bwdsb.on.ca

Keep up the good work,
Noelle Barone

Dec 6, 2008

Dear Sandy,

 I just wanted to let you know, that Santa at the Southampton Christmas parade was Doug Lein, pronounced 'line', NOT Lyons. A lot of people mis-pronounce and mis-understand his name.

I also want to say that I am a faithful reader of the Saugeen Times and that I commend you greatly for your efforts. I think that you are doing a wonderful job, it is the very best news source in our area. I am a definite fan and I read your paper first thing every morning! I only offer this constructive criticism because of my appreciation of your efforts.

Most Sincerely, Bob Cook

ED Note:  Thank you Bob.  We made the change right away and appreciate your comments very much.  It's fun to see the popularity grow.  It's the right place and time.

Two Letters with two different views

Dec 3, 2008

The opposition parties are planning on voting down the government, claiming the government isn't doing enough to help the economy. Long before the current global crisis, the Conservatives cut taxes to increase Canadians' spending power and to help businesses create jobs. They're doubling spending on roads and bridges and infrastructure. They've made a good financial system even better, and they've been making sure our banks and businesses and families can continue to get access to credit, to keep our economy moving. Canadians will never believe that the Liberal-NDP takeover is about the economy B it's about their addiction to and their lust for power.

Less than two months ago we had an election. Voters gave a stronger mandate to the Conservatives, and gave the Liberals a thumping of historic proportions. Now the Liberals and the NDP are saying they're going to take over -- in effect, a coup-des-temps, the election results mean nothing. The people of Canada do not want an election. However, if they are going to vote down the government, they should be willing to face the voters again to obtain a mandate. This is a democracy. This is Canada!

Doug Freiburger
582 Gustavus Street
Port Elgin Ontario N0H 2C0

Dec 3, 2008

We Need a Coalition Government Now. The Conservative government of Stephen Harper only has itself to blame for the current political crisis. Last week’s Economic and Fiscal Update clearly showed that the government is either unwilling or unable to seriously deal with the deepening global economic crisis and its ramifications on Canada.

In either case, Canadians cannot afford a government that lacks the political will to invest in our economy, people and country and insists on leaving a Minister of Finance in his portfolio even after saying that investors should not invest in Ontario and that Ontario will remain a have not province for sometime to come.

Of course this last statement will come to pass if the Harper government is permitted to continue its current economic policies. While Governments around the world have made major economic investments to deal with the crisis, Harper’s government showed its inadequacy by engaging in partisan political games and attacks such as removing political party subsidies, suggesting a sell-off of public assets and attacking collective the bargaining rights of federal public workers even though no call had come to review these items.

Instead of following the advice of the G20 to urgently invest 2% of national income on the economy, the Harper government decided to cut spending to the tune of $9 billion over the next three years. This is not what Canadians voted for only six weeks ago and this is not what Canadians need in a time of crisis.

We need an economic plan that will create jobs, protect manufacturing and safeguard our pensions and protect our hard-won rights – not the direction that was set out in Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s economic update. Canadians cannot wait until Flaherty’s budget in late January – they need action now. Let’s make Parliament work and support a government that will act responsibly. The best way to do this is to support a Coalition government that is dedicated to dealing with Canada’s economic crisis.

Dave Trumble
Labour Council

Dec 2, 2008

The whining has already started, as if we needed proof that the young people that Ontario's proposed new driving laws are aimed at are spoiled, self-centred brats. Not all young people, I must stress, just the ones the law is aimed at, the ones who ruined the privilege for the rest of them.

And that is the extremely important fact that everyone is forgetting -- driving is a privilege - period. Things have been handed to the kids of baby boomers so hand over fist that they think that not only do they deserve a driver's license but they have every right to do whatever they want with it once they get it, including break the law.

Because, after all, if they don't agree with a law, then it's just stupid and shouldn't apply to them. If it limits their fun, then it should be tossed out the driver's side window while they attempt to set land speed records on the relatively unpopulated section of Broadway Street leading to highway 9 or other local, barren roads.

How dare the government tell them they can't do that after their parents have so indulgently thrown a vehicle and loads of cash their way to do with what they please?

Really, what is so unreasonable about this law? Let's see - a zero blood-alcohol limit, for all Ontario drivers aged 21 and under, is one of the stipulations. Since the drinking age is 19 anyway, that should be a given for anyone under 19. What's two more years of being legislated to abstain from drinking and driving when it will more than likely save many lives, some of them innocent?

How can anyone be so selfish as to think that their right to have a drink and drive circumvents the rights of others to be as safe as possible out on the roads of the province? On further thought, it should probably be the law for everyone.

Another stipulation, that of escalating sanctions for young drivers who speed, starting with a 30-day license suspension, really shouldn't pose a problem. Why? Because if they are speeding , they are breaking the law. And contrary to popular belief, the laws are there for everyone, not just people over 21.

The government shouldn't have to legislate this. What happened to common sense and personal responsibility? Every time a young person races they put their own life and that of others in danger. Callously and thoughtlessly, they thumb their noses at the law because they don't like it.

The most controversial, perhaps, is the stipulation that drivers between 16 and 19 will be limited to having only one teenage passenger in the vehicle. Well, this is really unfortunate, but no doubt stems from the tendency towards mob mentality when more than a couple of young people get together, combined with peer pressure, loud music and the divided attention of the young, inexperienced driver.

The whiners have argued this will adversely affect kids driving to school sports events, when in actuality students are not allowed to drive anyone to school sports events anyway. So parents will just have to step up, get a bit involved in their kids' lives and drive them to their events.

How can that be a bad thing? A bit of parental supervision and involvement – heaven forbid! I'm pretty sure the world will continue to turn on its axis.

Do I really have to remind anyone in this area of how many students, wonderful young people, we have lost over the years to drunk and/or careless driving? Just take a browse through back issues of the newspaper and you'll see the Kincardine area has had more than its fair share of injured or killed children who would in all likelihood have been saved by a law like this. Then go over to the parents of those lost and injured students, look them in the eye and explain to them why you think this law isn't "fair". Try to keep the whine out of your voices when you do, it might not go over too well.

So, suck it up, babies, life has rules and now breaking those rules is going to get some real consequences. You may not be familiar with the concept, but you'll get used to it eventually.
Kudos to the McGuinty government for having the courage to do something young voters won't like. Mind you, maybe it's not that courageous after all, since voting is something that the young people can't really be bothered with. It cuts into their 'me' time.

Live Long and Prosper

Dec 1, 2008

Editor: Read an interesting letter about WalMart and Smartcentres from a neighbor's perspective

Dec 1, 2008

Letter to the Editor from Ian Mitchell of Kincardine regarding taking over management of their hospital.  For lead-in articles see  Kincardine needs to take over hospital and CEO of South Grey Bruce Health care answers questions.

Nov 30, 2008

Excellent piece Dunc....just sent out to many including Oz , UK, & Canada!

Thank you,
Brian Cole

Ed Note: It's amazing how people read the Saugeen and Kincardine Times at all times of the day or night.  It's moment to moment and we think the area is catching on now.  The thoughts of editions and time is fading.  It just moves on like the Saugeen in the Spring ... stories flow out.  Readers are contributing more and more.  Thank you.

Nov 30, 2008

Hi Sandy

It was so nice to meet you Saturday night at the Port Elgin Christmas Parade!! We absolutely love your 'green' online news source!! Fabulous idea!! We sent the link to our families & friends as we also believe we should all take the initiative to be 'green'. You did a wonderful job covering the Christmas Parade! Thank you for featuring our little girl Kyrah & our family!! Great pictures!!! The kids thought it was awesome to have their picture in the Saugeen Times. Kudos!!

We spend a lot of time in Port Elgin & Southampton. Our favorite place to camp is at MacGregor Point. Look forward to seeing you around the community so we can chat again.

Tania Vander Ploeg

***Arrick, Emma, Jevon & Kyrah say- "THANK YOU SANDY!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!"

Nov 29, 2008

A big thank you and kudos to all the young adults playing at the Silver Stick Tournament.

I popped into the Boathouse (beside the Coliseum) to Check on the Tour Boat Peerless which had just been put away for the winter. When I left – no car keys, house keys or mail box keys. I retraced my steps searched the ground around the car nothing. This morning I went back repeated the search, then following my wife’s suggestion checked the Coliseum. Sure enough one of the players had found the keys dropped beside the car and handed them in. Pretty good bunch of people, these Hockey Players Coaches & Organizers.

By the way these girls are great hockey players and a lot of fun to watch. That was a bonus.

Larry LePage

Nov 28, 2008

Further to the article on "gateway signs". One only has to take a walk through the Southampton cemetery to see many examples of Chantry Island and lighthouse depicted on the grave stones.

It is obvious that people believe that their deceased loved ones felt connected to the island.

Ian Evans

Nov. 28, 2008

Your on-line newspaper is just excellent! I love it. I forwarded it to all my kids and some of my friends.  Thank you for this great community service!
Keith Davidson

Nov 25, 2008

Thanks Saugeen Times for covering the Council Meetings.  We try to watch on TV, but last night we got nothing from channel 6, not even a note to say they took the night off.  What gives?

Port Elgin Reader

Nov 24, 2008

The citizens in Kincardine are having  some difficulty with their hospital and the administration.  There is a very strong public impetus to de-amalgamate their hospital.   There is a public meeting set for December 9th (See the Event Planner)

Please see the following letter by Ian L. Mitchell and also the Kincardine Times for other articles

Nov 22, 2008

The Chantry 50+ Centre in Southampton facilitates a new book group and they are looking for new members.

This group caters to the visually impaired, that is, they try to select books that are available on Audio Tapes.
For more information please call Pat Dobec at 797-2669

Margitta Lange
Chantry Centre

Nov. 21, 2008

Christmas is not the birth of Santa Claus readers say in a letter

Nov 18, 2008

To the Editor and Readers,

We need your help right away!
Ontario has just released regulations for its new pesticide ban. The regulations are very health-protective but unfortunately the chemical industry is lobbying hard to weaken them. We need your help to keep them strong.

Could you take two minutes right now to tell Ontario that you strongly support the new pesticide regulations?

Please click on this Ontario government website and make the following comment in the comment box:

1. I strongly support the pesticide regulations and hope they will come into effect by Spring, 2009.
2. The regulations will help Ontario industry become innovators in non-toxic lawn care, creating economic growth and green jobs.
3. I hope the government will also require golf courses to reduce pesticide use.
After writing your comment, please hit the "save" button to submit it.
Thank you so much!
All the best,

Gideon Forman
Executive Director
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
130 Spadina Av., Suite 301
Toronto, CANADA
M5V 2L4
Phone (416) 306-2273
Fax (416) 960-9392

Nov 17, 2008

Letters ... Exasperated Reader writes about problems with amalgamation with South Bruce Grey Health Care

Letters ... Reader responds to Buy Canadian article 

Nov 17, 2008

The coverage in the Saugeen Times for CFUW is wonderful to see. Thanks to all who have made this happen. It is fun to be able to see the org in action while away! Margo

Ed. Note ... Margo checks in from San Francisco

 Nov 14, 2008

I was reading that Police Chief Rivet has decided that Titan should be  "Put down". It seems to me that Titan is an employee of our police force much like any of the officers and they wouldn't be 'Put down" if they were injured on the job, more likely they would be reassigned and/or retrained for other duties. It appears, from the little information the public has learned about Titan's injury, that all the medical effort has been directed toward unsuccessfully restoring the use of his leg to the detriment of the dog's health therefore the solution is to have him destroyed. Maybe the solution is to remove the leg and allow him to recover then assign him to a " desk job'. Surely his training is valuable in areas other than chasing down & grabbing the arm of a suspect. Doesn't he have tracking, drug detection or other skills?

In fact it is difficult to think of just what Titan couldn't do almost  as well on three legs as he would on four. Failing all the above, if his life could be saved by amputation of the offending leg , do you not
believe that there isn't an awful lot of people in Saugeen Shores that would just love to take him in as a member of their family rather that see him "Put Down", (AKA Killed)? I think that Titan has developed a great love in the hearts of our community and deserves a better chance for life.

Doug Smith,

Letter Nov 14, 2008

What is going on here?

A lot of money was raised for this K9 officer for a reason, to save his life. There are many dogs who, may not be officers, but may have an injury that can be rectified with surgery. True, Titan may not be able to fulfill his 'duties' but his life is worth more than that.

Who is making this decision? According to the article, it is the Police Chief.  I understood that the handler had assumed/purchased Titan as a family member ... why then, is the Chief making the decision. If it is being made jointly by the handler and the Chief, why then did the handler take on the responsibility of providing a home?

Why not try to adopt Titan out if the handler and/or the Police Service no longer wants the responsibility.

There are many three-legged dogs that seem to get along just fine. This is an atrocity and injustice toward this fine animal but I am gratified that the local Southampton Veterinarian Hospital has offer to do the surgery for a nominal fee.

Port Elgin

Nov 13, 2008

Dear Liz (Ed. Dadson) Thanks so much for the great coverage of the Ten Thousand Villages event on the weekend. Your personal interest and the support of the Kincardine Times is very much appreciated. I love the whole philosophy of the Kincardine Times! The concept of a green newspaper makes so much sense and the fact that it reaches out to people all over the world is terrific. The idea of having a global paper based out of Kincardine is so exciting! Bonnie McDonald.

Nov. 10, 2008

I read with interest the article about Flora Doran and the farmerettes.  I too was a farmerette in 1944.  Although I lived in Hampstead (a suburb of Montreal) there were applications sent to our various High Schools and myself and two others volunteered.  I was based in Oakville at a place called Lindy's Lodge which I assume had been a motel on the Lakeshore and was taken over by the government to house farmerettes.  We picked whatever was in season, made about .25 cents an hour and paid $4.50 for room and board.  We did not get out of writing June exams and so did not arrive until the end of June.  I remember that time as a very rewarding experience and lots of hard work and fun.  On Saturday afternoons we hitchhiked into Oakville to see a movie and shop with whatever little money we had left.  Once a month they bussed in boys from somewhere else who were also doing volunteer farm work and we had a dance in the main pavillion where we ate our meals.  I have never met anyone else who was a farmerette and so was very pleased to see that our work was remembered.
Alison Folkes

Nov 10, 2008

I try to tune into the Council Meetings at the Plex when I can on Channel 6.   I sure wish the person running the camera and the sound could show the speaker a bit more.  Sometimes the speaker is missed and then things go ok for a while.

Tonight it was focused almost entirely at the start on the Mayor when a deputation was going on at the podium.  Sine the Saugeen Times covers all the Council meetings, maybe you could mention it to whoever is on the camera.

Tuning in from Saugeen Twp.

Nov 3, 2008

Dear Sirs --

The meeting, last Friday, in the Municipal Council Chambers, may best described as " Kincardineites versus the SBGH Corporation". There were clear and impassioned presentations by our Medical Staff representatives, and a clear and factual account of the unhappy relationship between the CEO of the SBGHC and the Hospital Foundation.

The presentation by the CEO in defence of the authority vested in the Corporation, and in response to a list of questions, previously provided to them by the Council resulted in a "canned" version, most of which we all have heard before. No responses were made by him as to the specific allegations of the Medical Staff or the Hospital Foundation, except by walking out of the meeting for a period of time.

All of the presentations were made in the presence of the Chairman and CEO of LHIN and MPP Carol Mitchell, all of whom could not but appreciate the full extent of our distaste of the arrogance and ignorance displayed by SBGHC, as to our communities needs, by them, and particularly to their callous disregard of problems which have been stated to them on more than one occasion.

The presence of a full room of citizens at the Council Chamber and at the Davidson Centre had to impress the "judges"as well.

What happens now ? It is my hope and expectation, that having heard first hand, the reasons for the total disconnect between Kincardine and the SBGHC, and learning of the importance of a full -- service facility required for the benefit of our citizens- in all respects, but especially, very critical in recruiting Medical personnel, that they will , with a clear conscience, make a strong recommendation to the Minister of Health, that a dissolution of the ties between Kincardine and the SBGHC must take place as soon as possible.

Council, and the Friends for Separation will, I am sure, continue pursuing this goal as long as necessary until it is achieved.

Ian L Mitchell

Editor Note: All Readers of the Kincardine Times and Saugeen Times should go to the Kincardine Times Town Council Section and see this explosive issue as it has developed.

Nov. 3, 2008

Dear Editor:

I would like to relay my thanks to the United Church and all their youthful volunteers who organized and did the "trick or canning" this past Hallowe'en. Many of us saw some of our "older" youth, in fantastic costumes, walking the neighbourhoods, going door to door, collecting canned goods for the needy. Well done, all.

It also dawned on me that this was a wonderful gift to the youth - not only the gift of helping others, but the gift of being "young" again. Remember when you grew too old to go out on Hallowe'en? Well that joy was extended one more year for many of these teenagers. We saw many of their smiles as some came back to our house for treats and camaraderie when their "work" was done. Well done, all.

Kevin Larson

Nov. 1, 2008

Re: Liberal Candidate's Comments:

I would like to point out an obvious attempt to mislead our community.  Nowhere in his comments does he refer to the Liberal Green Shift or the pending increase in billions of $dollars in carbon taxes.   I believe Jack Layton is right when he says the CARBON tax is the wrong idea at the wrong time ,,, I hope Mr. McClinchey isn't trying to tell us he is going to fight carbon taxes on behalf of his constituents. .

An Informed Saugeen Shores Voter

ED: This was received Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 21:40:42

Hi Sandy:

Unfortunately, the Junior Boys presentation isn't in this set of photos. However, a friend's daughter is in two of the girl's photos, so I will forward these to her.
Thanks for spending the day taking photos of these wonderful athletes and for taking the time to respond to my request. Local papers matter.
Annette Anderson

Oct 31, 2008

Please take the time to let the town office 5l9-832-2008  know why you would like to have local transit.  If we don't speak out it will not happen...............

Heather Wallace


Oct 31, 2008

Dear Sandy;
excellent online newspaper! Better and better all the time,
Lynn Thede

Oct 31, 2008

There's nothing mysterious about mathematics, right?  A lot of people hate it, and many people don't understand it, but nobody thinks it has much in common with ghosts, goblins, or things that go bump in the night.

Actually, math may be the most mystical --- the spookiest --- of all human endeavors.

The mystery comes in when we consider how it's created.  Someone somewhere thinks mathematical thoughts.  If they do it right, truths emerge.

Truths with so much mojo that that the most viciously hateful enimies are compelled to agree on them, when they can't agree on anything else.

Consider these phrases:

P1. A circle.
P2. The locus of points in a plane equidistant from a given point.
P3. A closed planar loop of constant curvature.

All three mean exactly the same thing.  The first two aren't very  difficult. The third requires some knowledge and insight.

Cliff: Saugeen Times Reader in Thailand

Oct 30, 2008

When I was a child, we lived in an ordinary house in a depression ravaged community near Detroit.  The auto industry and then defense gradually lifted the veil of poverty for some.

 Beyond where I lived rich people dwelled in a posh suburb.  They employed black maids.  Most of them took the bus and then walked a mile or two past where I lived to where they did their work. 

I'll never forget them.  For the most part they were middle aged or older women.  Some were very old.  In all seasons they would walk to their work and back taking the bus at the end of the day. 

Nobody ever thought to give them a ride in bad weather.  I can remember most of them walked with a tired gait, eyes down. Some in retrospect had arthritic hips and legs. It made an impression on me. 

Their faces were haggard and they did not talk much to each other.  I would smile at them, if they lifted their eyes and they would smile back without a word passing between us.

It's such a wonderful thing to see Barak Obama and his wife presenting to the world this shining hope for the future... a new Camelot. 

I can imagine the faces on those women from almost 70 years ago.  They would be glowing and their steps would quicken with pride.   If he loses, hope will be lost.   The US has a singular opportunity to lift itself and again be a force for good in the world.  Redemption is not too strong a word, is it?

Looking forward, Southampton

October 29

The Slaters passed on an article from the Telegraph.  It was passed in an email.  The Saugeen Times looked up the original source on the Telegraph web site.  You can get the top 10 articles from the Telegraph and over 200 more from other sources across the world by going to Canadian Community News  We pick new articles as the news breaks in the best sources of real news across the globe and sometimes beyond.  You can find the Bomber Command article in the same way.

Oct 28, 2008

SANDY - another most interesting article, and related content!
Brian  Bomber Command deserves a memorial

Ed. Note: To see the top 10 articles every day from the Telegraph see Canadian Community News

Oct 28, 2008

Letter to the Editor concerning the recent Council Meeting discussion on the Tourist Camp Residents

October 27, 2008

We look forward to your Council Coverage in the Saugeen Times.  It's good to see a few of the Council Members starting to ask questions in open session ... especially Diane Huber who is beginning to come into her own in our opinion.

October 26, 2008

Economic Turmoil facing Ontario by David Trumble

Oct 24, 2008

Thank you, do you a wonderful job, so enjoy the news.
Bev Moulton

Oct 22, 2008

I read with interest your recent article on the medical clinic from Town Council.  Everyone knows doctors are needed so let's look at this another way.

Let's say the Town had set aside $4,000,000 or the raw costs of the two clinics with no ongoing costs.
They could have offered 16 doctors $250,000  in bonuses to come to the area on a five year contract. The doctors could have gotten their own offices built by local companies/real estate investors, who I think would have been glad to have the work and leases by reliable tenants.  The young doctors would have been able to pay rent and pay off what are probably astronomical medical school costs.

Instead, we now have two clinics and are looking at expanding the second one even though it's only been open for a few months.  I realize there is synergy in doctors in close proximity, but this competition in Ontario for doctors is getting out of hand.  We all recognize the need, but if you look at the web every little hamlet is in a race for attracting help with so many not served by doctors and those available overworked.

Why aren't we looking at alternative options that are out there instead of leaping onto an overloaded lily pad that happened to come floating by? I guess it's too late now.

Too late Frugal

Ed Note: Good points... See for their deliberations on a proposed $5,000,000 addition to their medical centre which are causing the same type of cost discusions as occurred in our Council Meeting Monday last  

Oct 22, 2008

Reader responds to Port Elgin Medical Clinic council deliberations report

Young artist presents painting to Christopher Plummer

Oct 21, 2008

 Pump prices vs Crude Oil prices questioned by reader

Oct 20, 2008

Reader points out flaws in Bluewater High School's Funding

Oct 18, 2008

Thanks for your coverage of the first public meeting for the Port Elgin Downtown Community Improvement Plan.  I'm hoping that you will let your readers know that we are looking for their input on a continuing basis.  The Community Improvement Plan Committee is encouraging all residents of Saugeen Shores to visit our website at www.saugeenshorescommunityplan.com to learn more about this project and to participate in our survey. 
Thanks again
Luke Charbonneau  

Oct 17, 2008

Last evening saw the trailer on TVO of this search for the SPITFIRE, and contacted TVO and it will be shown on NOVEMBER 10.


I know there are a lot of folks in this area, and in your reading world, that would like to see it.

I have met many Canadians who served in the Air Forces  and a lot were stationed in Lincolnshire where I came from.

There is also the Foynes Flying Boat Museum in EIRE that we visited this year, where transatlantic flying boats usually landed on their way to Europe.
I will send the reply from TVO

Oct 16, 2008

Good to see you briefly yesterday.  Here is my son-in-laws website where he used your piece on Brian. He speaks about Brain. 

Mary Jane

Ed Note: One of our readers sent in a reference to our story about Brian Keast.  He adds his thoughts on Brian.  It's odd to see our story carry into another person's web site and have that web site refer back to the Saugeen Times.  Anyway, Brian certainly has made an impression on many people

Oct 16, 2008

Dear Sandy

Your publication has been a great supporter of the Saugeen Shores Police K-9 program and I just want to give you a quick up-date about our latest fund raising effort

Ed. Note:  See Police Oct 16 2008 ... Meet Titan's successor on Saturday Oct 18, 2008 

Oct 11, 2008

Glacier on Mt. Ranier

To the editor:

In the summer of 2007, my niece Maija was one of nine young women selected from across North America to study glaciers in Washington State. It's a program called "Girls on Ice."

This fall, she entered her first year at Trent University in Peterborough with a double-major in biological anthropology and international studies.

For the rowers in the crowd, I am very proud to let you know that she also made the Novice Women's Eight rowing team and has pronounced rowing as her new love--above all others.

A Proud Aunt, Laura Robinson

Click on Video


Oct 7, 2008

Troublesome events make reader fear for democracy

Ed. Note:  Please refer to the long letter by Bibianne Bird

Oct 3 5:08 pm, 2008

Dear Editor

It has been two months since Grey Bruce Health Unit advised our Town Council (
see Public Health to Bill Jones letter) that they, under revised Provincial protocols, would no longer be conducting water sample testing on the Southampton and Port Elgin beaches. Our town council simply noted and filed this letter without discussion meaning that no follow up action was planned or directed. Equally disturbing to me is that I do not recall any coverage of this matter in our media nor any public response from the Port Elgin Beachers or the Southampton Residents Association who have championed for more water quality testing - and now have none.

Why is it that something like this can be allowed to fly under the radar screen without any protestation from our elected representatives, the media or resident organizations?

Dunc McCallum

Editor:  You are correct.  We checked  our notes.   The Council seems to have accepted the recommendation without comment.

Oct 3, 2008

Pls check, because the last time I used this (see Saugeen Times Article) facility, I found that yes, you can read your emails and send a reply the way you describe, BUT no record is kept of your sent email. At least you cannot see it thru the bmts facility --maybe it creates a copy on the bmts server, but I think not. Very inconvenient and frustrating when you are far away...

The incoming emails you read while afar sit in your bmts account on the server, so they are there when you return and begin using Outlook Express with normal home connection.

Southampton Snowbird

Technology and Science Writer of the Saugeen Times: Your comments are mostly correct.  You can delete emails, however.  Just check the email and hit the trash can to the right of the message.  I've used this in the past when my email got 'stuck' on the server.  Try it.

 It's an awkward thing about sent emails not being stored, but you can just cc yourself and you'll have a record of the email.  You can do that to your bmts account or cc to a quick to set up Hotmail or gmail account.   That way you'll maintain a record.

The Saugeen Times uses Hotmail and gmail for many reasons.  Bruce Telecom is not the mail server of the world.  Hotmail and gmail are trying to dual each other and achieve that. 

The things that people object to about moving to gmail or Hotmail, when they go away are as follows:

1. The user interface is different.

2.  They have to send a message to all their friends that they have changed email addresses and when they come back do it again. (I'd stick to Hotmail or better still Gmail)

3.  They have to export their addresses and import them in csv format to the new mail facility.  That's easy to do. but somewhat mysterious and the person has to have Excel.  Also, when you come back you have to synchronize them again.

Sadly the industry should have had a virtual email address that could then be direct email from anywhere and not just to johndoe@bmts.com, but to johndoe@anywhere.com.   johndoe@anywhere.com would be like a domain name and could be served by any of the mail services.  You could buy it for life and it would be registered.  It's probably too late for that.

You could say.... get all my messages directed to johndoe@anywhere.com and read them in Outlook, Hotmail, gmail or say Thunderbird which is from Firefox and looks and feels like Outlook

Darn, this should have been an article.  Ok, we'll do that for tomorrow. <smile>

September 29, 2008

I read with interest your take on the financial crisis in the USA and your views on what caused it. You are probably correct in a lot of what you say, but there could be more to the story than meets the eye. Right or wrong, here is another take on it. Click Here

Editor:  Thank you.

September 24, 2008

Norm Charbonneau, of Hi-Berry Farms has presented two proposals for the dangerous crossing of 21 at the Rail Trail near his farm.  Is the Town Council going to give him an official response at any time?

Jogger Port Elgin

Editor: Your answer could come from the Parks and Trails Committee.  See the last Saugeen Times article on the dangerous crossing 

September 21, 2008

Sandy, & now Liz, (my two favourite editors),

I have been clicking onto you all the way through the US of Eh.  I'm sitting here in the Appalachians hotel at 1217 STEWBALL CIRCLE, Kingsport, TN, catching up with you -- and find ----- there is a Kincardine Times now!  Wow!!!

Congrats - BOTH of you. Go for it girls.

Best wishes .... and ... I hope you do well
and ... have FUN.


Mike (Crossling) ...............

Editor:  We will launch the Kincardine Times soon.

September 19, 2008

Hi there. I was intrigued by your
 article: "Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone
 Could do!", especially the business about the
 remote through the cell phone. We tried it at
 home & at first glance, it appeared to be true.
 The trick was that we actually didn't need the
 cell phones, my car would unlock while the remote
 was at the back of the house, whether we used a
 cell phone or not. Once I moved out of range,
 the "trick" didn't work anymore. We searched the
 internet & found that the whole thing is
 essentially a hoax. Some parts are partly true,
 or based on truth, but definitely, the remote-
 thing is a hoax. Thought you'd want to check
 this web site out:

Editor:  Thank you.

September 16, 2008

BRAVO SANDY ! - I could not have read a better synopsis. You certainly did your research on this ! Thanks a million - I look forward to the continuation . Dave Dansereau

Editor: See "A Fight to Save an Endangered Species"

September 16, 2008

When we moved to Southampton in 2001 there was an"unofficial" crosswalk marked across High Street from the Post Office to Duffy's which was working quite well.

Pedestrians, (usually local residents), cautiously studied the traffic before proceeding and more often than not courteous drivers paused to allow a pedestrian to cross safely.  Suddenly one day when I went for my mail, the markings had been "erased" by painting them over with black. When I enquired what had happened I was told that it was too dangerous.

 What a crock! If someone was that concerned all that was needed was a sign at each end, facing the sidewalk warning the 'non-local' pedestrians " CAUTION - Vehicles have right of way". Making it a 4 way stop would open a whole new can of worms for both pedestrians and automobiles.

It's time for some common sense rather than nonsense. We shouldn't have to "bubble wrap" everyone for their own protection.
Doug Smith

Editor:  We don't know why the markings were taken off the corner.  They should be put back.

September 16, 2008

Sandra Lindsay covered the story of the 100th birthday celebration of the ole Life Saving Station (now our cottage) in Southampton.

The event was jointly hosted by the Propeller Club, Marine Historical Society and ourselves.

It was a great event attended by over 100 people.

Sandy did such a good job of reporting.  She was professional in every way, but still warm & friendly -- putting everyone at ease.

Kudos to Sandy and the Times for doing such a good job of reporting on the event in such a fulsome and timely manner.

We are so glad that you decided this was a story worth telling.

Best wishes.

Marilyn & Gerry Stephenson

September 16, 2008

Hi Sandy et. al
   It has been my intention to also send thanks to The Saugeen Times personnel. Good coverage once again for our organization, and very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!!!
Best---------Gordon (Propeller Club)


September 15, 2008

Long Letters concering Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Views   

September 12, 2008

I share the concerns about the safety of the rail trail crossing at Highway 21.  However, it seems almost more perilous to navigate the intersection of High Street and Grosvenor.  I can't count the number of times this summer when I've observed cars stopping on High to let pedestrians across.  Tourists who aren't familiar with this practice are not aware of this 'unofficial cross walk'. It seems only a matter of time, until there is a serious accident at this corner.  Would a simple solution be the creation of a four way stop at this intersection?
Mary Sylver

Editor:  It's quite easy to fix the main cross walk at High and Grovesnor.  Markings would help immediately.  A light would probably produce a severe backup and more troubles, but standard cross walks with even crisscross might be good as suggested by Archie Gillies.  The Town needs a person devoted to traffic concerns.

September 11, 2008

Kudos to Norm Charbonneau for stepping up and taking a first step towards a resolution to the very dangerous rail trail crossing on Hwy 21. It's makes one wonder why this issue was not the number 1 priority of the Parks & Trails Advisory Committee rather than the development of the Copway Trail. 
It is not too late for Council and the Parks & Trails Advisory Committee to prevent a similar very dangerous road crossing situation with the proposed crossing of Bruce Rd 13 for the Copway Trail. The committee contends situating the Copway Trail to cross out of the bush onto the middle of a straightaway section of the road (where cars consistently exceed 80 to 90 km/hr) is safer than crossing at known intersections where drivers would actually expect to see pedestrians and cyclists crossing. But then what else should we expect from a committee that thinks there is a "need" for this trail in the first place! 
The committee claims the trail is needed to provide a connecting link for residents east of Bruce Rd 13 to a beach access point in addition to creating a "looped trail opportunity". This area already has 4 low volume traffic roads within less than a 1 km stretch that provide links to the beach accesses. Perhaps the committee can also clarify for the public how a trail directly from one street down to another creates any kind of a "looped trail" in this area.
Vice Deputy Mayor, Doug Gowanlock has recently been quoted as saying the Parks & Trails Committee is "going to do what we think is doing the most good for the most people". If that is truly the committee's position then one questions why the committee is not recommending to Council to discontinue further development of the Copway Trail and re-allocate the $31,000 projected 2008 budgeted costs for phase 2 &3 towards finding a solution for the Hwy 21 rail trail crossing. 
A safer crossing at Hwy 21 far outweighs the so called "need" of a few residents in one small area of Saugeen Shores to have yet another route to a beach access.
Pat Luscombe

September 11, 2008

Re Norm Charbonneau's request for a study of the rail trail and highway 21 situation and his generous offer for seed money.
I see our decisive mayor wants to wait and see until spring and budget time...has he managed to delay the possibility of any accidents until spring...?
Ian Evans

Editor:  Norm Charbonneu looked puzzled because he did not get any clear direction relative to his offer of $10,000.  We will check on the disposition of the dangerous situation on the Rail Trail H'way 21 crossing

September 11, 2008


I did have a look at your website, and the article about the similar Florida site.  It certainly looks like an attractive solution.

Going underground definitely presents complications because of the water table at the Saugeen Shores site.  I would expect that a similar problem would exist at the Florida site, but perhaps it is less severe, or not an issue at all. 

Judging by the photographs, they may not have had the room to put a bridge at the Florida location, so a tunnel may have been the only practical solution that they were left with.

I would be interested in reviewing any other information you may have on the Florida site.

Thank you for your input.


Editor:    (The above is a note from the Engineer who came with Norm Charbonneau to Monday's Council meeting) Here is our response to him.

They had a lot of room in Florida, but the ramp from both directions afforded easier access to the tunnel because the bike, jogger and walker flow was 90 degrees to the tunnel under the road. 

So people who wanted to cross would come from north south to finally go east west.  The rail trail would be east west and a gradual descent would be what would be required.  Of course core samples would have to be taken to determine water table levels at that spot.

Of course a viable possible solution on H'way 21 is to gradually raise the highway in that area when they go to 4 lanes as they will soon.  It could go up and down in a 500 m area.   It would not have to be drastic as the tunnel could be at ground level or slightly below it.  They will tear up the area anyway, won't they?

September 11, 2008

Summer passed in a whirlwind of events. Now that I have settled into school, I am able to send thank you’s to all that made my summer special. Being interviewed by you was a wonderful experience. I will treasure the memories always. You were very professional and courteous and above all, very kind.

My solo art show at the Southampton Gallery was very successful. I sold 5 original paintings. I had a great time at the Southampton’s 150th Artisans Village. Many people were interested in my painting demonstration. I sold another painting during this show. As you know, I participated in both the Bruce County Art Competition, and a Group Show at Nature’s Millworks in Paisley.

I am currently working on a show at the Victory Café in Toronto. I will also be participating in the Toronto Art Expo in March. My father and I will be exhibiting our work at our home/studio show on November 15 and 16. You are welcome to join us from 1-5p.m.

Thank you very much for your assistance and your support. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.


Courtlandt Swartz

Editor:  See Amazing young artist ....

September 9, 2008

I watched the Town Council meeting on cable Monday night and something was said that triggered something in my memory.

One of the councilors asked someone with the town to report back on the situation with the water intake and what the timeline was regarding completion.

Did the Saugeen Times do an article on this?  I seem to remember something about it.  If so, I think the councilors should be reading this local news source more carefully.

Curious about Council.


You are quite right, we did do an article in which we had interviewed the site supervisor for the project.  Fortunately, nothing ever leaves the Saugeen Times so that, if you go to 'Search' at the top of the index and type in 'water intake', several articles will appear, including the one in question (it's #3 on the list as of this date.  As more are added, it will move).

September 10, 2008

Hi all
If you are looking for something for yourselves or guests to do over the Thanksgiving weekend, you might like to do the "Artists Around the Sound Tour" on October 11th. or 12th. Many of the venues are wonderful.For more information, go to the website below www.artistsaroundthesound.org

Pat Dobec

September 9

Hello Editor,

Laptop vs. Tower article was amazing, informative and just what I was looking for!

The article was easy to understand and best of all - no computer jargon!!

A miracle in this day and age!

Just a question, but would your tech "guru/genius" happen to know of a laptop with a "bigger" screen (say 20"- 22") for those of us that can't handle a small screen due to  low-vision (read: legally blind)…hmmmmmm????

That has always been a draw back to buying a laptop for me ... Any advice????


Mini Jacques

Big fan of the Saugeen Times

Editor:  hello Mini.... The articles are Laptop vs. Tower and have a new one Laptops for the vision impaired.  We are sure you are aware of some of these options, but thought it might help others. 

In the future, devices will detect your aura just like wireless networks do and you'll be able to transfer your interest to large displays.  That is, direct what is on a small display to a huge one!

The Museum should be following this technology because it will come very quickly over the next few years.  We can 'smell' it from both RIM and Apple ... Microsoft is of course working on it too. You should talk to RIM and get to be a 'tester' of this technology.  They might not want to admit what they are working on, however


September 8, 2008

Hi.  I was checking out the paper as I do every day to keep up with the local news.  For the first time I clicked on Videos and was really impressed.  Thanks for the great coverage of our area.    Debra Port Elgin

September 7, 2008

Hi to all working at the Saugeen Times;
just wanted to thank you for the great coverage you've given to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Auxiliary's 20th annual golf tournament - it's so gratifying to see the local support we get and gives us even more reason to keep our efforts going
thanks again,

 Ruth Gilbert, Treasurer, S.M.H.A.

September 6, 2008

Nice article about George Canyon.  Just wanted to update your info.  George didn't "win" Nashville Star - he was runner up in 2003.  Buddy Jewel won that year.  Coming second was in many ways a good thing for him (I think) as it meant he got a huge break in his career while still being able to make his own decisions re: a record label etc.  I wasn't at the Queen's concert but I have flown twice with George - the first being a flight from Toronto to Nashville just prior to the Nashville Star finals being taped.  At that time Maclean's magazine had given him a very brief mention but with the gap between making and broadcasting the show most people didn't know he was in the finals.  He was genuinely surprised when he was recognized during the flight and was so excited about the show.  About a year after his stint on Nashville Star I ran into him, again in Nashville, and he was very generous in taking the time to talk with me and my friends about the highs and the lows in his career after Nashville Star.  I'm so glad he's had the success he's had and that he still manages to fit in really small town shows like the one here in Saugeen Shores. 


Diane Huber


Editor:  Thank you.  We stand corrected


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