A Little Workhorse

Mighty and Practical

This unusual looking right-hand-drive vehicle was spotted in Tara, Bruce County.

It is a 1992 Subaru that will attain speeds of 140 k/h and has a Super Charged 660cc engine that returns 7L/100 km or 40 mpg. It can carry a quad or 1000 lbs of cargo in its 6'4" bed. "It may be tiny," says owner Wayne Smith, "but it really is a little workhorse. It also comes as a small dump truck or even a van and the price is excellent."

Smith, who owns Luxury Imports (importing vehicles), recently moved back to Chesley from Calgary. "These have become very popular in B.C. and Alberta," he added, "and I'm hoping they'll prove the same here. They are ideal for farms where you have to go into town and are also a great little run-about for anyone who does yard/landscaping work."

Collies, Cruiser and Billy don't seem to mind the small size.

For more information, go to www.luxuryimports.ca.

16/04/2009 01:50 PM