Local Ground Water Monitoring Wells Test Higher Than Normal For Sodium


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The Grey Bruce Health Unit received notice from the Provincial Ground Monitoring Network (PGMN) that water samples taken from monitoring wells in the vicinity of Tiverton (Lot 2, Concession 1) and Walkerton (Brant Township, Lot 1, Concession 1) show test results higher than normal for levels of sodium in the ground water aquifer. These sodium concentrations are slightly above the accepted parameters identified in the Ontario Drinking Water Standards.

The PGMN wells are not for drinking water use but for monitoring purposes only.

Municipal water systems, governed under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002, are not part of this program.

The PGMN informs the local health unit whenever samples from monitoring wells exceed parameters set out by the Ontario Drinking Water Standards. Public Health will undertake any necessary actions or notifications should well monitoring identify any health risk.

Homeowners near these monitoring wells, who use private water wells for drinking water purposes, are encouraged to have their wells tested for sodium. Public Health does not provide a water testing service for sodium. Local telephone business directories list private water testing laboratories.
Elevated levels of sodium in their drinking water may affect individuals with hypertension. These individuals may want to contact their health care provider for advice.

The Provincial Ground Monitoring Network is a partnership between the Ministry of the Environment, all 36 Conservation Authorities and 10 municipalities. The program operates 410 monitoring wells province-wide. Information from well monitoring provides base-line groundwater level and quality as well as identifying emerging issues.

For further information, call Public Health at 519-376-9420 or 1-800-263-3456 or visit our website at www.publichealthgreybruce.on.ca

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Friday, November 13, 2009