Local Health Integration Networks Questioned



The Saugeen Times recently received an article, published by the Welland Tribune from one of our readers.

From the link (Welland Tribune), it would appear that Kincardine is not the only area to question the credibility of the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINS) and the role they play in administering health care in the Province.

The Saugeen and Kincardine Times have covered the issue of health care extensively and, in February 2006, reported that, according to Rick Janson, OPSEU representative, "LHINS are far from local and they are now in the process of looking at rationing-down many services. I am telling you (people) to expect major cuts. The LHINS are pushing very hard to cut services in hospitals, especially emergency departments."

At that time, at a meeting in Owen Sound, a retired Public Health Nurse from Kincardine also pointed out the fact that offices have been closed throughout Bruce Grey. "We've had offices closed in Kincardine, Lucknow, Southampton, Port Elgin, Durham, Flesherton and Clarksburg, to name a few.

Now, it would appear from the article recently published in the Welland Tribune, points out that the region of the Province is also questioning the LHINs.

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16/05/2009 09:07 PM

While amalgamation of municipalities was considered to be a good idea at the time and amalgamation of Boards of Education was considered to be a good idea at the time and the establishment of LHINs was considered to be a good idea at the time, it would appear that the fallout is now beginning to be felt all round.

The combining of municipalities' services, although touted as a money-saving concept, has actually turned out to be the opposite. Some municipalities may have benefited, others have actually lost out and, yet, are required to pay for those benefitting.

Boards of Education have become huge empires run as corporations. No longer do local tax dollars go to support local schools. Instead, they go into a pot where they are doled out as deemed suitable by the powers that be.

Education, and the students it serves, has become a commodity where 'decision makers' decide who learns what and where and how. No longer do teachers teach to the student, now they must teach to the system.

Health care today is also about big business. LHINs may be 'integrating' health care services but, at what expense?

Big box stores, big box municipalities, big box education and big box health care ... maybe it's time to start thinking outside ... the big box.

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