Looks like Spring



Submitted by the Man in the Tilley Hat


It's time to get moving stuff around in the garden - and that should get everything well established, given all the rain.

See those small weeds? Get them out of their beds - it's easy to do while they're still young.

Any leaves left on the lawn, or on perennials, rake off ... they will be very wet and solid.

It is still TOO EARLY to plant a lot of annual flowers and veggies outside.

Starting seeds inside now though is great and, by the time they are ready for outside planting, the frosts (maybe) should have gone.

Tomatoes, peppers and delicate herbs are in the garden centres ... but, keep them protected!

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29/04/2009 04:09 PM

Also, harden off any other material that has come directly from a greenhouse although pansies will tolerate a lot of frost -10 and even -15 C.

Geraniums, and stocks ... be careful and they will need night protection.....

The GROUND needs to be warm to get things going (especially transplanting) at about 12 C earth temperature.

Cold weather veggies, such as broad beans, lettuce and peas however, can be put in ... when the ground is nicely workable.

Spring is here and time for planting (almost) ... don't rush it as the nights are still cold.


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