Submitted by the Man in the Tilley Hat


"It's that time of year again", when   'The man in the Tilley Hat' would like to remind everyone about a couple of points or so about EASTER LILIES!

1) Make sure that the Lilies are in Paper sleeves after purchasing, to keep the cold from them, and DO NOT leave in a car when these cold temperatures are still around.

2) Purchase plants that are mostly in bud,' this will give you "value for money", and another tip - remove any STAMENS that are visible (that is those yellow things in the pic! This will increase a longer flowering period.

3) If keeping pot foil on, make sure there are a few holes to allow for drainage from watering, (a saucer or container to catch excess.

4) Have a Happy Easter.

  'The man in the Tilley Hat'

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07/04/2009 04:01 PM


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