McGuinty government provides funding to research renewable energy in Huron County

MPP Carol Mitchell

The Huron Business Development Corporation (HBDC) in partnership with the Centre for Applied Renewable Energy, has received $131,867 as part of a Job Creation Partnership

Program is to fund the full cost of a research project related to green sources of energy. This funding will be provided through the Employment Ontario program under the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.

Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell was on hand at the HBDC's monthly board meeting to make the funding announcement which will allow a group of ten people to research the issues that both encourage and discourage the development of a "green economy" in a rural setting.

Participants of the project will be placed with energy-related organizations and businesses throughout Huron, Bruce, Grey, Lambton, Middlesex, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington counties. They will research and develop programs including proposals to:

  • Adopt renewable energies in rural communities
  • Help rural communities benefit from a "green economy"
  • Chart the carbon footprint of rural Ontario
  • Quantify local climate change

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13/01/2009 04:16 PM




"This funding is further proof of the McGuinty governments willingness to push forward the agenda on green sources of Energy in the province on Ontario." said Huron-Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell. "Both Huron and Bruce countries have been at the leading edge of both the development of technology and construction of these green sources of energy and this announcement further reinforces that fact".

"We at the the Huron Business Development Corporation are extremely pleased to receive this funding from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities." said HBDC Economic Development Manager Paul Nichol. "The funding will allow us to further explore the economic implications of an increased emphasis on green energy in Huron County".

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