Molecular Structure

This column does not have a single author, but is submitted by a number of experts that contribute regularly to our news source.  Some are in Canada, some in the UK and one is in the far east


Our far east science and technology contributor submits a YouTube video of the week showing the dramatic correlation between theoretical molecular structure and actual structure.

It also shows how a huge technological company like IBM maintains scientists doing long range research on subjects that are removed seemingly from the immediate technology that sells.

This is a wonderful thing and it is a remnant of what industrial research was all about years ago with world famous labs like Bell Labs, GM Research, General Electric, IBM and Westinghouse.  The halls of these organizations were walked by Nobel Prize winners past and to be.

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29/08/2009 10:02 AM

The emphasis on short term industrial research with set goals has in a way diminished the output of both long term scientific knowledge and short term spinoffs to technology.

More and more companies have made deals with universities and professors to do short term development for $$.  This has taken the acedemic eye away from theoretical research and may dim the light on the future.


IBM Scientists First to Image the Anatomy of a Molecule  

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