New co-ordinator of Pine River Watershed Initiative Network
By Liz Dadson



Adrienne Mason is the new co-ordinator of the PRWIN

Pine River Watershed Initiative Network environmental stewardship awards are presented to Jim and Elaine Walden (L), Don Cass, Brian and Debbie MacKay and Wally Motz. Absent is Craig Todd of the Bruce Resource Stewardship Network.

Adrienne Mason is the new co-ordinator of the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network (PRWIN).

Originally from Manitoba, the 26-year-old grew up in Port Elgin and now lives in Paisley. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science from Trent University in Peterborough and worked for a year teaching Grades 4/5 at the Applegate School in Paisley. She has just finished a contract as a naturalist at the Inverhuron Provincial Park.

Mason began her new job Sept. 14 and is looking forward to some new challenges. She will be responsible for writing grant proposals and communicating with landowners about protecting water courses throughout the Pine River Watershed.

"I can help out with determiningg the number of trees, the types of trees and where they should be planted, as well as the logistics of tree-planting," she says. She will also be working with contractors on fencing jobs and the construction of cattle-crossings.

In addition, her job entails educational outreach about protecting water quality in the area. She will be going to schools to talk about ecological conservation, attending the water festival, speaking to conservation groups, and making presentations about the Pine River Water Initiative Network.

Her contract position begins with a three-month probation and will likely extend for a year as part of the federal government's Eco-Action grant program.

Mason was at the Ripley Fall Fair, speaking to people about water quality.

Also at the fair, the Pine River Watershed Initiative Network presented its third annual Environmental Stewardship awards, sponsored by Ontario Power Generation. The awards are given in appreciation for efforts to improve the Pine River Watershed ecosystem and improve the water quality in the Pine River.

This year's recipients are:

*Bruce Resource Stewardship Network - Over the past three years, it has provided funding for PRWIN's projects, including more than 12,000 trees, cattle exclusion fencing and sign construction. It has arranged for volunteers in the Stewardship Rangers program to come here for the past two years and help with tree planting, mulching, fence-mending, clearing and maintenance. It assists projects, such as the Greenways Initiative that wishes to build wildlife corridors along the Pine River and serves as a professional resource for the PRWIN.

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29/09/2009 10:25 PM

*Brian MacKay - Brian has created the largest single tree-planting project by retiring about eight acres and planting 6,200 trees. He has helped with the planting, supplied his tractor for the river cattle crossing and has continued to care for the newly-planted trees. As a member of the Lions Club, he and fellow club members have been a good source of volunteer help.

*Jim Walden - Jim's farm is close to where branches of the Pine River meet on the lower 6th Concession. He has retired some of his farmland and planted about 2,700 trees. The trees have done well thanks to his continued time, effort and the use of his equipment to keep the grass cut.

*Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Zone H, as represented by Walter and Elva Motz - Thanks to Wally and Elva Motz, the volunteers have been well fed. They have provided funds, organized equipment and rallied, rain or shine, to make sure 4-H, Lions Club, Stewardship Rangers and all other volunteers were well cared for. They model community support to improve the water quality in the Pine River.

*Don Cass - Don has both farm and cottage property. As the representative from the Bruce Beach Association right from PRWIN's beginning in 2000, and from his years as a township councillor, he has been a steady voice of encouragement and has put in many, many volunteer hours for activities related to improving water quality. He acted again this year by taking land he was planning to develop and covering it with newly-planted trees instead.

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