Ninth Annual Saugeen Youth Pow-Wow


9th Annual Saugeen Youth Pow-Wow a Success

Sidney Copegog

Wayne Mixemong of Christian Island

Drums throbbed throughout the day as native dancers, from throughout Ontario, came together for the 9th Annual Saugeen Youth Pow-Wow held at the James Mason Centre at Saugeen First Nation on Saturday.

Young, old and in-between, in traditional dress, they danced to the drums.  The youth whirled and twirled energetically while those from the older generations were more sedate in their movements.

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Beauty & Grace

All Ages Dance the Circle

Twenty Three Month Old Ava Johnson in her Jingle Dress

Focus is Everything

While dancing was the core of the afternoon, there was also fun in the form of games, that included bingo and spot dances and, as always, delicious food.

"It's been a very successful pow-wow," said Chief Randal Kahgee.  "We have visitors and dancers who have come from many communities and it's good to see many of our young people following in traditional dances