O'Keefe Landscaping is making its mark on the footprint of Saugeen Shores.

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 A low-maintenance design that perfectly answers the needs of the client

O'Keefe Landscaping is making its mark on the footprint of Saugeen Shores.

The company, started by the young couple, Sean O'Keefe and Katrina Edward, a little over a year ago, have already created some of the most interesting and dramatic landscaping in the area.

O'Keefe's interest in landscaping began as early as 16 years of age. His parents had a landscaping company work on their own yard and the then-young O'Keefe began helping by lifting brick. He joined the horticultural program at his local high school and, when his peers were still unsure of their career path, O'Keefe says he always knew what he wanted to do. "I was absolutely sure that I wanted to be involved in horticulture and landscaping," he says.

While in high school, he worked as a co-op student with 'high-end' landscaping companies in Toronto, absorbing all the knowledge that he could and, then went on to Centennial College where he studied Landscape Management.

"He'll never tell you," says wife Katrina Edward, "but he won two landscaping awards in 1989 and 1990 and also oversaw all of Casino Windsor's landscape design and maintenance."

The young couple made the decision to move to Saugeen Shores to raise their young two-year-old son, Luke, and O'Keefe began work with a local landscaping company, until he and his wife decided to branch out on their own.

One of their most recent designs in Southampton is about to be submitted to the Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence. "I try to work with the client(s) and design around their lifestyle and their vision of their own surroundings," says O'Keefe. "This particular project in Southampton had to be low-maintenance and yet be a place where they could entertain."

The result is a circular, sunken fire-pit area with carefully hand-cut circular stone. Surrounding the area are natural grasses and large 'lava-like' rock with small plantings of 'hens 'n' chicks' in their crevasses and all are set in river rock ... no grass in this yard.

The back deck of the home overlooks the entire setting that also includes a hand-crafted pergola and patio with a privacy fence of Mennonite crafted white cedar.  Across the back of the fence are crab apple trees that will have pink and white blossoms.

To one side of the fire-pit is a small natural stone pond. O'Keefe had a huge stone drilled through the centre which was turned into a fountain.

The owner of the property says that as far as he is concerned, O'Keefe is the 'Michaelangelo of Stone'. "We knew exactly what we wanted and every day we step out on to our deck and find it."

For more information, contact (519)378-3222.

The exquisite hand-crafted pergola and fence designed by O'Keefe and built by local craftsmen

The young couple works in every facet of their business

 A natural stone water-feature adds sound to the garden

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Thursday, October 22, 2009