Out 'n' About Continued Part 1


January 24th, 2008

Met a man on the street recently returned from Singapore.  He says he checked in with the Saugeen Times while there.  We've noticed that we have regular readers from the Orient.


Does anyone know the term "Saugeener" as it refers to a local snowstorm?

When I moved to Southampton  25 years ago, I was told that a  Saugeener was a snowstorm lasting at least three days with poor visibility. I remember being in Don Tew's barbershop on the High Street on the third day of a Saugeener, wondering when it was going  to end. I can't recall another one Perhaps a reader might have a story to tell.

John Weichel

The Saugeen Track Club (see sports)

The Saugeen Track Club kids and volunteers  are unsung heroes.  They send more kids to school on scholarships than any other volunteer group in the area and they receive less press.  Kids are Pan-Am game, winners, Canadian Olympic Team Members and much more. They also stay fit and have fun. We are going to feature the Track Club, which is one of the best in Canada and the world.  Stay tuned...


Southampton Market

Stopped in to the Southampton Market to browse today.  What a vibrant place and what fun even in winter!  I went to the book store and took a look at the books.  They have a section that seems to specialize in books by area authors. 

I looked at the tools too.  I could buy a Robertson Green Screwdriver, that is made to reach for two feet.


Herb Johnston Dies

The Propeller Club reports that Herb Johnston died.  He is remembered as the Beach Bowling Alley Proprietor by many in Southampton.  He did the weaving of the Storm Signal in Pioneer Park while Russ Robinson did the rigging.  Bob Trelford's father used to set the signals.  Visitation at Eagleson's tomorrow, Friday January 18th, 2008.  Funeral United Church Southampton at 2 pm Saturday


An Out 'n' About Guide

We talked to a octogenarian today who wants to start a limo tour business this summer.  He'd be the guide and take tourists on a real tour of Bruce County. 

This man has ideas galore and energy to match.


Twinkling Lights

Well, the ball has begun rolling! 

I approached several businesses on High St. today (Monday ) about reviving the twinkling light tradition for summer and they thought it a wonderful idea and will be taking part.

I think it's an opportunity to really make Southampton shine!  It also illustrates to visitors how, as a community, we are different. (Read More)

Sandy/Editor Saugeen Times


Note from the North Shore

Deer are a common -- and welcome -- sight on the North Shore of Southampton. Day or night, they often cross the road in front of us. And often their tracks can be found in the cedars around our cottage. But there was a touch of sadness to a walk we took with our grandchildren along the shore on Sunday. First, the children found a dead deer, reduced to little more than bones, lying on the rocks out from where the shore used to be.

Then, a few hundred feet ahead, another dead deer lying in the cedars just above the old shoreline. It had not been dead for long. Perhaps it was just sleeping? No, it was dead, as the children soon determined. A few weeks ago, in almost the same area, the same children found a pile of bones of a smaller, four-legged animal.

John Weichel

Thanks.... John.  How about some flying squirrel pictures?


Nice to see the beaches and songs of summer.

 Artists Jean Chapple & Laura Brown


Hidden Art on the east wall of the new Shopper's Drug Mart near the 'Plex'.  Note Chantry Island in the background, with characteristic clouds forming.


Groyne Protects HMS General Hunter Shipwreck on Southampton Beach Wrecked in August 1816 shown on Jan. 9, 2008

This famous ship fought in the War of 1812 and was built in 1806


The Canadian Federation of University Women,

As a male, I thought the movie and questions afterward at the Museum last night were revealing.  I've never attended something where such good questions were asked of the speaker.  In this case it was film producer and creator of the play.  Hats off to the CFUW.  What an interesting group!  Too bad more men did not attend. (See First Nations for the story)


Lake Levels

January 8th 2008  Wayne MacDonald on a walk on the north shore notes that the lake levels are very low.  This is verified by the US Army Corp of Engineers report that shows lake levels near the 1964 low for this time of year.  Note that the chart is in pdf format and can be magnified.  See Chart


Ross DeLong, when he was over 90 was asked as a  lifetime resident of Southampton: "What do you remember most about the area?"  Without a pause he answered:  "The Wind"  That sure is true today January 9th, 2008


Tour Ship Columbus Visits Tobermory

Did you know that a German Cruise Ship comes to Tobermory each year?  It's a magnificent ship.  The picture above was made at Tobermory last summer.   For details click  Hapag-Lloyd Cruise Lines


Double Helix Sculpture in Winter  Bruce County Museum


John Weichel Captured this Winter Scene on the Shore Road.  It must be Liz Ritchie 'Out and About'


What?  A New MacDonald's?


A Fireplace Too?

McDonald's Restaurant in Port Elgin has undergone a major transformation.

Ceramic tile paths lead visitors to the order counter that now features new touch-screen computers. The interior has also been updated in beige and chocolate brown accessories.

Gone are the old tables to be replaced by fashionable booth-style seating. A fireplace with a cozy arrangement for two complete with bucket chairs makes the former restaurant seem more like a lounge.

On the other side of the fireplace wall is a huge flat-screen television where stools surround a marble-topped table. A stone wall and art work complete a picture far more elegant than any McDonald's this writer has been in.

McDonald's Port Elgin has moved into a new style that will definitely appeal to the more adult of its customers. The kids however, will still find the Big Mac and fries the main attraction.


(next column)


The Latent Musician

... another story that shows age means nothing, when spirit is there.  A septuagenarian friend just returned from Myrtle Beach.  He's taken up the drums and for the last 5 years has been playing all over the place. 

While in the south, he hooked up with groups of experienced musicians for gigs near Myrtle Beach.  One of the men he met is in his 80's and played with many of the big bands.  He got a call from a touring band to join them on the road.  Our 'Seventies Man' had to run.  He had to play someplace.


Here is another Cruise Ship that wends its way into Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.  The ship is the wonderful Le Levant as seen from John and Jean Weichel's deck in Tobermory  For More details on the ship (read more)


North Shore Beach Art with a Purpose

John Weichel


Brigantine Pathfinder w/Chanticleer in the Background

Used for sail training for youths.   For more on Chanticleer see below:


Photo to the left from John Weichel at his Tobermory cottage

Flag: Canada
Rig: Brigantine
Homeport: Toronto , Ontario , Canada Normal cruising waters: Great Lakes Sparred length: 72'
LOA: 60'
LOD: 58'
LWL: 45'
Draft: 8'
Beam: 15' 3"
Rig height: 54'
Freeboard: 4'
Sail area: 2,600 square feet
Tons: 31.63 GRT
Power: 150 HP diesel
Hull : Steel


Langford's Love Chanticleer

Frances Langford was married three times, but her real love was the 108 foot Chanticleer.

If you are beyond a certain age, you will remember the lovely Francis Langford as a songstress, Hollywood beauty and partner with Don Ameche in long-running radio skits.

Picture at the left taken by Jean Weichel from their deck in Tobermory as Chanticleer heads for the Little Tub.


Southampton Garden Jan 9th 2008. 

Where did winter go?


Global Warming?

The picture above shows our snowbirds how strange the weather has been of late.  All the snow is gone and we've had tremendous rain, followed by high winds.  Nature seems to pair lots of rain followed by big winds.  The topic of interest every day at the Post Offices seems to have shifted this week from aches and pains and who is getting tested for what to the ever popular weather.


Who Has an Iron Pot?

We note in Classifieds that one of our most astute neighbors needs an Iron Frying Pan.  Let's get him one readers.  What is he up to now?


How strong is the wind today?  Environment Canada says it is gusting to 74 km/h, which seems low.  Looking at the satellite view, we see a large counterclockwise rotation of the cloud cover with the Bruce being out on the rim which is where the action is.  I judged the wind by the wave height looking over the lake near the range light.

Also, I see how far my barbecue has been moved.  Today it was moved a meter and the cover torn off.  That's a Bruce County wind!


What is as Cute as a Baby Clydesdale?

Liz Ritchie Shown with one of her Clydesdales

What a ham eh?  Look at those eyelashes! (see more)



Jan 1, 2008 Too Tired To Walk


Bracing Against the Wind Jan, 1st 2008


Even in winter, gardens hold a beauty all their own


Art School Renovation

Exterior Front

Interior Renovation

The Southampton Art School is having more than just a facelift. It is undergoing a complete re-do from top to bottom. Brian Cleaver, a volunteer who is overseeing the project and acting as liaison with the trades says that, "The building is absolutely amazing! It's over a century old and we only found one small six-foot length of wood that had any dry-rot. It truly is a remarkable example of the building crafts of the time!"

Using local trades people and craftsmen, the School is being outfitted with a complete new interior and windows as well as a new heating and air conditioning system.

It is expected to be completed by March 31 of this year.



Gould Lake by John Weichel  In the large picture everything is levitating


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