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December 17, 2012

Out 'n' About 'tis the season for giving Read More

December 13, 2012

Out 'n' About Meet the new owners Read More

December 11, 2012

Out 'n' About   Christmas pictures Out 'n' About  Read More

December 9 2012

Out 'n' About Santa & elf visit Southampton businesses Read More

December 6, 2012

Out 'n' About Kentucky Fried Chicken flies the coop Read More

Out 'n'About Lights at night  Read More

December 3, 2012

Out 'n' About Salvation Army receives donation Read More

December 2, 2012

Out 'n' about   Herman Roote Photography Read More

Out 'n' about Lights continue for Southampton  Read More

November 29, 2012

Out `n` About Ted Quennel helps Point Clark Lighthouse Read More

November 25, 2012

Out 'n' about Christmas brings out the best in volunteerism  Read More

November 23, 2012

Out 'n' About Point Clark Imperial Tower prepares for winter. Read More

November 19, 2012

Out 'n' about Lake level continues to drop  Read More

Out 'n' about A year for wild turkeys!  Read More

November 18, 2012

Out 'n' about Barns that are becoming rare  Read More

November 13, 2012

Out 'n' about New look excites owners, staff and customers  Read More

November 8, 2012

Out 'n' About Turkeys, turkeys, everywhere in Southampton!  Read More

November 5, 2012

Out 'n' About Facelifts underway in Southampton  Read More

November 4, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography  Read More

November 3, 2012

Out 'n' about in Port Elgin  Read More

October 30, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography  Read More

October 26, 2012

Out 'n' about Autumn Photos by Jadzia von Heymann  Read More

October 20, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography  Read More

Out 'n' about Sauble Beach area dressed in gold  Read More

October 15, 2012

Out 'n' About Colours of fall by Crossling  Read More

October 10, 2012

Out 'n' About(s)  in Saugeen Shores Read More

October 7, 2012

Out 'n' about Rattler in Southampton!  Read More

October 4, 2012

Out 'n' about Incredible colours of nature  Read More

October 3, 2012

Out 'n' about at Pumpkinfest 2012   Read More

September 30, 2012

Out 'n' about Southampton Town Hall work continues  Read More

September 29, 2012

Out 'n' About Day one at Pumpkinfest in Port Elgin a smashing hit!  Read More

Out 'n' About  Port Elgin United Church held a mammoth Harvest Dinner Read More

September 28, 2012

Out 'n' about Beauty and the ... butts   Read More

September 27, 2012

Out 'n' About   Moms and Tots are on track! Read More

September 26, 2012

Out 'n' About Fall colours begin to show, fall harvest under way  Read More

Out 'n' about   First Signs of Pumpkinfest   Read More

September 25, 2012

Out 'n' about in Port Elgin  Read More

September 23, 2012

Out 'n' about Weather co-operates for fishing and building  Read More

Out 'n' about A morning in Lion's Head on Bruce Peninsula  Read More

September 16, 2012

Out 'n' About  Snider House ready for fall Read More

September 12, 2012

Out 'n' about   It's underway!!  Read More

September 9, 2012

Out and About Couple photographed at Chantry Island's last trip this year Read More

Out 'n' about Slow traveller spotted on Hwy. 21 in Southampton  Read More

September 4, 2012

Out 'n' About  'Dog Days of Summer'  Read More

August 27, 2012

Out 'n' About End of August fast approaching  Read More

August 21, 2012

Out 'n' about A Saturday night stroll at Port Elgin Harbour  Read More

August 15, 2012

Out 'n' About(s)  in Southampton Read More

August 8, 2012

Out 'n' about in Saugeen Shores  Read More

August 1, 2012

Out 'n' about(s)  Southampton weekends are often busy Read More

July 30, 2012

Out 'n' about  Herman Roote Photography Read More

Out 'n' about July 30 Happy Birthdays!   Read More

July 27, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography of Saugeen Ojibway Nation  Read More

July 25, 2012

Out 'n' about Port Elgin Harbour a busy place in the summer  Read More

July 22, 2012

Out 'n' about at recent Bruce Power Beach picnic  Read More

July 21, 2012

Out 'n' about First time on a beach  Read More

July 20, 2012

Out 'n' about Sunset over Miramichi in Saugeen Shores  Read More

July 16, 2012

Out 'n' About Tropical temperatures bring unusual sightings  Read More

July 12, 2012

Out 'n' about    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!   Read More

July 10, 2012

Out 'n' about  Fairy Lake a summer jewel Read More

Out 'n' about   Summer in Saugeen Shores  Read More

Out 'n' about Southampton sunsets   Read More

July 8, 2012

Out 'n' about Visitors at Denny's Dam   Read More

July 6, 2012

Out 'n' About(s) in Saugeen Shores Read More

July 2, 2012

Out 'n' About Reader with a sense of humour  Read More

Out 'n' About Herman Roote Photography   Read More

Out 'n' About(s) July long weekend in Saugeen Shores Read More

June 25, 2012

Out 'n' about(s)  From Southampton to Port Elgin Read More

June 24, 2012

Out and About Young couple get engaged on Chantry Island Read More

June 21, 2012

Out 'n' about  Birds of Maramichi Read More

Out 'n' About Road work and rainstorm  Read More

June 19, 2012

Out 'n' About  Southampton wedding complete with piper Read More

June 17, 2012

Out 'n' about(s)   Read More

June 15, 2012

Out 'n' about Summer construction  Read More

June 14, 2012

Out and About   A new look underway for shopping plaza Read More

June 11, 2012

Out 'n' about  Herman Roote Photography  Read More

Out 'n' about Summer has arrived in Saugeen Shores  Read More

June 6, 2012

Out 'n' about  Chantry Island getting annual spring cleaning Read More

June 5, 2012

Out 'n' about Low water on Lake Huron  Read More

June 1, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography  Read More

May 21, 2012

Out 'n' about Sure signs of summer on a long weekend  Read More

May 20, 2012

Out 'n' about  Perfection comes in many forms Read More

May 17, 2012

Out 'n' about Probus cleans up!  Read More

May 15, 2012

Out 'n' about  Herman Roote Photography  Read More

May 9, 2012

Out 'n' about Spring begins a busy season for weekends  Read More

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography   Read More

May 8, 2012

Out 'n' about Spring brings people out  Read More

May 6, 2012

Out 'n' about A streak in the sky   Read More

May 4, 2012

Out 'n' about  Only minutes apart, weather is totally different  Read More

May 3, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote captures birds  Read More

May  1, 2012

Out 'n' about Demolition begins on abandoned gas bar  Read More

April 26, 2012

Out 'n' about(s) Wildlife spotted within town  Read More

April 25, 2012

Out 'n' about  Herman Roote Photography of Saugeen Ojibway Nation Read More

April 21, 2012

Out 'n' about Cadets hold fundraiser  Read More

April 20, 2012

Out 'n' about  St. Andrew's has new Fall Read More

April 16, 2012

Out 'n' About Fan attends winning game  Read More

April 15, 2012

Out 'n' about   Osprey returning to Bruce County? Read More

April 14, 2012

Out 'n' about    High on towers to dance awards Read More

April 9, 2012

Out 'n' about  Easter weekend busy time in Saugeen Shores Read More

April 8, 2012

Letters Reader pleased with public discussion on DGR  Read More

April 7, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography  Read More

April 5, 2012

Out 'n' about  A spring full moon Read More

March 31, 2012

Out 'n' about  Fish leap dams to move up river Read More

March 27, 2012

Out 'n' about   by Herman Roote  Read More

March 21, 2012

Out 'n' About  Mock lockdown at local high school Read More

March 19, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography  Read More

Out 'n' about  Reader & photographer is Out 'n' About Read More

March 15, 2012

Out 'n' about  Florida reader is out 'n' about  Read More

The two winners for March 14 are: Rick Siekierzycki of Allenford and Nancy Ottewell of Owen Sound.

Andrea La Blance

March 14, 2012

Out 'n' about Scenes of Nature  Read More

March 8, 2012

The winners for the Rotary Draw are Carolyn Day, of Southampton and George Matheson of Southampton.

Andrea La Blance

Out 'n' about  Worm Moon of March Read More

March 3, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photographs snowy owl  Read More

February 29, 2012

The two winners for today's draw are Bill Verkerke of Southampton and Mike Dickson of Southampton.

Andrea La Blance

February 26, 2012

Out 'n' about   Church chili a hit!  Read More

February 25, 2012

Out 'n' about  February 25 2012 Read More

February 22, 2012

Out 'n' About Google Doodle  Read More

February 21, 2012

Out 'n' about  Southampton Legion announces winner Read More

February 20, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote's 'Beyond Beauty!  Read More

Out 'n' about  Herman Roote Photograph Read More

February 19, 2012

Out 'n' about  MPP at Southampton's new expanded lab facility  Read More

February 13, 2012

Out 'n' about Winds and waves on Lake Huron  Read More

February 11, 2012

Out 'n' about An unusual sighting  Read More

February 7, 2012

Out 'n' about  Majestic eagle spotted in Southampton Read More

February 5, 2012

Out 'n' about The 'birdman of ... Florida'  Read More

February 3, 2012

Out 'n' about    Eagles captured by photo soaring above Lake Huron Read More

February 2, 2012

Out 'n' about Construction up-date in Saugeen Shores  Read More

January 30, 2012

Out 'n' about  Volunteers respond to false alarm Read More

January 27, 2012

Out 'n' About Winter brings out the unusual  Read More

Out 'n' About Capturing the beauty of winter  Read More

January 23, 2012

Out 'n' about Herman Roote Photography  Read More

January 22, 2012

Out 'n' About(s) Winterfest 2012 at Sauble Beach  Read More

January 19, 2012

Out 'n' about Photography by Herman Roote of Saugeen First Nation  Read More

January 18, 2012

Out 'n' about Past and present  Read More

January 16, 2012

Out 'n' About  Sprucing up for spring Read More

January 15, 2012

Out 'n about'  Photography by Herman Roote of Saugeen First Nation Read More

January 12, 2012

Out 'n' about Unusual January sunset  Read More

January 11, 2012

Out 'n' about A sunny 'winter' day? Read More

January 10, 2012

Out 'n' about  No winter conditions Read More

January 9, 2012

Out 'n' About What's in a name?  Read More

January 7, 2012

Out 'n' about Chi-cheemaun ready for another season  Read More

January 3, 2012

Out 'n' about Construction continues despite cold temperatures  Read More

December 30, 2011

Out 'n' about  A sign of things to come? Read More

December 28, 2011

Out 'n' about Weather makes a difference  Read More

December 18, 2011

Out 'n' about Unusual Christmas decorations  Read More

December 13, 2011

Out 'n' about Community comes together at Christmas  Read More

December 10, 2011

Out 'n' about Lighting needs work  Read More

Out 'n' About  Christmas lights in Bruce County Read More

December 6, 2011

Out 'n' about(s) First days of December  Read More

December 3, 2011

Out 'n' About Spotted the night of Santa's parade in Southampton  Read More

December 1, 2011

Out 'n' About Insurance brokers help Goderich  Read More

November 24, 2011

Out 'n' About Southampton hospital begins renovations  Read More

Out 'n' About Birthdays 'n' Barometers   Read More

November 23, 2011

Out 'n' about Women's Probus Club holds year-end luncheon  Read More

November 22, 2011

Out 'n' about Demolition on Southampton High Street  Read More

November 17, 2011

Out 'n' about Canadian Tire moving quickly forward  Read More

November 10, 2011

Out 'n' about Wild dog spotted north of river  Read More

Nov 9, 2011

Out 'n' about Do you know the answer?  Read More

Nov. 7, 2011

Out 'n' about at Denny's Dam  Read More

Nov. 6, 2011

Out 'n' about Saugeen River a hive of activity in the fall  Read More

Nov. 2, 2011

Out 'n' about Unusually warm temperatures November 1, 2011  Read More

Oct 29, 2011

Out 'n' about on the weekend October 29, 2011  Read More

October 25, 2011

Out 'n' about  A sure sign of summer's end Read More

October 23, 2011

out 'n' about  Construction goes forward Read More

October 19, 2011

Contributor Carol Walberg submits this super slow motion video of an Eagle Owl.  Click Here

Oct 13, 2011

Out 'n' about Business Mixers continue  Read More

Oct 13, 2011

Out 'n' About Construction continues in Saugeen Shores  Read More

October 12, 2011

Out 'n' About A new shipwreck? Read More

October 11, 2011

Out 'n' about   The Hunter Moon of fall Read More

October 6, 2011

Out 'n' about Armen's closes for the season ...  Read More

October 6, 2011

Out 'n' about  Kids run at Saugeen Bluffs Read More

October 6, 2011

Out 'n' about  Unusually warm temperatues Read More

October 3, 2011

Out 'n' about(s)  Toronto reader submits photo of one of Saugeen Shores' own  Read More

October 2, 2011

Out 'n' about Rare sites at Pumpkinfest 2011  Read More

September 26, 2011

Out 'n' about  Volunteers remove Chantry Island docks before winter Read More

September 25, 2011

Out 'n' About Warm fall days at Southampton Harbour Read More

September 18, 2011

Out 'n' about Local family off to Italy  Read More

September 15, 2011

Out 'n' about September 15, 2011  Read More

September 12, 2011

Out 'n' About Summer ends  Read More

September 9, 2011

Out 'n' about Feathered Passenger   Read More

August 25, 2011

Out 'n' about Wildlife in Saugeen Shores  Read More

August 19, 2011

Out 'n' about Sunsets ... some vibrant some crisp & clear  Read More

August 17, 2011

Out 'n' about  Fire Remnants August 17, 2011 Read More

August 16, 2011

Melanie Cooper (second to right) of Bruce Power, presents a cheque for $500 to members of the Kincardine Special Olympics for their 11th Annual Fund-raising Golf Tournament held Aug. 17 at Ainsdale Golf Course. Proceeds from this event will help support local athletes at the Special Olympics Winter Provincials Games in Thunder Bay in January, 2012.

Accepting the cheque are Cassandra Ritchie (L), Donald Weatherhead, Amy Boudrais, Bethany Collins, Jackie MacDonald, Marianne Stewart and Randy Smith

August 12, 2011

Out 'n' about Helicopter repairs  Read More

August 1, 2011

Out 'n' about  Saugeen Summers are  busy Read More

July 23, 2011

Out 'n' about   July 23rd weekend Read More

July 21, 2011

Out 'n' about Summer sightings  Read More

July 18, 2011

Out 'n' about  Antique Show July 16, 2011  Read More

July 17, 2011

Out 'n' about  July 15th weekend in Port Elgin  Read More

July 14, 2011

In Miramichi Bay taken Wednesday, a Bald Eagle lands to devour his lunch. Photo by Carol Walberg

July 13, 2011

Out and About Summer Sailing School in Owen Sound  Read More

July 10, 2011

This is a photo of one of the few Great Blue Heron nests on Chantry Island, Mother is guarding baby in the nest below.

 Photo  by Carol Walberg

July 3, 2011

Out 'n' About July 1st weekend  Read More

June 28, 2011

Out 'n' About  Read More

June 27, 2011

Out 'n' abouts   Read More

June 26, 2011

Out 'n' About   Annual Propeller Club Garage Sale Read More

June 18, 2011

Mother Egret on Chantry Island guards her nest and protects her young (photo Carol Walberg)

Victoria Arvanitis, Marilyn Stephenson and Jane Kramer take a well deserved coffee break after cleaning the Keeper's Quarters and Lighthouse tower on Chantry Island

Photo by Carol Walberg

June 14, 2011

Out 'n' about Same time, two scenes  Read More

June 14, 2011

The wet spring had made sprouting walnuts to grow deep tap roots

June 13, 2011

Reflection at Chantry Island by Carol Walberg

June 3, 2011

Out 'n' About The first week of June  Read More

May 22, 2011

Out 'n' About   May 24th weekend a major fundraiser for P.R.A.N.C.E. Read More

May 14, 2011

Out 'n' about  Cleaning up  Read More

May 12, 2011

Out 'n' About(s)   Read More

May 7, 2011

Out 'n' About   Read More

May 1, 2011

Out 'n' about  Leaping into summer ... brrrrrr! Read More

April 27

The two winners of our Rotary Draw were; Paul Kelly of Southampton and Brian Doherty of Ottawa.
Andrea La Blance

April 26, 2011

Out 'n' About  Easter weekend 2011 Read More

April 23, 2011

Out 'n' about Museum a busy place  Read More

April 20, 2011

Out 'n' About  in Saugeen Shores Read More

April 17,  2011

Out 'n' About   Read More

April 4, 2011

Glint of early morning sunshine on the solar panels attracts photographer Carol Walberg's camera

March 27, 2011

Out 'n' about  Spring Snows Read More

March 24, 2011

Out 'n' about Spring brings high rivers   Read More

March 18, 2011

Out 'n' About Local connection to earthquake  Read More

March 17, 2011

Out 'n' about  Sun brings people and dogs to the harbour Read More

March 14, 2011

Sometimes we are Out 'n' About on YouTube and we see something that you should see too.  Here Bach's Toccata and fugue in D minor-Bach-BWV 565 arranged for glass harp.  This will open in a new window Click Here


March 11, 2011

Out 'n' about Perfect snowfall for some couples Read More

March 10, 2011

Out 'n' about Very unusual signage in the south  Read More

March 8, 2011

Out 'n' about  Fender bender & turkeys  Read More

March 5, 2011

Out n about  A beauty spotted south of Port Elgin Read More

March 2, 2011

Out 'n' About Winter conditions continue  Read More

February 27, 2011

Another winter sunset by Nancy Calder

February 26, 2011

Out 'n' About  Unusual winter colours Read More

February 25, 2011

Out 'n' about  Youth today Read More

February 17, 2011

The two winners of our Rotary Draw were; John Thornburn of Paisley and Sally Grein of Southampton.
Andrea La Blance

February 6, 2011

Chantry Island

Photo by Carol Walberg on Feb. 4, 2011

Feb 5, 2011

Draw winners of last Wed. Feb.2
But here they are:
Andy Lucas and Don Shular.

Andrea La Blance


February 2, 2011

Out 'n' about  Groundhog Day brings winter storm Read More

January 27, 2011
out 'n' about  Rotary gets new members Read More

January 27, 2011

The two Rotary Draw Winners for this week are: Kathy Ellis of Port Elgin and A. McPhee of Allenford.
Thanks Sandy.
Andrea La Blance

January 26, 2011

Out n about  Rotary helps support SDSS shop Read More

January 25, 2011
Out 'n' about   OPG helps birders' 2011 festival Read More

January 23, 2011
Out 'n' about   Winter light along the trail   Read More

January 23, 2011

Out 'n' about   At the mouth of the Saugeen River Read More

January 18, 2011

Where is all my bird seed going? .....

AHA!  Not even a spotlight scares this big fella!


A racoon visitor Submitted by Betty Bender of Southampton in Saugeen Shores on Lake Huron

January 17, 2010

Out 'n about   in Saugeen Shores Read More
Out 'n' about  Snow and more snow Read More

January 14, 2011


Out 'n' About Snowy streams  Read More

January 1, 2011

Happy New Year from "Saugeen Times South!"
Hope Mortimer's got his sunscreen on!

Best in 2011
Pat Barry and Tuffy Ruhl
Fort Myers Beach

December 31, 2010

Out 'n' about   Warm temperatures making a difference Read More

December 29, 2010

Tonight's sunset across the ice mountains December 29, 2010 Carol Walberg.  Click for larger image


December 28, 2010

Out 'n' about Unusual sightings  Read More

December 27, 2010

Out 'n' about Dressing for winter  Read More

December 16, 2010

 Out 'n' about Halfway through December and snow mountains Read More

December 15, 2010

The well known 'Sign Guy' in the Christmas Parade

Photo by Marvin Doran

December 12, 2010

Out 'n' about  Christmas means giving and get-togethers Read More

December 10, 2010

Out 'n' about  ... on the town Read More

December 3, 2010

Out 'n' about Winter continues to make presence felt Read More

November 30, 2010

Out 'n' about Lakeshore 'bike' trail a popular venue  Read More

November 29, 2010

Out 'n' about  Owen Sound also undergoes infrastructure work Read More

November 26, 2010

Out 'n' about  A blast of winter Read More

November 18, 2010

Out 'n' about   Santa makes an early appearance Read More

November 17, 2010

Out 'n' about  High winds on Wednesday November 17 Read More

November 12, 2010

Out 'n about  Southampton Hospital Auxiliary gets ready for Xmas craft sale Read More

November 10, 2010

Out 'n' About   November 10, 2010 Read More

November 7, 2010

We get letters and notes all the time from all over the world.   This note below is from a young person who was taught by David Archibald.  She is not a local person, but was in a composition class for children that David Archibald taught.

She came upon David again on the Saugeen and Kincardine Times YouTube site, which contained a live recording done by David.

 Here is the automated note we get from YouTube:

huntergirl350 has made a comment on Captain John Monroe by David Archibald:
omg he came to my school this week and wrote songs with us and other classes
He even gave me his guitar pick when i told him I played

To view the video:

A&E/Video The Light Concert April 1, 2009 featuring David Archibald singing 'Captain John Monroe'   *****

November 6, 2010

Out 'n' about  Blustery weather on Friday, November 5 Read More

November 5, 2010

Out 'n' About November 5, 2010   Read More

November 3, 2010

Out 'n' about(s)  Read More

November 3, 2010

Out 'n' About Halloween 2010 Read More

October 31, 2010

Ready for Hallowe'en on Morpeth in Southampton

Snow Fence ready & waiting along Southampton beach

October 27, 2010

Diane Huber presented a cheque for $200 to the Propeller Club/Marine Heritage.  It came from donations by people who use Pioneer Park in Southampton, which is maintained by the Club

Oct 14, 2010

Heading to our nest in Fort Myers on the 27th , but will be "reporting" from there!   Just like Elvis - TCB - TAKING CARE OF BEESNESS!

Barry, Pat and Tuffy Ruhl

Oct 1, 2010

Out 'n' about October 1, 2010  Read More

September 27, 2010

Out 'n about The beauty of a Bruce County fall Read More

September 25, 2010

Lorne Lockrey of the Wiarton Steppers has yet to find the pot of gold at the end rainbow

September 20, 2010

Strange Sunset by Carol Walberg

September 19, 2010

Out 'n' about  More evidence of fall  Read More

September 18, 2010

Out 'n' about   Fall days Read More

September 12, 2010

A dramatic burst of sunlight by Carol Walberg.  Click for a larger image

September 12, 2010

Out 'n' about   Making sure flags flyRead More

September 6, 2010

Out 'n' about  A windy September Sunday   Read More

September 5, 2010

Out 'n' about   September Labour Day Weekend gale Read More


September 5, 2010

Grant Brison not only planted the flowers that grace the Highview Restaurant on Southampton's High Street, he also looks after them. Here, he sprays the plants with insecticide. Grant, who lives in Riverside Apartments, has always enjoyed gardening. Note the trowel in his "work van" ---

photo by John Weichel

September 2, 2010

Interesting there were about 20 young loons feeding just off the island, they would disappear all at the same time and a couple of minutes later they would all appear together. There were three older loons in the water just a few yards away, they seemed to be watching the younger ones. They were at a distance and I couldn't get closer. This is the first year I have actively heard loons on the lake, a wonderful sound early in the morning or at night.

Carol Walberg

August 29, 2010

Out 'n' about  Perfect weather for sailing at summer's end Read More

August 29, 2010

Power Worker Union representative Rob McCourt presents $5,000 to Wendy and Elli Kennedy of Community Living

August 25, 2010

Photo taken from the top of the Lighthouse on Chantry Island.  Peter Heenan was on the regular Chantry Island tour   Click here for a larger image

Photos by Peter Heenan, Port Elgin:

August 23, 2010

Tour guide Anne Holman explains some of the history at the beginning of a tour to Chantry Island August 22ndThe Peerless leaving the harbour in Southampton under the control of captain Howard McLaren. (photo by Walberg)

August 22, 2010

Out 'n' about  Saugeen River  Read More

August 20, 2010

Out 'n' about  Accident could have been worse and police patrol harbour Read More

August 17, 2010

Fish frys are a popular summer fundraising tool as this one was at Southampton Anglican Church where Howell's fish is always popular

August 16, 2010

Canoeing at Sunset on Lake Huron submitted by Wayne Petherick

August 12, 2010

There was a rainbow this morning over Miramichi Bay, it didn't last long but was a nice contrast to the hazy atmosphere.

August 4, 2010

Out 'n' About Summer's out 'n' abouts Read More

July 28, 2010

Southampton's Beach is littered after the recent heavy rains have brought debris down the Saugeen River.  Photo by Anne Holman

July 26, 2010

Two fans, last Sunday, on the Port Elgin beach, enjoying the weekly Sunday night concert.  The dog had just removed his sunglasses.
Peter Little

July 25, 2010

July 25, 2010

Out 'n' About A perfect summer day  Read More

July 24, 2010

Dawn breaks over a sea of purple blooms: Stunning pictures capture majestic beauty of England's famous lavender fields


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