The Bruce County Museum launched their 2009 Perimeter Institute Lecture Series with Nobel Prize Winner Frank Wilczek.  He discussed what he predicted to be "The New Golden Age of Physics"

The core of his lecture concerned putting together the final pieces of the Standard Model of physics which will unify our ideas about the basic forces and building blocks of the universe.  He hopes that it will make clear to us Cosmology (the very large and the world of relativity), our view of nature as embodied in Newtonian Physics and the mystery of the Quantum World of the very small.

Wilczek dazzled the audience with his grasp and power of intellect and also with his great sense of humour.

His lecture is a gem and can be watched in full by clicking here

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Our present Core Theory of matter (aka “standard model”) was born in the 1970s, a Golden Age for fundamental physics. To date it has passed every experimental test, extending – by many orders of magnitude – to higher energies, shorter distances, and greater precision than were available in the 1970s. Yet we are not satisfied, because the Core Theory postulates four separate interactions and several different kinds of matter, and its equations are lopsided. In this lecture, Prof. Wilczek will describe powerful and extremely beautiful ideas for restoring unity and symmetry to the fundamental laws.