Kincardine Pathfinders visit Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto



 The Pathfinders and leaders stand at the entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum: Christiane Ritter (L), Liz Dadson, Rebecca Dadson, Alicia Noakes, Natalie Potter, Kaleigh Murphy-Burton, Achsah Collamore, Stephanie Bonnett and Julie Bonnett

The Pathfinders stand with a display of skulls

 The Kincardine Pathfinder unit holds an Indian Python skin at the discovery centre

The Kincardine Pathfinders travelled to downtown Toronto Sept. 3 to visit the Royal Ontario Museum.

Among the group were six youth, Christiane Ritter, Stephanie Bonnett, Rebecca Dadson, Achsah Collamore, Natalie Potter and Kaleigh Murphy-Burton; three leaders, Alicia Noakes, Liz Dadson and Julie Bonnett; and parent volunteer Christine Collamore.

The adventure began at 7:30 a.m. when the vehicles left the parking lot at Kincardine Baptist Church. The group arrived at Yorkdale Mall at 11 a.m. and made the trek to the subway station, riding the TTC to the museum destination.

The unit toured the museum, taking in the Ancient Chinese display, featuring architecture and statues from the Ming Dynasty (16-17 Century), an Imperial Palace Hall, and many artefacts; the Canadian section, with First Nations exhibits, Algonquin birch bark canoes and much more; the marvellous dinosaur display; a bat cave; minerals and gems; and displays of ancient artefacts from Egypt, South Asia, Africa and Mexico.

The return ride on the subway, during rush-hour, was almost as exciting as the tour of the museum. The group stopped in Orangeville for supper and arrived home at about 10:30 a.m. after a terrific trip to Toronto.

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10/09/2009 07:04 PM

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 Pathfinders Achsah Collamore (L), Natalie Potter, Kaleigh Murphy-Burton, Rebecca Dadson, Stephanie Bonnett and Christiane Ritter ride the subway to downtown Toronto

 Leaders Liz Dadson (L), Julie Bonnett, Alicia Noakes and parent volunteer Christine Collamore stand by a display in the foyer of the Royal Ontario Museum

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