It isironic that we are about to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.

Shouldn't every day be a celebration of earth, the place where we all live and breathe?

In any event, Earth Day is coming up and, for many, it's a chance to join in a celebration of life on the planet.

When it comes to life and the preservation of its many variations, Ontario has finally realized the health and environmental dangers associated with the chemicals used to glorify green lawns and, as a result, their owners who get some sort of satisfaction from a totally 'weed-free' landscape.

Europe has long known the health hazards resulting from pesticide use, but it is only recently, that much of North America has come to understand what those dangers are.

Many communities, including those in Bruce County, had the opportunity to make a difference and lead the way when it came to creating safe and green environments but, only a very few, chose to take the progressive and forward thinking leap to providing a safe environment for future generations.

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14/04/2009 12:03 AM

Now, that the 'government' has deemed it 'law' that pesticides are banned [except of course for agricultural use that directly affects the food we eat] many companies are beginning to 're-think' their anti-pesticide views.

Suddenly, these same companies, that were once advocates for extensive pesticide use, have jumped on the green 'bandwagon'. Companies that used chemicals known to contribute to a wide range of human diseases, not to mention the killing of many species of beneficial insects and animals, are now becoming part of the movement toward non-pesticide use. It's difficult to believe that any company, once adamantly against a pesticide ban, could suddenly reverse its position and become known as an 'organic expert'.

The question is ... is it out of moral obligation to the environment and humanity or is it because, once again, they see a way to fatten their wallets?

When talking to the experts and, often ordinary gardeners, who have always practiced pesticide-free gardening and lawn care, the methods really are quite simple. It may take a little more work but, doesn't that also give a little more satisfaction?

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