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The Saugeen Times has been receiving an on-going, letter-writing dialogue about the North Shore sewer project between a concerned resident, 'Pete',  and a town councillor. We now feel that it is, perhaps, time for the two to dialogue directly with each other as Pete has sent another letter that is a reply  to a reply by Councillor Frosst.

Therefore, we suggest that letter-writing author, 'Pete', contact Town Councillor Taun Frosst, directly with any concerns. We'd be happy to report the outcome of such a meeting.

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29/09/2009 12:07 AM

Each town councillor is elected by the people to act for the people. They meet all the time with residents and in our experience are happy to discuss things on-on-one as is the Town Staff and Mayor. 

It is possible that 'Pete' will find some new information by a direct meeting.

Town Councillors can be reached by calling (519) 832-2008.

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