Port Elgin Scouts compete at Challenge Camp



A double rainbow shines over the campsite

Scouter Linda of Walkerton is entertained by Gregory Dadson (C) and William Wright (R)while Christian Chin and Geoffrey Dadson start getting supper ready for the "invite a leader to dinner" challenge

Eight patrols of Scouts tested their skills in a variety of events at the Sunset Area Challenge Camp held Oct. 2-4 at Bannister Farm, near Hepworth.

Youth from Port Elgin, Sauble, Owen Sound, Wingham and Walkerton competed in several challenges: a rescue mission in which they had to construct a stretcher from four poles and a tarp, compass work, knots and lashing, a mafeking minefield, invite a leader to supper, archery, and a toxic waste dump contest.

They also had to set up and maintain their campsite and make their meals throughout the weekend, on their own without leader assistance. The leaders were available for guidance and operated the stations for the challenges.

Winners of the Challenge Camp trophy were the Scouts from Owen Sound and Sauble.

Port Elgin Venturers James Hunter (L), Jeff Bastien and Nathan Fredette prepare supper for themselves and the leader they invited

Upcoming events at Governor's Inn

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10/10/2009 04:30 PM


Port Elgin Venturer William Buckle (R) takes aim at the archery station, while James Hunter (L) and Jeff Bastien await their turn

Port Elgin Scouts William Wright (L), Christian Chin, Gregory Dadson and Geoffrey Dadson build a stretcher, while Scouter Angie Ventura watches, at the rescue mission station

Scouter Jerry Crawford (L) presents the Challenge Camp trophy to the Owen Sound and Sauble Scouts

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