Port Elgin Scouts in Kincardine for canoe training



Scouter Kevin Reid (L) teaches canoe rescue to Scouts Liam Comyn, Glenn Archer, Tyler Gartley and Devin Davey

Scouts Tyler Gartley (L) and Glenn Archer capsize the canoe

The Port Elgin Scouts spent the weekend of April 17-19 at Robinson Park in Kincardine, reinforcing skills for their July camp at Haliburton.
The highlight of the event was a two-hour session of canoe-training in the Davidson Centre pool Saturday afternoon, with Scouters David Dadson and Kevin Reid instructing the boys on everything from paddle techniques to the proper way to conduct a canoe rescue. The Scouts enjoyed capsizing their canoes, and then working in teams to right the canoes and get back into them.
The remainder of the weekend involved such camp skills as pitching tents, cooking over camp stoves and over an open fire, and clean-up detail, as well as some games and free time.
The next Scout camp is the Challenge Camp at Bannister Farm near Hepworth, May 1-3.

Port Elgin Scout James Hunter chops wood at the camp

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29/04/2009 09:02 PM

Scouter David Dadson (L) teaches proper paddling techniques to the Scouts in the Davidson Centre pool

Scouts Billy Hamill (L), Liam Comyn and Seamus Pinfield clean up after supper

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