Port Elgin Scouts learn canoeing skills at camp

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Tyler Gartley (L), James Hunter, Ben Crawford-Thompson and Jeff Bastien successfully paddle their 'catamaran' made of two canoes lashed together

The focus was on canoeing as the Port Elgin Scouts headed to Holyrood for camp May 22-24 where the weekend was spent working on canoe-handling skills in preparation for the trip to Haliburton Scout Reserve in July.

The troop played canoe soccer/tag, worked around the floats, and did some retrieval exercises. One canoe accidentally flipped and the Scouts had a chance to try out their rescue techniques, much to the relief of the two who were floating in the water. The troop also experimented with lashing a couple of canoes together to form a catamaran.

They have another camp June 5-7 at Arran Lake before the week-long camp at Haliburton.

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01/06/2009 09:42 PM


Glenn Archer (L) and Geoffrey Dadson glide through the water

Gregory Dadson (L) and Connor Cobean paddle their canoe

James Hunter (L) and Tyler Gartley get too close to shore

Jeff Bastien (L), Gregory Dadson, Scouter Ed Buckle, Billy Hamill, Ben Crawford-Thompson and Geoffrey Dadson gather around the campfire




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