Rail Trail H'way 21 Comments Continue

13/01/2009 04:25 PM

The Rail Trail and H'way 21 issue continues to garner comments.  This week we received two more letters about it. People really watch council meetings on TV on Monday nights and they also read the Saugeen Times.  This is yet another piece of evidence that people do pay attention and they have strong opinions.  See Letters for September 11, 2008 and September 12

It's an issue that won't go away.  The latest letters were triggered by Norm Charbonneau's generous offer to put $10,000 into a study of what to do.   For example is a bridge or tunnel the right thing and what would be the cost?  It's amazing to see what's happened at that crossing in the past.

John Trelford before he died related a story about a couple that he caddied for at Saugeen Golf Club who were killed after they left the course.  They were hit by the Train at the present day Rail Trail crossing..

Norm Charbonneau was talking about a feasibility study.  There are literally thousands of bridges and tunnels over and under highways in North America designed for this purpose.

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In Alaska on the Highway between Anchorage and Fairbanks they have many tunnels to allow Moose to traverse the Highway in a set pattern.  They killed too many of them and way too many people before doing something about it.  Why can't MTO who controls that section of highway help out?   The Town Council seems 'frozen' on the issue.

The Saugeen Times thinks that $10,000 in the right hands could go a long way toward studying at least the feasibility and possible solutions.  Does every study have to cost a $100,000?

You can do a search on the Internet and then call people on the phone who have put in solutions  Often we hire outside 'experts' who have never done a like project and they do the research for us by guess what?  They use the Internet and call people..  

With the Internet available and lots of talent in the community, much can be done with little money and volunteers.  We ask the reader to read Norm Charbonneau's generous offer.  .  You can follow the links at the bottom of that article to get the other 4 articles done on this same subject. Don't forget the Letters for September 11 & 12, 2008 also.  Isn't the Internet great?