Chief Kahgee Speaks on a Variety of Subjects

Chief Randal Kahgee

Saugeen First Nation Chief, Randal Kahgee, in a recent interview, spoke on a variety of subjects.

"We are pleased about the historic apology by the Canadian government toward our peoples.  It has been a long time coming however, this is for the survivors of the residential schools.  To me, it is all about them.  They deserve the apology, no one else.  What happened to those generations changed forever the way that our people evolved.

Things have changed this year in many ways.  From the apology to the signing of the agreement with Bruce Power.  These events demonstrate that things are changing and that we, the First Nations people, are beginning to be recognized on an equal footing.  The agreement with Bruce Power was an historic signing that recognized the First Nations people as having the right to have input into decisions that are being made.  

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We come at this type of agreement from an entirely different way than has been seen before.  We want what is best for the land, for the water, for the environment and for the people.We will have to wait and see if things will be truly transparent but we are feel these are the first steps in moving forward toward cooperation between cultures."

Closer to home, when asked about the recent closing of the Youth Centre at Saugeen First Nations, Chief Kahgee said that he anticipated something would be done in the very near future for the youth of the community.  "We are hoping to be able to find another site for our youth and we are currently working on it."

Saugeen First Nation elections are being held today, Tuesday June 24th, with two candidates for chief - Chief Randal Kahgee and Gale Mason. Vern Roote withdrew his name from the candidacy preferring instead to concentrate his efforts on promoting cultural events.