Recycled flower garden at Armow landfill site

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The drought-resistant flower bed at the Armow landfill is greening up this spring

A drought-resistant flower bed, made of recycled material, is the perfect focal point at the entrance to the Armow landfill site, especially since the recycled components came from that site.

Local environmentalist Carol Blake spearheaded the construction of the flower garden in August, 2006, made from stone that was removed during the streetscape project in downtown Kincardine.

The beautiful perennial flower bed is a community project, thanks to the co-ordinated efforts of the Kincardine District Secondary School Leadership, Kincardine Township Tiverton Public School Garden Club, Tiverton Communities in Bloom committee, Kincardine Master Gardeners and the Kincardine Horticultural Society. The chairs and bench were recycled from the landfill, and the inukshuk marks "a place of respect."

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23/04/2009 11:05 PM



The flower garden in full bloom. Photo by Carol Blake

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