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Science Monarch migration and tagging by The Man in the Tilley Hat


The Butterfly was tagged by Mrs Stoner's G. C. Huston class on September 23, 2009



Submitted by the Man in the Tilley Hat


The Man in the Tilley Hat received the following email from the Monarch Watch people:

 Thank you very much for reporting one of our
 tags! The purpose of our program is to track
 monarch butterflies as they migrate south to

The tags help us estimate the size of the
 monarch population and also help scientists learn
 about the routes the monarchs take to Mexico. We
 have members that tag monarchs all over the
 country (east of the Rocky Mountains).

Our taggers return their data sheets after they are
 done tagging and we enter the data in the
 computer. When a tag is spotted and reported to
 us, we use the tag code to retrieve the tagging
 information. Right now many people are still
 tagging, so we cannot tell you where the tag you
 found was used.

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01/10/2009 09:52 PM

However, as soon as that information is available, we will post it in our online database, located here:

We currently have over 11,000 tag recoveries and
 all of these can be found in the database. You
 can also print your own reporter certificate from
 that site.
 We have included some information about our
 programs. Please feel free to contact us if you
 have any questions.
 Thank you again for reporting a tag!
 Monarch Watch
 Visit our online community forums at

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