Reunion is a municipal event not a private party
By Liz Dadson



Itís difficult to decide which has been more childish Ė the Tiverton Reunion committee or Kincardine council Ė during the recent debate over a beer supplier for the reunion which is less than two months away.

Whatís quite obvious is that the entire fiasco isnít about beer at all. Itís about a power struggle that has been playing out for years between Tiverton and Kincardine, long before the village and the town ceased to exist 10 years ago, thanks to amalgamation into the new Municipality of Kincardine.

If we all remember correctly, it was just a few weeks ago that the reunion committee came hat in hand to council, asking to become a municipal committee in order to piggyback on the municipalityís liability insurance. Then, when that same municipality rejected the recommendation for a beer supplier, the reunion committee acted like a recalcitrant child who doesnít get its way, storming off in a huff with half of its members resigning.

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14/06/2009 10:03 PM

Council has a right to be concerned and to conduct due diligence on everything pertaining to this event because, in the final analysis, itís the municipality that will be held liable. And that affects every taxpayer in Kincardine, not just the good people of Tiverton.

In like fashion, the majority of council has been elected to represent everyoneís interests, not just the good people of Tiverton, and that includes local businesses.

Bringing in an out-of-town brewery for the reunion shows a disregard for local business; and going with the second highest bid shows a disregard for finances.

So, if you donít care about your neighbour and money is no object, it seems as if a small group is planning a private party for its own selfish reasons. And, apparently, the majority of council can live with that, so carry on Ö and good luck.

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