Ripley-Huron 4H Awards Night


Members of the Ripley 4-H Dairy Club are, back, Judith Gutter (L), Stan terWoerds, Rachael Coenen, Manuel Inauen, Marcel Inauen; front, leaders Jim and Fran Farrell (L), Daniel Martin, Eric Martin, Grant Martin, Claire Coenen, and leader Alec Martin.

The Ripley 4-H Sheep Club includes, back, Serena Lamont (L), Jean-Ann Keelan, Patrick Farrell, Nathan Clark, Tommy Harris, Ryan Hallam; front, leader Steve Hallam (L), Chelsea Pope, Emily Ernewein, Bradley Reid, Logan Shewfelt, Brendan Orr, Tyler Hallam, and leader Anne MacInnes. Absent is Drew Thompson.

The Ripley 4-H Conservation Club includes, back, Manuel Inauen (L) Stan terWoerds, Grant Martin, Emily Ernewein, Rachel Coenen, Tommy Harris, Ryan Hallam, Marcel Inauen; front, leaders Steve Hallam (L) and Fran Farrell, Bradley Reid, Kim Hooey, Logan Shewfelt, Claire Coenen, Brendan Orr, Tyler Hallam, and leaders Anne MacInnes and Alec Martin. Absent is Drew Thompson.

Members of the Ripley 4-H Veterinary Club are, back, Serena Lamont (L), Cassandra Robert, Patrick Farrell, Judith Gutter, Angeles Lewis; front, leader Ken Bridge (L), Kirsten Walden, Kim Hooey, Jacob Farrell, Eline Gutter, and leader Robyn Bridge. Absent are Ashley Boyd, Delaney Dundas, and Shannon Ross.

Janice Lamont (L) and Kim Hooey share a laugh as Kim pretends to 'taste' the field corn at the judging table

The Ripley-Huron 4-H Awards Night recognized the achievement of members and leaders in the Dairy, Sheep, Berry Beary Buddy, Conservation, and Veterinary Clubs Friday night (Oct. 23) at the Ripley-Huron Community Centre. Earning their 1st project certificate and plaque were Ashley Boyd, Tyler Hallam, Manuel Inauen, Chelsea Pope, Shannon Ross, Stan terWoerds, and Kirsten Walden. Receiving their 6th project seal were Ryan Hallam, Tommy Harris, and Angeles Lewis. Patrick Farrell received his 12th project seal; and youth leaders were Kim Hooey and Daniel Martin. Following the awards presentation, everyone grabbed a scorecard and tested his/her knowledge at judging corn, barley, apples, frying pans, and hand-crafted toy bears.

Members of the Ripley 4-H Berry Beary Buddy Club are, back, Serena Lamont (L), Judith Gutter, Patrick Farrell, Rachel Coenen; front, leader Fran Farrell (L), Kim Hooey, Eline Gutter, Claire Coenen, and leader Anne MacInnes. Absent is adult volunteer Diane Clifford.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009