Roadside vegetation project a success
By Carol Blake



A student trims the grass along the roadside vegetation project

The Kincardine Township Tiverton Environmental Green School (KttEGSP) and the Municipality of Kincardine public works department have completed the fourth year of a successful roadside vegetation project.

The guard rails look beautiful and lush with grass and clover on the 7th Concession of Kincardine Township. Kincardine District Secondary School students earned community hours by trimming the grass around the guard rails in May and late August. The areas were found to be thick with grass and clover which kept the weeds manageable.
By comparison the rails that were sprayed do not look as inviting. In those areas, the weeds have gone to seed with absolutely no grass cover and there is gravel runoff between the posts (as seen in photos taken Sept. 14 below).

Gravel has washed away along this portion of road which was sprayed for weeds

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15/09/2009 07:50 PM

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 A section of road where the weeds were sprayed along the guard rails. Photos by Carol Blake

A portion of the 7th of Kincardine Township with the roadside vegetation project along the guard rails

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