Ron Clark's Garden

July 5, 2008

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Ten years ago there was nothing, today Ron Clark has turned his little corner into a paradise of colour

Ten years ago, Ron Clark began an undertaking to turn a humdrum yard into a showcase of whimsical delight.

Situated on a corner lot on Catherine Street in Port Elgin, it's evident that as a gardener, Ron, has added his special touch to turn the property into a riotous flow of colour.  Rounding a corner by the pond, Joseph's Coat, a brilliant orange-pink rose, leaps out in vibrant luscious colour. Nestled throughout the beds are little notions and creatures of unexpected surprise and whimsy.

A whimsical arbour leads to a tiny vegetable garden

Tucked away in a corner, a small vine-covered arbour, leads into a small yet productive vegetable garden.  In front, is a bed of whimsical characters tucked among the plantings.  At the back is a miniature cedar fence that divides a bed of blossoms from the lawn.

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The yard is filled with plantings that each take their turn flowering throughout the spring, summer and fall.  Daffodils and tulips in the spring, roses, clematis and lilies in the summer ... the seaons continue with a variety of vegetation.

This corner yard with its small 'ginger-bread' like house has become a focal point where pet dogs, cats and plants all live together in harmony.

A A Quaint Corner

Joseph's Colours Rose