On July 4th, Saugeen Times (S.T.) completed its first full six months of operation.  To say, we are astounded by the response, is to put in mildly.

Now read in 51 countries, the S.T. has become the media of choice for the region of, not just the Saugeen Basin of Lake Huron, but also of the entire coastal area and inland throughout the County of Bruce and adjacent regions.  So positive has the response been that we are now in the preparation of expanding.

We want to continue to provide in-depth news coverage and photos because readers have told us, that is what they want.  We do not, and never want, to compete with the large national and international conglomerates when it comes to news.  We simply want readers to be able to access local happenings with immediacy as they occur.

Since we are locally based, but globally read, we also appreciate those who have come on board with their advertising.  


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In this, the day of global communication and travel, our advertisers have come to realize that people who are considering travel to the area, want to know the amenities that are available.  We thank them for their support and, because we continue to expand, their exposure on the S.T. will also continue to grow.

We will strive to keep our readers aware of community news, issues and events with, what we hope is, an objective account.

We also welcome input and constructive criticism because, without it, we cannot continue to grow in content.  We hope that the next six months will be as positive as the first six and hope that our readers will, not only continue to read the S.T., but will also continue to contribute.