Saugeen Youth Pow Wow



Former Chief, Vern Root, gives invocation & welcome

The 10th annual Saugeen Youth Pow Wow held Saturday, March 21st at Saugeen First Nations proved to be a big success.

Traditional and inter-tribal dances, combined with singing and drumming, provided entertainment throughout the day for young and old and everyone in between.

A special colour guard of flags headed up the Grand Entry parade and members of the Canadian Armed Forces took part in a moving tribute to Canada's veterans and the recent loss of Canadian lives in Afghanistan.

Former Chief, Vern Roote, then delivered the invocation and welcome in the traditional Ojibway language.

There were seven drumming groups at this year's event. The drum, to those who own and play, is thought of as having a powerful spirit and, in some traditions, it sybolizes the heartbeat while, in others, it is considered a symbolic of the powerful medicine of thunder. The term 'drum' also refers to the entire drum group itself.

Each of the dances has a meaning and many were performed in traditional native regalia vibrant with colour, beadwork and fringe. The inter-tribal dances are not so much a particular kind of dance but are considered a chance for everyone to celebrate life and, therefore, native or not - in costume or not, every one was invited to dance.

2008 Lil Brave, Ziibi Cameron

All ages danced to the drums

Head Female Dancer, April Thompson (18) in the regalia she & mother Letitia designed & made

Noah Johnson in traditional dress

Grand Entry Parade

Young women in full regalia lead by 'jingle' dancer

Exotic plumage and vibrant colours

Colour Guard leads Grand Entry Parade

Canadian Military takes part in ceremonial dance in tribute to veterans & those in Afghanistan

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21/03/2009 08:30 PM

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