The Smart Money is Green

If you want to predict the future in high technology stocks there is no better source to watch than Kliener, Perkins, Caufield and Byers (KPCB) in San Francisco & Menlo Park California.  Forget your broker, they don't know much about the future.  If they did, then they would not be a broker..


KPCB is the best of the Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley.  They are on their 13th fund -- KPCB XIII.  This one has 1.2 Billion invested in it.  KPCB XII had $600 million invested iof which $100,000,000 was earmarked for green technology.  Currently they have 11 green firms in their portfolio.

Some of their investments include:, America Online, Brio Technology, Compaq, Electronic Arts, Flextronics, Genentech, Google, Intuit, Lotus Development, LSI Logic, Macromedia, Netscape, Quantum, Segway, Sun Microsystems, Tandem,

Others include Apple, Symantec (Norton) and many bio-tech and computer related high technology firms. 

They put together BIG private funds and drive the company and the technology that they have to a position of an Initial Public Offering (IPO)  Their partners include really powerful people like Bill Joy and John Doerr, the former and now older hyperactive 'hummingbird' of Silicon Valley.  He's  a real high energy, high tech investor who has become fantastically wealthy.

New partners include Colin Powell and guess who? -- Al Gore.  Does that tell you where they are going with their 1.2 Billion Dollar Fund XII?

What KPCB does is get money from very rich people and form funds in high technology. Very rich really means the super rich. They then invest in companies that are 'start-ups'.  The payoff comes when they can bring the company to IPO status.  KPCB then takes a good percentage of the IPO and the rest is history.  They deal at the very highest levels of world finance and politics. 

Take a look at the 'Green Companies" at the right and see what you think.  On average KPCB will bring half of these companies to IPO status.  The rest will glide along and not be comets in the sky of high technology.  Which ones?  You make the decision and then get their stocks at IPO time and you'll do very well.  Remember Google eh?

The smart money is now GREEN


How about the Saugeen Area looking at RecycleBank?


The Saugeen Times does not give stock tips, but we know KPCB and their record stands by itself.

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Altarock Energy Inc A geothermal development company. Seattle, WA


Altra Biofuels Developing and producing renewable fuels - ethanol and biodiesel. Los Angeles, CA


Amyris Biotechnologies Makes better molecules for the bio-fuels and bio-chemical industries using synthetic biology techniques. Emeryville, CA

Bloom Energy Developing solid oxide regenerative fuel cells (SORFC) - renewable electrical energy generated from hydrogen and the oxygen in ambient air.
Sunnyvale, CA

Fisker Automotive is a green American premium sports car company with a mission to create a range of beautiful environmentally friendly cars that make environmental sense without compromise.

GreatPoint Energy
Commercializing a proprietary catalytic process for converting coal (and other carbon-based feedstocks) into clean-burning, pipeline quality natural gas.
Cambridge, MA

Lilliputian Systems
Miniature fuel cells for portable electronic devices and wireless applications.
Wilmington, MA

Mascoma Corporation
Leading in the development of bio and process technology for cost-effective production of cellulosic ethanol, an inexpensive and source of renewable energy. Cambridge, MA

Miasole is a low-cost, thin film CIGS solar company.
San Jose, CA

RecycleBank works with municipalities and haulers to measure and reward residents for recycling. The more they recycle, the more RecycleBank points they accrue. These points are redeemable online and can be used with local and national merchants.
New York City, NY

Verdiem's SURVEYOR software provides measurable energy and cost savings through network-level control over PC and monitor power settings. SURVEYOR consistently reduces PC energy consumption by 30%-50%.
Seattle, WA