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Owners, Ian and Edith Sinclair

Anyone who lives in Saugeen Shores and the surrounding area has probably heard the saying that, "If you want a square deal when it comes to appliances, go to Square Deal Neil's".

Neil Sinclair began wiring farmhouses in the Tara area in the early 1940s when electricity was a "new-fangled" thing in the country.  As he did, people began to ask him if he "could get them one of those new refrigerators".  Well, the requests increased and Sinclair soon realized there was a business opportunity for appliance sales and Sinclair Electric in Tara was born.

In the mid-1960s, Sinclair sold the electrical contracting side of the business but continued to expand his retail sales.  Then, in 1976, he moved both his family and his business to Southampton where he opened Square Deal Neil's.

Today, more than 30 years later, the business is still thriving.  His son, Ian Sinclair, wife Edith, and both children, Mike and Laura, all work in the business.  "We are definitely a family owned and operated business," says Ian,  "and, as a family, we've built our reputation around one major key ... service."

As part of that service, Square Deal Neil's offers free delivery, takes trade-ins and, when they deliver a new appliance, they take away the old one. Living in a community where many residents are retirees, these are the services that customers have come to appreciate.

Flat Screen TVs mean high definition picture

"We've seen a number of changes and many trends come and go," points out Ian Sinclair,  "but, with satellite and home entertainment in particular, one of the most popular items to ever hit the market is the big-screen television and we have all the latest models".

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According to Sinclair, there is also a definite trend toward purchasing appliances that are more environmentally friendly.  "For instance",  he says, "the front-loading washing machines take larger loads while using less water and soap so they save energy, as do the new refrigerator-freezer combinations.  People are definitely considering things like that when buying a new appliance today.  They realize that besides a saving in energy costs, these appliances are also good for the environment."

With the recent housing boom in the Saugeen Shores area, Square Deal Neil's has also felt the impact.  "The upsurge in the economy is definitely having an affect on our business in a good way," says Sinclair,  "but our customers that we've dealt with over the years,  are still one of the most important parts of our business and we'll continue to make sure they receive the best possible service we can provide."

Square Deal Neil's is located on Hwy. 21 at Peel St. in Southampton.

For further information see www.squaredealneils.ca

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Good Cheer to Square Deal Neil's who are great supporters of everything.  This time it is a depot for the Christmas Child Shoebox project

The shoeboxes for the Christmas Child project is such a worthwhile endeavour," says Edith Sinclair.  "We hope everyone will take at least one and make a child happy who would otherwise have nothing."

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