Stone Tool Found in Pioneer Park

Stone Tool Found in Pioneer Park

The Saugeen Area is a rock hunter's paradise.  Some beautiful rocks can be found most anywhere.  Sometimes we ignore certain stones.  Keep a sharp eye.  Some odd looking stones are tools.

The average person knows what an arrowhead looks like, but some stone tools are not so easy to spot.  Here are some tips.

  • If you think you've found something or it is part of a cache of tools, don't touch anything and phone the Bruce County Museum and they will direct you to an archaeologist to look at your find.
  • Remember, some of these sites and tools have significance not just as part of history, but also as spiritual connections to the ancestors of aboriginal peoples.
  • Be careful with them, don't try to pry off things that are attached.
  • Remember it's difficult to really know what you've found until you've spoken to an expert.

Some of the tools were NOT sharp by design as they were used as hammer stones to flake or were used on hides or sometimes in a mortar and pestle manner.  Some were used as a finisher on hides.

The stone tool found in Pioneer Park has subtle hand holds on it and some flat surfaces showing wear. It has a nice round end.

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Typical Stone Tools

Examples of Stone Age tools

In the above examples of some finely-crafted stone tools, please take note that they were found in North America… and were NOT crafted by cavemen from Europe, Asia or Africa. Even though they were crafted by native Americans, it gives one an idea the diversity.

So, how old are those pictured above? Probably most are older than 500 years and maybe as old as 10,000 years.

These tools are close to having been constructed during the Old Stone Age. For example, if any of these pictured above were crafted more than 12,000 years ago, then we’d be talking about the upper Paleolithic period of the Old Stone Age (10,000  B.C. and more)

However, in a sense, due to the fact stone tools were still being crafted in America as little as 200-300 years ago, then the Stone Age still lingered despite the given scientific timeframes. Guess why?  They were useful and still are!.

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