Students learn about First Nations Culture



Approximately 75 students from St. Joseph's Catholic School in Port Elgin spent the day Friday, June 12th exploring Saugeen First Nations.

The students began their day at the historic area where Saugeen United Church and the Amphitheatre gardens have long attracted locals residents and tourists alike. There, they not only explored the gardens where natural stone walls are reminiscent of early Roman days, but they also took part in a First Nation out-of-doors craft class. Each student made his or her own medicine bag out of deerhide under the instruction of renowned aboriginal storyteller, Priscilla Yellowhead-Tobey.

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13/06/2009 12:20 AM

The classes, Grades three to six, also had the opportunity to tour the entire Saugeen First Nations area, including the Saugeen Band offices and other facilities. The day included a lunch of authentic aboriginal food, such as bannok, prepared by the women of the Saugeen First Nation, included Mason-Stark.

"This is a chance for the students to learn about our aboriginal culture," said Gail Mason-Stark, Saugeen Head of the Education, "and it's a way to foster relationships between communities by starting with youth."

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