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 An arbour leads visitors to the Artsy Gardener's studio

The Artsy Gardener of Southampton, Debra Morphet, not only creates an unusual art form but now she has an unusual space in which to create.

Morphet, a Floorcloth Artist, has been working with acrylics for more than 20 years in designing and making floor cloths. Her works have been displayed at the Southampton Art Gallery and many of her custom floor cloths are in homes throughout the area.

Floor cloths were, in fact, one of the earliest forms of floor coverings that became popular in England in the 1700s. Eventually, they made their way to North America but, with the development of linoleum at the the turn of the 19th century, interest in floor cloths waned. Today, however, they have become popular once again, both as an art form and as unique area floor coverings with the resurgence of hardwood flooring. Made with water-based products, floor cloths do not 'off gas' like carpeting and, therefore, have become a popular option for anyone with allergies.

In the past, Morphet has worked in her home but, now, she has a brand new unique studio - a dome. The 378 sq. Ft. dome, 22 feet in diameter, is an environmental wonder designed and built by The Great Lakes Dome Company in Southampton.

The spacious studio is heated with a small electric stove and large windows and French doors provide the needed light that every artist needs. "I've always wanted by own studio so that I could work right through the winter," says Morphet, "but I also knew that I wanted something totally different and the dome is perfect. It's also a place where I can play my music and, because it's almost completely sound-proof, I won't bother the neighbours."

Sunday afternoons from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m., the Artsy Gardener welcomes visitors into her studio. "People can come and see how floor cloths are created," says Morphet, "but it's also an opportunity for anyone who has never been inside a dome building to see one."

For viewing Morphet's art or studio at other times, call 519-797-2494 or email djent@bmts.com  and to see a dome construction in progress ... click below:

Home & Garden Artsy Gardener's Dome Studio

A design that resembles terracotta tile

Custom floor cloth runner ordered for entryway

Artsy Gardener, Debra Morphet, at work on a custom floor cloth order

 A custom designed floor runner

Dramatic design and colour was asked for

 Exquisite sunflowers

A special order to match an existing pillow print

 Modern geometric design

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Thursday, November 26, 2009