The beauty of fall has arrived at IC Greenhouses.


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Hardy shrubs for fall planting

 Fall decor

 Halloween decor

 More fall and holiday decor

Brown eyed Susans

Mixed fall planters

If you're looking for vibrant and beautiful autumn flowers and decorations to brighten up your home, check out IC Greenhouses, about two miles east of Highway 21 on the 6th concession of Huron Township.

Owned and operated by Ida Piel, the business offers an assortment of of Black-eyed Susans, mixed fall planters, Millet grass and an array of hardy mums.

There are also many delightful ornaments and wreaths for fall and Halloween decorating, and corn stalks and hay bales will be available soon.

On sale throughout the fall: shrubs, perennials and trees are 40% off.

Millet grass and hardy mums

 Greenhouses mums

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08/09/2009 08:23 PM

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