The Cameron Gardens and B&B in Port Elgin

July 15, 2008

Linda Cameron, artist and 'stone mason'

Linda and John Cameron have taken a heritage home on Mill Street in Port Elgin and not only transformed it into a Bed and Breakfast, but Linda has brought her artistry outside to the gardens.

A meandering pathway leads visitors along the side of the house where original roses nestle against the yellow brick and, while strolling through the garden, giant hosta, iris and mature plantings reveal unexpected whimsical pieces of garden art.

Grasses, boxwood and lilacs create the perception that the gardens have always been there while, in fact, they were only begun in 2001.  A natural cedar arbour leads through to the neighbour's yard and a stone wall, built by Linda using existing stones from a previous location, cleverly disguises the garage next door and, at the same time, creates an intimate seating area.

A second building, the original coach house, has been turned into a cozy loft suite for visitors and, at the back of the main house, is an outdoor veranda room.  Here, a chandelier hangs, a beautiful old cupboard has been turned into storage shelving and a cozy seating arrangement reflected in a mirror, completes the outdoor dining space.

View from the upper veranda off the master bedroom

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Whimsical garden art

Stone wall built by Linda creates a seating area

A chandelier adds to the ambience of the outdoor patio room