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The Saugeen  and Kincardine Times have a number of science and technology contributors.  Last week we received a little formula from one of them.  He had not come across it before or had not remembered it.   Just take a look from afar.  It's just 8th grade trigonometry, but you don't have to remember that either.

φ = 2cosine(2π/5) + 1

What is this all about and how does it relate to dan brown the writer?

Dan Brown has written a number of best selling adventure novels, the most famous of which is the Da Vinci Code.  His novels and the movies made from them have brought readers and viewers up short.  He has gotten us to think, but more importantly to see. We are learning to see through Dan Brown's eyes.

He has popularized symbolism and the art of seeing it in everyday life especially in art and architecture..  After the Da Vinci code, people are  seeing things differently and it's fun too.  They look deeper into buildings, art and nature trying to discern more.

Symbols are important and are part of the human condition from our days in the caves.  Pictogram written languages have developed around them.  It is understandable that artists and artisans will want to hide some things in their work for the discerning to find especially if they have spent lots of time on the design.


22/11/2009 02:52 PM

The contributor that submitted the formula thought that it might interest us in that it relates the well known symbol π with the lesser known golden ratio φ. (1.61803399....All that is nice, but is there more?  After all there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways of constructing and calculating the Golden Ratio.

It seems elegant that the the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter π  is related to things found in the Nautilus Shell, Sunflowers, the Greek Parthenon and even the shape of credit cards and much more.

That much you can see right away by looking at the formula, but there is more, if you care to look a little deeper.

What is this 2π/5 ?  Translated to degrees, it is 72.   Now we are getting some place.  It so happens that 72 degrees is related to the Pentagram, which has all sorts of meaning associated with it .... the star, the demonic symbol, used in freemasonry ....

The points of the Pentagram are 72 degrees apart and when multiplied by 5, it spans the circle.  The Pythagoreans knew it and so did Euclic

It's not so surprising that Freemasons have used it because they kept the construction of the 3 dimensional shapes related to it secret as part of their trade guild.  Notice that the heart of the Pentagram is the Pentagon. 

We could see Dan Brown having his famous symbol detective Robert Langdon find a terse formula like the one above scratched in blood and making something of it accompanied by the standard stunning damsel.

He could trace it to the US Pentagon for instance.  The Pentagon inside the Pentagram ... ah yes, a Demonic cell inside the Pentagon

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