The Sapsuckers

The Sapsuckers

There is a new Rhythm & Blues Group in Saugeen Shores with an unusual  name ... "The Sapsuckers".

The group that began only 10 months ago is already making a name for itself playing in local pubs throughout Southampton, Port Elgin and Sauble Beach.

Their story began late last summer, when Tyler Baumbach and Tyler Pantlin of Southampton and Gregg and
Gabriel Ritchie and Stacey John, all of Saugeen First Nation, decided to jam one day in Gregg Ritchie's backyard.


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As the saying goes "the rest is history".

The next hurdle for the group was to come up with a name.  While looking through a bird book, the name 'Yellow Bellied Sapsucker' jumped off the page -- and that was it.  They decided to call themselves "The Sapsuckers".

Father and son, Gabriel and Gregg Ritchie play guitar along with Tyler Baumbach while Tyler Pantlin plays the harmonica, sings and takes on the role of the front man. Stacey John, the only female in the group, plays the drums.

Gregg Ritchie is a student at Saugeen District Secondary School and Stacey John is the Director of Saugeen First Nation's Recreation Centre.

The Sapsuckers' next appearances are:

       May 31        Wismer House  --  Port Elgin

       June 14       Walker House  --   Southampton

       June 20       Barrie Jazz & Blues Festival --  Barrie

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