Tiverton teen spends two weeks on mission trip in Africa
By Liz Dadson



Faith Waddell spent two weeks in March working in the mission field in Africa and, in June, she plans to travel to New York City and work with inner-city kids. It's all part of her ultimate goal to become a missionary.

March 12, the 15-year-old daughter of Rob and Carolyn Waddell of Tiverton travelled to Zanzibar, a tropical island off the coast of Tanzania, and spent 10 days working with school-aged children. Through the organization, "Into All The World," based in Guelph, she went with a team of eight people from Fenelon Falls and Kitchener. It was a 36-hour trip to get from Toronto to Detroit to Amsterdam to Kenya and then to Zanzibar.

"My mom found the organization on the Internet," says Faith. "We support missionaries through our church (Chalmers Congregational Church) with this organization. I've always been interested in going on a mission trip so I thought, why not go to Africa?"

She registered with the group last August and went to a week-long training camp in Fenelon Falls. "We were taught how to help the children do puppet plays and programs like that," says Faith.

"It was an amazing trip," she says. "It's a totally different culture. The people are not worried about being on time for anything. And it was a lot hotter there. They drive on the opposite side of the road and the driving is tougher and more dangerous than here."
She says the children have a lot of respect for their elders.

The team stayed at a missionary's home in the city of Stonetown and travelled to the area schools, telling the students about Canada, reading stories to them, making crafts and playing games. "They certainly liked playing Duck, Duck, Goose," says Faith. "We also taught them how to brush their teeth and wash their hands."

At night, they taught English classes to adults because most of the children already speak English. The native tongue is Swahili along with many different tribal languages.
"One of the highlights of the trip was going to Chwaka, a village smaller than Kincardine, where we found that the children basically have nothing but they were so happy," says Faith. "We also went swimming in the Indian Ocean. I had so much fun on this trip; I'd do it all again."

The team spent the final two days in Kenya, staying in a hotel and doing the touristy thing. They went on a safari through the national park in Nairobi and saw monkeys, giraffes, zebras and rhinoceros. "I kissed a giraffe," says Faith, with a laugh.

Cost for the African mission trip was $2,350 for accommodation, food and airfare, which Faith paid for through fund-raisers, such as a talent show and an art auction.

She is now planning to travel to New York City June 14-26, helping young people who are influenced by drugs, poverty and gangs. This trip is being organized by Global Expeditions, based in Texas.

Her cost will be $1,588 plus airfare ($400) and she is already fund-raising through speaking engagements and selling photos she took in Africa. She can be reached at 519-368-4200 or by E-mail at


Those interested can also donate on-line at


type in "Hannah Faith Waddell" and ID No. 2546008.

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Faith Waddell wears a 'kanga', a piece of material with a batik design on it, as a skirt and stands with her display of photos, spices and wooden ornaments from Africa

African sun


Faith Waddell holds a child at the school in Chwaka, near Kenya, Africa

Faith Waddell gets up close and personal with a monkey during the safari

Giraffe seen on safari in Kenya

Joining hands to make life better for families in Africa

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