Wayne Grady Renowned Author Speaks at the Bruce County Museum

Award-winning author, Wayne Grady at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre

Renowned author, WAYNE GRADY, spoke at the Chantry Island Institute tonight (Tuesday, June 17) at the Bruce Country Museum & Cultural Centre.

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Grady attended Carleton University in Toronto where he graduated with a B.A. in English in 1971.   Today, he is a prolific journalist, author, and editor specializing in fiction, travel, science and nature writing.

The former editor of Harrowsmith magazine, Grady is also the author of 10 books on science and natural history and the editor of six anthologies of short stories. His writing has won him three Science in Society Awards and numerous National Magazine Awards. His book, Toronto the Wild, was shortlisted for the 1996 City of Toronto Book Award.

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Grady's most recently authored books are 'Bringing Back the Dodo' (2006), a collection of intuitive and humbling essays on man's history with the natural world, extinction, and our effects on the planet and  'Tree: A Life Story', co-written with David Suzuki (Greystone Books, paperback, 2006).   He is also the editor of two collections of nature writings about mountains and bodies of water, 'Where the Silence Rings: A Literary Companion to Mountains' and 'Dark Waters Dancing to a Breeze: A Literary Companion to Rivers and Lakes', respectively, (Greystone Books, 2007).

Additionally, Grady translates many French authors into English. In 1985, he received the John Glassco Prize for Literary Translation for 'Christopher Cartier of Hazelnut' by Antonine Maillet and also won the 1989 Governor-Generalís Award for Translation for 'On the Eighth Day' by Antonine Maillet. His translations of Daniel Poliquinís Black Squirrel and Francine DíAmourís, Return from Africa, were shortlisted for the Governor Generalís Award for Translation in 1996 and 2005, respectively. His most recent translations are 'A Good Death' by Gil Courtemanche (Douglas & McIntyre, 2006) and 'The Years of Fire' by Yves Beauchemin (2007). His latest editorial project is Deserts: A Literary Companion (published in 2008 by Greystone Books)

Wayne Grady lives in Athens, Ontario, with his wife, novelist Merilyn Simonds