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As of January 1, 2009, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization, under contract to Ontario Power Generation (OPG), assumed responsibility for managing the Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for OPG’s low and intermediate level waste through the regulatory approvals process. OPG remains as owner and licensee of the project, while the NWMO is currently undertaking DGR work programs in the areas of geoscience, safety assessment, engineering and preliminary design, environmental field studies and public engagement to support the environmental assessment process.

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17/07/2009 06:22 PM

NWMO is an independent, Canadian not-for-profit company, mandated by the federal government in 2007 to implement Adaptive Phased Management (APM) – a long-term plan for the safe management of all of Canada’s used nuclear fuel. Many NWMO employees, including four Bruce site employees working specifically on the DGR, are former OPG staff who worked in long-term nuclear waste management, and became part of NWMO during the transfer at the beginning of 2009. Combining the expertise of staff was done to create mutual benefits from the sharing of experience in the technical aspects of deep geologic repository development, community engagement and the collaboration with international partners.

With the transfer of the DGR for development through the regulatory approvals phase, the NWMO is now managing two long-term nuclear waste projects – the DGR for all of OPG’s low and intermediate level waste and APM – an approach for all of Canada’s used fuel which the NWMO is currently implementing. OPG’s DGR is a distinct and separate project from NWMO’s APM which, with collaboration, continuous learning and adaptability, will eventually lead to the construction of a deep geologic repository for all of Canada’s used fuel with a willing and informed community.

For more information about NWMO or the DGR project, call 519-368-1639 or visit our website at: www.nwmo.ca/dgr

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